Pregnant by mistake
5 Are you alright ?
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Pregnant by mistake
Author :Sonw
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5 Are you alright ?

Chun was completely exhausted. she felt unconscious. she was sweating like hell.

Li wei felt something was wrong. " excuse me doctor, are you ok". After getting no response he hold her hand, her body was getting cold. He moved his phone torch towards her to see what had happened.

looking at her in that stage he tried to wake her up. He removed his handchief and wiped her face. He didn't know what to do.

On the other hand outside all possible ways were done to make the elevator start again .

the problem with the generator was fixed. The lights in the elevator suddenly lighted up. the elevator started to work again. Li wei lifted chun in his arms. As the doors opened everyone were shock to see them. They were in a complete state of mess. As it was hot inside Li Wei had removed his blazer and had almost unbuttoned his shirt.

Li wei came out of the elevator with chun in his arms. He shouted in anger at Dr.jung," what are you looking at?check what has happened to her. she fainted and her body is getting cold....."

li wei placed chun on a bed. All the doctors started her medical check up.

when chun's best friend dr. Ann saw her in that state she immediately understood what had happened. She then told the other doctors about her irregular blood pressure .Dr. chun had low blood pressure problem.

doctors checked her BP and found that it was low .As the treatment was going on , Li wei looked very angry. He refused to do the opening. He went out of the room. Without saying a word to doctor jung who was continuously pleading to him for forgiveness. His assistant said in cold voice," we had not expected this from you Mr., You know that our president can close down your stupid hospital just now". Li wei was just worried about chun. After some time the doctors came out and said," Dr. chun is out of danger now". Hearing this li wei let out a sigh of relief. "As soon as she wakes up inform me ", li wei wanted to see her at once for confirmation as he didn't believe stupid dr. jung and even the other members of the hospital.

by the time chun woke up. She looked little confused," Where is president Li wei? and how did i come here? what had happened to me?", her mind was over loaded with disturbing questions.


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