Pregnant by mistake
6 when are you getting married?
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Pregnant by mistake
Author :Sonw
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6 when are you getting married?

The nurse informed lei wei that dr. chun has woke up and is searching him. Without wasting a minute lei wei entered the room. His face showed signs of worries.

when chun saw him she showed a sigh of relief," sir are you alright, i am very sorry for this". li wei was amazed." What i should have asked her ,she is asking me ".

"Don't worry i am fine. Its you who has to take care. Hope you are feeling better now?" chun shooked her head in silence. Dr. jung came again requesting for forgiveness and this time he was forgived just because of chun.

On the way back to residency lei wei just thought about chun with cute smile on his face.

lei wei was very tired. while having dinner his mother looked at him suspiciously.

" i got to know about todays incident , how is that girl now ? its good to see that you saved a life ". listening his mom's concern for chun, li wei predicted her future statement. "She is not of my type mom. she is a simple girl who gets nervous very fast".

"I know what you want to say don't forget that no one knows you better than me, my dear son. May i know when are you getting married?. asked his mom.

I am not interested to speak about that stupid topic again and disturb my cool mood . I am very much tired know".

You don't want to get married are you serious. Don't tell me that you are gay. People are speaking about it all over. I had so many dreams of having grandchildren and playing with them. My friends just talk about their grandchildren and i get jealous of them. why can't you understand my feelings. You know how much i love you my son". saying this his mom started to act as a crying bird.

li wei had no idea what to do further he also loved his mother very much but marraige. that was too irritating.

" EVEN I LOVE YOU MOM, but marrying is not an option now to prove my love for you. i think i should take a rest right now. goood night mom".

This was becoming a usual dramma at the dinning table.His mother was going to deep thoughts every time. She was worried for him.


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