Pregnant by mistake
7 I have an idea!
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Pregnant by mistake
Author :Sonw
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7 I have an idea!

The next morning, li wei was sitting in his luxurious office. His assistant told him his schedule for the day. li wei had no attention on what he was saying. His mind was only focused on how to deal with the marriage problem. Lu chen stopped in middle and asked li wei what was the problem. Lu chen was li wei's childhood friend and as well as a guide." Li is there a problem anywhere? are you disturb with something? tell me was is it?". Lu chen was anxious to know what was the problem.

"My mom wants me to get married and have children. she wants to see her grandchildren. I Don't understand what to do. she even said to me that She thinks that i am a gay, such a stupid thing". lu chen laughed banging his legs on floor.

"Do you even know why she thinks like that its because of you . She thinks i have become gay like you". lu chen was in a shock.

" oo please president li don't say anything about me okay. I am a unique piece. All the girls are going crazy on me". lu chen proudly exclaimed.

"ya i know thats the reason i think your relationships don't last for even 3 days". li wei gave wide smile to lu chen.

"okay, so the solution for this problem is to get married and have your own small twinkling stars they will be so cute . they will call me uncle lu "

"no noway they will call you lululu as you deserve a kind respect".

"ho really thanks for your over kind respect".

"Stop these nonsense talks and give me an idea and i will tell you one more that i don't want to get married so soon".

Lu chen was confused what to say. a child without marriage. He had an idea in his mind but had not said it earlier.

" Li i have an idea but,???" lu chen stopped for a while.

"Whats the idea? tell me fast". li wei was very much anxious to know.

"the thing is that you will have your child without having sex with any woman and than after birth the child will be only with you and not the mother".

" what???" li wei was confused he didn't understand what was lu chen trying to tell him.

"tell me clearly "

"li... it is surrogacy method. a method where you have to choose a woman whom you want to be your future child's mother and the rest doctor knows". li wei started thinking over it.

"okay so for this we will first have to find a professional doctor".

li wei was okay with lu chen's idea. He told lu chen to find a doctor immediately.

"sir we should keep this as a secret so that there is no problem in future for you". lu chen said with a mysterious smile.

"hmmmm, alright".

lu chen had another idea in his mind and he approached li wei with it.

"why don't we approach doctor jung for this. He is expericed as well as professional and there is a sure way that he will do this work properly as he gets scared of you".

"I don't like that stupid fellow at all. he is so irritating". li wei in anger

"but it is important for you li so you have to cooperate with that doctor".

After the discussion, leaving all their work aside they headed to the hospital.


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