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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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49 The Liu Yue Who Harbors a Ghos

"Ladies, your coffee." In an elegant coffee house, a waitress in her uniform smilingly placed two cups of coffee on the far end of the table Pei Ge and Liu Yue were occupying.

"Thank you."

Since this was just about the office's knock-off time, few customers were inside the coffee house, and only the sound of a violin playing could be heard in the air.

Pei Ge sniffed the strong aroma of coffee and cupped her hands on the warm cup. She sat there in silence without asking Liu Yue anything, as though the latter did not exist.

"Ge Ge..." Liu Yue looked at Pei Ge awkwardly as she felt a little anger sprout inside her.

"Don't – Don't call me that. We are not on good terms," Pei Ge said coolly but with a soft laugh.

Pei Ge was not stupid. She used to treat Liu Yue as a friend, but it was obvious that Liu Yue had never considered her as one. Why should she make the same mistake again?

"I know you are angry at me, but – but I had no choice at the time!" Liu Yue's face was full of hurt as though she had been wronged.

Pei Ge, who no longer viewed Liu Yue in a positive light, felt stupid for treating such a person as a friend when she saw the latter acting pitiful now.

"Ge Ge, you know that I've been working at Chenguang Real Estate since I graduated from college. But despite the many years I've spent working there, I merely remained as just an assistant." Liu Yue's face was full of grievance as she recounted this.

Meanwhile, Pei Ge sat calmly opposite of Liu Yue and merely sipped her coffee. She did not react to anything that the latter had just said.

"I never intended to use you, but – but when you helped me out back then, you translated a document that was not within my capability. Director Yang thought it was my work and, for the first time, praised me. She even promised to raise my salary and give me a promotion. At that moment, I was so stunned that I forgot to clarify it with Director Yang." Liu Yue pursed her lips and earnestly looked at Pei Ge.

"Afterward, I missed the opportunity to explain to Director Yang and received a huge load of documents to be translated."

Pei Ge tugged at her lips and lowered her eyelids, her thick, long lashes hiding the ridicule in her eyes.

It was still her fault in the end, huh? How did it become her mistake to help out Liu Yue with her work and translate that English document?

"Ge Ge, I know I did you wrong. It happened in that moment of ambition; I was blinded by greed." Liu Yue looked at Pei Ge's unmoved state and added in a wronged tone, "But I have received the payback that I deserve. I was fired by the company and you..." Liu Yue paused, her eyes imperceptibly flashing with hatred and jealousy. "And you replaced me to become Director Yang's right-hand man. Please forgive me!"

Pak! Pei Ge put down the coffee in her hand and swept her hand coldly across Liu Yue's dolled-up face.

Pei Ge felt disgusted by Liu Yue acting as though she had been victimized.

Was she stupid in Liu Yue's eyes? Stupid to the point of being fooled again and again? Did she think that crying and acting pitiful would make Pei Ge forgive her and be friends with her again?

"This is what you wanted to tell me?"

"Ah? Mhm-mhm." Liu Yue saw Pei Ge's expressionless face and her heart began to sink.

"Since you're done, then I'll leave first." Pei Ge finally smiled but merely out of politeness.

"Ge Ge, how can you be like this?! I'm apologizing to you here! How could you not forgive me still?!" Liu Yue whined with a tinge of anger toward Pei Ge.

"First, you should really be apologizing. Second, I don't think you are really sorry. Third, who said all must be forgiven once an apology is made? Fourth..." Pei Ge paused as she looked at Liu Yue with disdain. "You are already 26 years old – almost 30, so stop acting like a spoiled princess; it doesn't suit you."

When Pei Ge still considered Liu Yue as a friend, everything the latter did was pleasing to the eye. However, now that she was 'enlightened', this spoiled behavior of Liu Yue only made her cringe inside.

Liu Yue trembled with anger at her words and she regarded Pei Ge with contempt, her teeth clenching as they bit down on her lower lip.

Calm down! Calm down, Liu Yue! You can't be rash. This woman can't be insulted now....

When Pei Ge saw that Liu Yue did not flare up at her despite the anger the latter was obviously feeling, she felt even more certain that Liu Yue was up to something.

If not, it was impossible for her hurtful words to not elicit any angry outburst from Liu Yue.

Moreover, she felt especially depressed. Although Liu Yue was no longer in the office, and despite getting promoted, she was still just an assistant.

What was there to scheme against when she had this kind of low position in the company?

Also, although Liu Yue was gone in the company, she still knew everything that was going on about her. Pei Ge was really speechless.

The more she thought about it, the more Pei Ge felt that Liu Yue was harboring bad intentions. As such, she decided to keep her distance from her.

"Ge Ge, how could you say that about me? I am sincerely apologizing to you now." With that, tears began to roll uncontrollably from the corner of Liu Yue's eyes.

Liu Yue's crying face raised even more red flags in Pei Ge's heart, so she took her bag and stood up quickly.

"Liu Yue, whether or not you are sincere in your apology, only you know of this. I also have some things in my heart. Please do not find me again; I can't have a friend like you."

Without waiting for Liu Yue to react, Pei Ge left the coffee house in big strides.

Seeing the vanishing figure of Pei Ge, her fingers tightly gripped the coffee handle until they turned white.

"Pei Ge...."

She lowered her head to look at the pair of Camellia slippers she was wearing and her eyes flashed with a streak of smugness at their elegance.

One day, I will make sure you regret what you have said to me today!


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