Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
59 The real ‘Cinderella’ is someone else.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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59 The real ‘Cinderella’ is someone else.

"Alright!" Mother Ji smilingly nodded her head, thinking that such a place with many people must be fun and interesting.

Liu Yue's face turned ghastly white when Mother Ji expressed her desire to go over.

No! I can't let Auntie Ji and Pei Ge meet!

If they met, then everything would end!

Liu Yue balled up her fists in anxiety and her eyeballs darted around the surroundings with uneasiness as her brain worked quickly, trying to come up with a solution.

At Liu Yue's frantic look, Mu Heng was more certain that something was making Liu Yue avoid the area where the normal employees were at. There must be a sort of secret there that she did not want them to know.

With his lips curved up, he evilly thought, Coming to play golf with Ji Ziming to stave off boredom is definitely the right decision. This is so fun!

Just as Mu Heng was thinking of how to play well with Liu Yue, the latter regained her calmness.

Don't panic, Liu Yue! You only managed to get into contact and become close with CEO Ji's mother because you were in the Chanel shop before. What else is there to be scared of now?

Honestly, it was really just a coincidence.

After getting fired, she had wasted herself at home. When she went out to unwind, she coincidentally met Mother Ji.

The more coincidental thing was that Mother Ji had face blindness and relied purely on the Camella slippers to identify her previous helper. Thus, she completely mistook Liu Yue for Pei Ge.

Liu Yue, at that time, simply went along with the flow and shamelessly claimed the 'hero' spot despite knowing that it was a case of mistaken identity.

Of course, Liu Yue had done such purely because she could tell that the woman was a rich madam.

After purposely currying up to this woman, she indeed gained many benefits. What was even more unbelievable was that this woman turned out to be Ji Ziming's mother as well...

"Xiaoyue, what are you thinking about?" When Mother Ji shifted her attention from the energetic crowd to Liu Yue, she found the latter to be in a daze.

Regaining her senses, Liu Yue shook her head and gently smiled. "Nothing much. I just suddenly thought of the first time we met."

"He he... Why did you suddenly think of that? I was initially feeling stuffy and depressed that you did not leave even your name behind. Fortunately, we were fated to meet each other again this soon." At Liu Yue's reminiscing words, Mother Ji happily focused on her again.

"Yes! We are truly fated!" Liu Yue said in a cutesy manner as she leaned on Mother Ji intimately.

Mu Heng observed Liu Yue with a mocking smile on his lips. Schooling his expression, he addressed her, "Miss Liu, can you tell me in great detail about what happened back then?"

Before Liu Yue could answer, Mother Ji happily snatched that chance.

After her enthusiastic narration, Mu Heng nodded his head in understanding and smiled. "So it was like that."

I think I got it now.

"You weren't alone at that time, huh..."

"Er..." Liu Yue suddenly felt that something was amiss.

"That's right. Xiaoyue was with her friend at that time." Mother Ji happily affirmed.

"I see..." Mu Heng looked at Liu Yue with a smile. Hur hur... The Good Samaritan must be that 'friend' whose identity got stolen by her. Also, based on Miss Liu Yue's reluctance to approach that golf course where the normal employees are at, that real 'Cinderella' must be among them.

Although Mother Ji had face blindness, that 'Cinderella', whose identity was stolen, should be able to recognize her.

This was getting more and more interesting...

"Achoo!" Pei Ge, who was in the midst of practicing her swing, sneezed rather loudly.

"Ha ha! Seems like someone is missing you!" her colleagues standing by the side teased her.

Pei Ge just rubbed her nose at that and continued practicing her swing.

She did not want a scene later where she swung the club but failed to even graze the ball. That would really cause her father, who had taught her how to play golf, to lose face.

"Hm? Look at that side! Is that Liu Yue?" Pei Ge suddenly heard those near her clamoring.

She raised her head and looked at the buggy that everyone was focusing on.

Indeed, Pei Ge saw Liu Yue sitting comfortably inside the buggy.


"Wow! Who are those two people sitting with Liu Yue?"

"That woman came to the company before. She seems to be our big boss's mother."

"That man seems to be our big boss's friend."

"My gosh! Is that for real? What kind of identity does Liu Yue really have?"

"Yeah. This Liu Yue is a little mysterious."

"I saw the boss's friend on a gossip magazine before. He seems to be a Casanova and has many rumored girlfriends. Could he be..."

"I also think that that guess is more reliable."

"Agreed! Maybe that Casanova has had too many exquisite cuisines and wants to sample small dishes now..."

Listening to the chattering of the people around her, Pei Ge frowned.

Why did she feel that those two people looked familiar?

She seemed to have seen that woman wearing sunglasses somewhere before.

That frivolous man, who looked like a male host, seemed quite familiar as well—

Eh? Eh, eh, eh, eh?! Wait! Male host?! Ji Ziming's friend?!

Pei Ge's eyes instantly widened as she looked at the man, who seemed to be emitting electricity with his every moment. She totally recognized him now.

He was that man who had tried to hit on her!

They only met once before, so he probably would not recognize her, right? That was not right! The question should be whether he even remembered her or not.

Ah, ah, ah! Don't think about it. Anyway, with my current ghost-like appearance, he probably won't be able to recognize me.

Pei Ge surreptitiously borrowed a mirror from a certain colleague who loved checking herself out in the mirror. Under that colleague's gaze filled with loathing, Pei Ge inspected herself in the mirror.

What she saw was her makeup running a little due to the heat.

As such, the already hideous makeup was now truly unbearable to look at.

Looking at her present appearance, Pei Ge smiled in satisfaction. With an 'I'm so pretty' expression, she triumphantly thought, Mhm! Very good! He definitely won't recognize me this way!

Returning the mirror to that colleague who was still contemptuously eyeing her, Pei Ge disregarded her gaze as she praised herself for being witty enough! If not, she would definitely be recognized today!

With her mind filled with Mu Heng, Pei Ge no longer thought of why she found that woman wearing sunglasses beside Liu Yue to be familiar.


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