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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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72 Who is that wild man?!

Pei Ge took a deep breath and carried her handbag to her desk.

Switching on her desk lamp, Pei Ge took out the pregnancy test kit from her bag.

Pei Ge felt her heart sink as she stared at the dark and light red lines on the kit.

She then placed the pregnancy test kit to one side as she picked up the user manual and carefully read what was written on it.

[If the pregnancy test kit shows two lines, where the control line is light and the result line is dark, it is a light positive test and means that there is a possibility of pregnancy.]

A possibility of pregnancy...

Pei Ge pursed her lips together as her mind became a jumbled mess. It is only a possibility. Maybe – Maybe, I'm not really pregnant!

That's right! I'm definitely not that unlucky! There are so many people having one-night stands without protection these days! I'm definitely not pregnant!

Pei Ge tightly grasped the user manual as her eyes became filled with anxiety.

Knock! Knock! Knock! The knocking sound made Pei Ge regain her senses.

"Ge Ge, come out for dinner." Zhang Manhua's voice came through the door.

Hearing her mother's voice, Pei Ge hastily hid the pregnancy test kit in her drawer.

"Mom, I don't have the appetite." How would Pei Ge still have the appetite now? She really had the strong urge to see an obstetrician at a hospital at this moment to find out if she was indeed carrying a child.

"You child, hurry and come out for dinner right now!" Zhang Manhua said aloud as she opened the door to Pei Ge's bedroom.

At this, Pei Ge could only leave her bedroom and walk toward the dining table.

Their dinner was not very sumptuous and consisted only of simple homemade dishes, porridge, steamed bread, and leftovers from lunch.

"You child, don't learn from those girls who are always screaming about going on a diet. Not having proper meal is bad for your body." Zhang Manhua nagged incessantly as she scooped out a bowl of porridge for Pei Ge.

"Yes..." Pei Ge absentmindedly agreed with a nod of her head.

Zhang Manhua did not mind her attitude. After passing a steamed bun to Pei Ge, she started digging in to her own food.

The dinner time of these two people was spent in unusual silence, as Pei Ge was not in the mood for small talk.

"That's right, Ge Ge. Why has your period not come this month? Yours came before mine last month—" Before Zhang Manhua could finish her words, Pei Ge's chopsticks hit the floor with a loud clattering sound.

That was right. This month... her menstrual period had not arrived yet! Her period had definitely come before her mother's last month, but her period this time was still not here although it was almost the end of this month!

"What's wrong, Ge Ge?" Seeing her daughter's face paling, Zhang Manhua worriedly asked this.

"No – Nothing." Pei Ge shook her head with a tight smile as she schooled her expression.

"Is it really?" Zhang Manhua looked at Pei Ge perplexedly, sensing that her daughter was hiding something from her.

"Mom, what could possibly be wrong with me? You're always worrying too much. This daughter of yours is really fine." Pei Ge whined before saying, "Alright, let's stop here. I have to quickly finish my meal and rest early."

"You little lass..." Zhang Manhua shook her head in amusement at Pei Ge's spoiled look, her suspicion dissipating.

After dinner, Pei Ge did not bother snatching the job of washing the dishes from her mother. Instead, she promptly returned to her bedroom.

The moment the bedroom door closed, Pei Ge's smile vanished once more.

Her expression was more ghastly and helpless than it was before.

"Sigh..." Pei Ge was in despair.

I'm done for...

"How can I be so unlucky?" Pei Ge mumbled as she took heavy steps toward her bed. With her limbs spread out, she powerlessly lay on the bed.

Pei Ge who was still feeling a little hopeful earlier was now totally devoid of it.

Feeling nauseous over the smell of fish, the pregnancy test kit's result, and her period not coming... These three points totally confirmed her pregnancy!

How can I be so unlucky?! It was just a one-time one-night stand, yet I actually got the big prize and got knocked up. I should really go buy a lottery ticket!

"Drinking really harms people..." Pei Ge muttered despairingly with a brooding face.

Instantly, Ji Ziming's flawlessly handsome face resurfaced in her mind.

"Ahhh! You a*shole!" Pei Ge irately flipped her body around, buried her head in the blanket, and pounded it with her fists.

A*shole! You big a*shole!

After venting her frustration on the blanket, she flipped her body around again.

She could not help but stroke her flat belly with her palm.

I'm really pregnant... What should I do now?

Pei Ge was really feeling helpless at the moment. She did not know what to do with the child in her stomach. Although she knew that this child should not be kept, she still did not have the heart to abort it.

What should I do? What in the world should I do?! Just as Pei Ge was conflicting about the child in her tummy, she suddenly thought of her best friend.

"Right! Xiaoyu will definitely have a solution to this!" Pei Ge quickly got up from her bed and searched for her hand phone in the handbag.

Keeping her emotions in check, Pei Ge dialed Tang Xiaoyu's number.

"Hello, Ge Ge!"

Pei Ge's tears started falling the moment she heard Tang Xiaoyu's energetic voice.

"Xiaoyu..." Pei Ge choked in an aggrieved voice.

She had already calmed down moments ago, yet hearing Tang Xiaoyu's voice had made all the grievances she felt inside resurface once more.

Tang Xiaoyu, who was on the other end of the line, frantically consoled the crying Pei Ge, "What's wrong? Ge Ge, what's wrong?! Who dared bully you and make you cry?!"

"Wu wu... Xiao – Xiaoyu, I – I..." Hearing Tang Xiaoyu's concerned voice, Pei Ge cried even more pitifully.

"Pei Ge, speak properly! Tell me everything before you continue crying!" Tang Xiaoyu impatiently bellowed as she started to panic as well.

Pei Ge immediately stopped her tears and hiccupped. "I – I'm pregnant..."

"What?!" Tang Xiaoyu's voice was so loud it almost burst Pei Ge's eardrums.

"Who is that wild man?! How can you get into a relationship behind my back?!" Tang Xiaoyu furiously hollered again.


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