Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
82 I sincerely wish you both the best.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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82 I sincerely wish you both the best.

Pei Ge knew that she could no longer avoid them upon hearing the content of their talk from behind, so she decided to turn around and regard the intimate couple with a polite smile.

"Cousin, what a coincidence; I didn't expect to bump into you here." She politely smiled and greeted Pei Shishi.

Pei Ge initially thought that time would heal all wounds, yet seeing these two again made her heart feel a pinch of pain.

However, it was just a pinch.

She believed that, soon, these unnecessary emotions would also no longer weigh her down.

Pei Shishi was elegantly dolled up as per usual and was beautifully attired in a white dress, yet her face only revealed surprise at the sight of Pei Ge. "It really is Ge Ge!"

Zhou Zhuoyang, who was standing next to her, was also very shocked to see Pei Ge here that he unknowingly released Pei Shishi's hand.

The sensitive Pei Shishi naturally perceived Zhou Zhuoyang's action and pursed her lips in displeasure. However, instead of the smile on her face wavering, it widened even more.

"Why are you here?" Zhou Zhuoyang asked unhappily.

Pei Ge laughed derisively at his reaction and asked back, "Why can't I be here?"

"Ge Ge, this is a private maternity hospital. What... are you really doing here? Are you pregnant?" Pei Shishi curiously asked.

"Er..." Pei Shishi's words called her attention to the weirdness of her presence in this hospital despite not having a boyfriend.

"I'm here to accompany a friend for her checkup," she lied flatly.

Premarital pregnancy was not a glorifying matter, after all, nor did she want her mother to feel disappointed in or worried about her.

"Your friend must be above average, then." Pei Shishi nodded, not suspecting her lie. This was the best maternity hospital in the capital, after all, and the general public would normally be unaware of its existence. And even if they did know of this hospital, they would not easily be able to enter its premise.

Thus, she did not suspect that Pei Ge was lying and that the latter was pregnant.

"Indeed." Pei Ge thought of Ji Ziming's face and nodded seriously. She then thought of him coming to the OB-GYN with....

Oh! Pei Ge suddenly smiled from the heart, and the heaviness she was feeling dissipated.

Pei Ge's smile stunned Zhou Zhuoyang and reminded him of their dating days.

She had always loved to smile, and he had loved it the most.

Although she was not the prettiest girl he had ever met, her smile had always been the most beautiful, the cleanest, and the most heartfelt to him.

Pei Shishi had closely been watching Zhou Zhuoyang and knew that his sudden dazed look was because of Pei Ge. She clenched her hands tightly.

He he! How could she not control this man with such poor eyesight that he would even fall for someone like Pei Ge?

"Ge Ge, I heard you had resigned from our family's real estate company. Are you still mad at Zhuoyang and me?" Pei Shishi's face was full of guilt and her eyes were watery. It was as though the moment Pei Ge confirmed this conjecture, the tears would fall.

Zhou Zhuoyang who was initially in a dazed state because of Pei Ge's smile returned to his senses at Pei Shishi's words. Seeing the guilty look and sadness on her face, he threw the memories of Pei Ge and him at the back of his mind.

That year, he had hidden his identity in hopes of finding a woman that would not care about his status in life and thought that he had found her in Pei Ge. In the end, he had apparently been mistaken.

When he learned of Pei Ge's true colors, he was utterly devastated. Pei Shishi was the one who had saved him and made him believe in love again.

He had known of Pei Shishi's existence even when he had just started dating Pei Ge.

He never had any intentions of chasing after his girlfriend's elegant and perfect cousin but, to his surprise, she turned out to be of a higher caliber than Pei Ge and was truly deeply in love with him.

He was clearly out of her league as a 'pauper', yet she never minded it and instead sincerely loved him....

Thinking about it now made Zhou Zhuoyang feel disgusted with Pei Ge.

"Shishi, don't bother about her. She can do whatever she wants." She was just a rich princess who craved wealth. No matter how clean her smile was, it was still not sincere.

What rights did she have to make Pei Shishi hurt and guilty?! She had none at all!

Pei Ge looked at the people standing before her and had the strong urge to roll her eyes.

How could she not know that her cousin was a flower that cried at everything?

"Cousin, you are overthinking this. I didn't resign because of you. I just wanted to take advantage of my youth to explore the world." Although she did not like this fragile act of her cousin's, she was still a relative, so Pei Ge explained this matter rather patiently.

"Explore the world? Pei Ge, you are already 26 years old. You are actually mad at me, right? Otherwise, why would you not find me at home?" The tears that threatened to spill finally did.

Pei Shishi's helpless and hurt-filled face suddenly irked Pei Ge.

"Pei Ge, whatever grudge you have you can take it out on me! Shishi has done nothing wrong!" Zhou Zhuoyang's heart ached and he pulled Pei Shishi into his embrace. He cast Pei Ge an angry look, as though she had done something evil.

Damn it! Who did she provoke?!

She evidently did not do anything wrong in that relationship, but why were these two unwilling to let her go?!

Did they want her to say that she could not bear seeing them together and that she was at fault?! Must she take all the blame for every mistake made?

Heh heh!

"Cousin and Cousin-in-law." Pei Ge looked at the cuddling couple, who was mimicking a pair of love birds, with a serious face.

"To say that I have no hard feelings within me would be a lie. What I am holding a grudge to, however, is not the two of you being in a relationship but, instead, the man I once loved leaving me without even a goodbye or explanation and returning after three years as my cousin-in-law." Pei Ge spoke these words to the hugging couple in a blank and calm tone, as though she were talking about someone else's affair.

"I have already let go of this matter, so I can't speak about hating you both. Leaving the Pei family's real estate company was to prevent chaos from entering my life. And I must say that joining another company that treats me very well is the right decision."

"As for not visiting you... Well, didn't you go on a honeymoon with your boyfriend? I couldn't have thrown my work aside just to visit you overseas, could I? Moreover, when you left, you didn't inform me. Now, who is the one holding a grudge?"

Pei Ge was no martyr, so she would never suffer in silence or let herself be at the mercy of others.

She did worship and respect her cousin, but she would never let herself get bullied by her.

Frankly speaking, if the opposing party were not Pei Shishi, she would spit at them both to death.

"So Cousin..." Pei Ge smiled when she said this. She then cast a glance at Zhou Zhouyang, who was staring at her with his mouth agape, before sweetly acknowledging, "and Cousin-in-law."

"Be at ease; I sincerely wish you both the best. Please stop thinking about this unimportant matter anymore. After all, you two are getting married soon, no?"


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