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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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83 Pei Ge, you really are something.

Pei Shishi and Zhou Zhuoyang left with unhappy faces. Only then did Pei Ge manage to breathe easily. From how drained she was currently feeling, it was as though she had just fought an intense battle.

Maybe, she was just seeing things then, but there seemed to be something wrong with her cousin's stare when she walked past her.

She could not put a finger on it, but Pei Shishi's look definitely made her feel uncomfortable.

"Ahhhh! So irritating! Stop thinking about it; stop thinking about it! Let's just hurry back to that annoying person's side." Pei Ge patted her head like a fool as she grumbled this to herself before she began searching for the right path.

"Zhuoyang, I - I really have no such thought..." After leaving Pei Ge's line of sight, Pei Shishi leaned on Zhou Zhuoyang with a face full of hurt.

"I didn't tell her about our honeymoon because I was worried that she would feel bitterer. I really do not have any grudge against her." Pei Shishi cried in heart break while explaining herself to him in earnest.

Zhou Zhuoyang looked at her face that was full of hurt and softly comforted, "I know. Of course, I know. You're just too kind. I'm not affected by the words of Pei Ge, that hypocritical woman."

Hearing Zhou Zhuoyang's reassuring words, Pei Shishi lowered her head and, with a sad voice, said, "Zhuoyang, Ge Ge is actually not a bad person. Maybe, she just couldn't let go... After all, it was for money that she left you... Oh, I shouldn't have said this to you. That way, Ge Ge won't be filled with more bitterness."

"And... Your heart hasn't let her go yet, so I really shouldn't mention..." Pei Shishi moaned, full of self-blame and hurt.

"What nonsense are you spouting?! How could I still be hung up on her?! The person I like is you, now and forever!" Zhou Zhuoyang made it sound as though liking Pei Ge was an unpardonable crime.

"Shishi, be good, don't let your thoughts run wild. We are already engaged and going to be family soon. Don't think about these nonsensical things anymore. I just want to live happily ever after with you." He gently ran his hand through her hair as he assured her.

"Mhm!" she blissfully hummed.

Seeing her head lowered in shyness, Zhou Zhuoyang's heart was filled with happiness and love. Thank heavens he met such a good girl....

If only he knew that the woman was not lowering her head out of shyness but to hide her true colors, instead.

Heh heh... Pei Ge, how can I let you have such an excellent man like Zhou Zhuoyang?

With her head lowered, Pei Shishi smiled an evil smile, her eyes full of smugness.


After wandering around for quite some time, Pei Ge finally found the waiting lounge where Ji Ziming was.

Although this private hospital was well-ventilated with air conditioner, Pei Ge's long walk made her perspire.

"Where did you go?" He looked at the woman, whose forehead was dotted with beads of sweat and was creased with lines, when she walked into the room.

"Nowhere," she replied unkindly, unwilling to talk to Ji Ziming, who was sitting there with kingly grace and princely demeanor, about anything.

Fine! She was bitter that he could just sit comfortably here while she had to run around undergoing all sorts of tests that she even got lost in the end!

Pei Ge's unfriendly words made the spacious room descend into silence and the air to be filled with awkwardness.

Dong, dong, dong! A series of knocks on the door interrupted the awkward silence pervading the air.

"Come in." Seeing his grave expression and unwelcoming aura, she could only give the person outside permission to enter herself.

"Miss Pei, here is your report." The door opened and a nurse in pink uniform entered.

Shit! Pei Ge's eyes widened in horror.

"Miss Pei?" Ji Ziming gazed at Pei Ge, the look in his deep-set eyes becoming graver.

Although he did not say anything or showed any other expression, his gaze was enough to make her shudder.

Before Pei Ge could explain, the third person in the room, the nurse who was delivering the medical report, beat her to the punch.

Totally failing to read the atmosphere in the room and fully assuming that Ji Ziming was questioning the authenticity of the medical report, the nurse smilingly said, "Yes. This is really Miss Pei's medical report. There are only two patients with the surname Pei in the hospital right now; the other one has just arrived, so this report is definitely Miss Pei Ge's."

"Pei Ge?" Ji Ziming was thoroughly stunned at the mention of 'Miss Pei Ge'.

Ah! I'm doomed! I'm doomed! I'm really doomed this time!

Hearing her name being repeated many times, Pei Ge felt extremely scared.

"Pei Ge?" Ji Ziming's steely eyes looked at the panicking Pei Ge and laughed coldly. "You really are something."

Really something! No one had ever dared to mess with him so much!

Ji Ziming's icy gaze contained fury that could make one cower in fear.

Pei Ge gulped even as she thought that this was not entirely her fault.

If this annoying person did not sleep with her and did not buy the company she currently worked for, she would have no need to lie!

Thinking about this enabled Pei Ge to suppress her fear and retort loudly, "Yes! I lied to you, but so what?! Who told you to appear before me after doing such a thing?! You think I want to lie to you?! I don't even want to see you!"

Did not want to see him?

Ji Ziming's pair of cold and indifferent eyes stared at Pei Ge dangerously. "No one has ever dared to lie to me before."

In that instant, the waiting lounge was filled with suffocating air.

Even the dense nurse felt that something was amiss in the air.

"What if I lied to you? What are you being fierce about?! Who asked you not to control your lower half and get me pregnant?!" She was initially frightened by his cold eyes but as he got fiercer and scarier, she became braver and more stubborn, thinking that she was the one who had been wronged here.

She put on a brave front with her head held high, yet her voice betrayed a sense of being wronged. This made the fire within him diminish instantly.

"...I already said I will take responsibility," Ji Ziming said in a low voice. With a soothing face, he gazed deeply at her.

"Who wants you to take responsibility?! Hmph!" Pei Ge cared not for his words and merely rolled her eyes at him.

"Erm... Did you two make a mistake?" The nurse blinked her eyes before saying weakly, "Miss Pei, you are not pregnant...."


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