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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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84 Pregnant, your head!

"Miss Pei, you are not actually pregnant. According to the examination result, your irregular menstrual period was caused by excessive stress. You can recover from this by drink - drinking a few tabs of Chinese medicine..." The nurse's voice decreased in volume until it was almost inaudible under the two's intense gazes.

The waiting lounge became eerily quiet after the nurse had explained the result of the medical examination.

Strong tension pervaded the air, and it made the nurse feel like throwing away the medical report in her hand and fleeing from the scene.

"Not - Not pregnant?" Pei Ge was stunned and looked at the nurse in disbelief.

"That - That's right, Miss Pei. I regretfully inform you that you are not pregnant." The nurse mistook Pei Ge's expression for sadness of failing to conceive a child, so she tried to console her as best as she could by saying, "Miss Pei is very healthy. With your young age, you will have no problem getting pregnant at all."

"Who wants to get pregnant?! What is there to feel regretful about?!" Pei Ge came alive at once when she heard the nurse's comforting words.

It's good that I'm not pregnant. I'll have fewer problems this way! I can also save up lots of money!

Ignoring the sense of loss that she felt inside her, Pei Ge's face blossomed into a cheery smile. Anyone who looked at her would be able to tell that she was in a festive mood.

However, for some reason, her bright smile was grating on Ji Ziming's nerves, and he felt... slightly displeased.

"You're happy that you're not pregnant?" he asked with dissatisfaction as he coldly regarded the smiling her.

"What nonsense are you spouting about?! First, you're not the person I like. Second, you're not my husband. Of course, I will feel happy that I'm not pregnant with your child! That child would be a pitiful thing if it were born..." She started imagining ridiculous scenes of her pitiful life after giving birth to his child.

Hence, she resolutely made a decision not to let herself get drunk and go wild ever again.

"Really lucky! Luckily, I'm not pregnant!" Pei Ge patted her chest in exaggerated relief.

From the comfortable black leather sofa, Ji Ziming suddenly stood up, walked toward Pei Ge, and stopped in front of her. He then bowed his head to look at her.

"Wha - What do you want?" Pei Ge stuttered. She looked at the man dwarfing her with his towering presence and nervously swallowed her saliva.

He remained silent as his smoldering eyes looked at her icily. Raising his hand to her face, Ji Ziming's slender fingers pinched her chin to Pei Ge's shock.

"You..." Pei Ge wanted to smack his palm away the moment she felt his cold touch on her chin, but when her eyes met his rage-filled ones, she could not bring herself to do so and could only dazedly look at him.

Why - Why is he so angry? I didn't lie to him on purpose... I really thought I was pregnant, alright?

"Ah!" The nurse exclaimed when she saw this scene. Blushing, she looked at Pei Ge enviously before perceptively leaving the place.

Hence, only Pei Ge and Ji Ziming remained inside the spacious waiting lounge.

Perhaps, it was because only the two of them were within the room, but the atmosphere in it turned a little amorous.

"Very lucky?" He stared at her expressionlessly, his low voice tinged with danger.

Pei Ge gazed at the face that was near hers. His face was really handsome. Of the many people she had met in her life, he was definitely the most handsome. If this had not been the case, she would not have dragged him to bed in her drunken state back then...

"Why are you getting angry? I didn't do it on purpose. Shouldn't you be glad that I'm actually not pregnant?" Pei Ge sheepishly shook her head and tried to dislodge her chin from his grip, but she did not succeed because he was tightly pinching it, as though his hand were glued to her chin.

However, soon enough, she needed not struggle anymore, as the hand tightly gripping her chin loosened on its own.

Why am I angry?

Ji Ziming frowned as his eyes flitted with confusion. They soon regained their usual coolness, though, and he regarded Pei Ge more coldly.

"I really can't understand you..." Pei Ge mumbled softly when she felt his icy stare. This was when she remembered that pregnant woman whom she had seen being dragged away earlier and the righteous her felt angry once more.

"Although I'm not pregnant, you can still redeem yourself by taking responsibility for that pregnant woman from before." She said this to him in all seriousness.

He was still feeling conflicted inside when he heard her death-courting comment and his face immediately turned dark.

"Pei Ge!" He stared at her with narrowed eyes as though his cold gaze could carve a hole through her.

"What rights do you have to speak with me in that way?" The man's lips moved slightly. His voice was cold, apathetic, and filled with mockery.

Pei Ge's cheeks were slowly dyed with a tinge of red by his mocking words.

"This is not a question of rights but of morals, instead! If you made somebody pregnant, then you should take responsibility! Even if you're not the one in front of me right now, but a random stranger, I will still say the same thing!" she righteously declared with her head held high, as though she were a proud peacock.

"..." He fell silent at her sheepish look, but the eyes he used to look at her were sufficient to raise goosebumps on her skin.

"Wha - What are you looking at?!" She turned her head around uneasily, a little unwilling to look at him.

"I have nothing to do with that woman's pregnancy," he indifferently said.

"Hur hur! How dare you still deny this when the other person has already come knocking on your door?!" Pei Ge coldly sneered when she heard his denial. She then looked at him with contempt.

Hur hur! What a waste of a perfectly handsome face! Really someone with a human face but the heart of beast! Such low morals! Jerk!

His face became more sullen when he saw her contemptuous look.

This damn woman!

He realized that she had given him many first times! This was especially the case when she was challenging his patience at every opportunity.

"Follow me!" Grabbing her wrist, he pulled her up from the leather chair.

Pei Ge stumbled after Ji Ziming after being forced to stand up.

"Hey, what are you doing?! Where are you bringing me?!"

The two silhouettes soon vanished from the waiting lounge, and all that remained were empty echoes.

"Miss Pei, how coincidental! Only two people came for a check-up in our hospital today, and both of you happened to have the same surname of Pei!"

Pei Shishi, who had just finished her premarital checkup, was stunned.

Have the same 'Pei' surname?

"Is that lady called Pei Ge?" she asked in a gentle voice.

"Hm? That's right, Miss Pei. Do you two know each other?" the nurse asked, surprised.

"Yes. She's my cousin." Pei Shishi nodded. Her eyes were filled with gentleness.

Hearing this, the nurse, who had long been acquainted with Pei Shishi, continued speaking, "You two are really fortunate to have boyfriends that are very outstanding, especially your cousin's."


Pei Shishi's eyes gleamed with a dark light. She then continued to probe with a smile, "Why? Do you think my cousin's boyfriend is more outstanding than mine?"

The nurse smiled abashedly, and as she was a little naïve, she spoke her thoughts out honestly. "That Mr. Ji is indeed very suave. He is the most handsome man I've ever seen!"

Mr. Ji?

Pei Shishi was a little dumbfounded as the silhouette of a person, who was way beyond her reach, resurfaced from her memories.

He he... Pei Shishi, you're just overthinking this. Pei Ge, that ugly bitch, doesn't have the capability to catch that person's interest.


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