Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
87 Screw this! This lady here will not do this anymore!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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87 Screw this! This lady here will not do this anymore!

"Ziming, what do you really feel toward Little Chili?"

Inside an elegantly decorated private dining room, Mu Heng, who was sitting across Ji Ziming, regarded the latter with an inquisitive gaze.

Actually, he himself was pretty interested in that Little Chili.

He had thought that the lady was pretty interesting the last time they met. Now, after seeing her without that ridiculous makeup, he was more than a little interested. Although she was a little on the plump side, touching fleshier woman was actually pretty comfortable!

"Don't talk during mealtime; don't speak at bedtime. Shut up and eat." Ji Ziming elegantly wiped his mouth with a napkin and dispassionately said this.

"You're the only person with so many rules!" Mu Heng gritted his teeth indignantly over Ji Ziming's uncaring attitude toward him.

Ji Ziming did not even bat an eyelid at that and merely continued eating. With his elegant demeanor and handsome face, he was indeed very pleasing to the eyes.

Just as Mu Heng stopped his inquiries and started digging in as well, Ji Ziming's hand phone rang.

Ji Ziming wiped his lips with another clean napkin and unhurriedly took out his hand phone.

His eyebrows moved slightly when he saw the caller ID. He then proceeded to answer the call.

"Hello, Mom."

Mu Heng immediately put down his chopsticks when he heard Ji Ziming speak. Ears pricking up, he strained to hear the conversation between the mother and son as he was curious on why Mother Ji would call at this time of the day.

"Son, tell me honestly; did you get a girlfriend already?" Mother Ji's excited voice came through the phone the moment it got connected.

Mother Ji's excitement made her voice pitch a little higher, such that Mu Heng, who was currently eavesdropping, managed to hear the term 'girlfriend'. Now, he was even more curious.

"No." Ji Ziming's charming eyebrows furrowed as he calmly gave this reply.

"No?!" As though she had received some kind of shock, Mother Ji's voice rose a decibel. "If you don't have one, how could your Auntie He see you bring a woman to the gynecologist for a checkup?"

Oh, oh, oh, oh! Big news! Who would think that this cold and drab best friend of mine would actually make a woman pregnant?! How amazing he is!

Mu Heng, who was at the side, was internally screaming with joy as he looked at Ji Ziming with admiration.

"..." Hearing his mother's words, Ji Ziming's frown only got deeper as his displeasure was evoked.

"Don't bother denying it! Your Auntie He took a picture as proof! Also, I talked to your Auntie Wu and she confirmed to me that you indeed brought a lady to see her for a checkup! Really, how could you not bring your girlfriend home for me to see?"

Ji Ziming's forehead creased even more as his mother incessantly chattered.

"Mom, it's nothing like that. She's not my girlfriend," he explained with a dark face.

"She's not your girlfriend, yet you actually made her pregnant?!" Mother Ji flared up at her son when she heard this.

Ji Ziming was immediately reminded of Pei Ge by his mother's exaggerated reaction and the corners of his mouth curled up ever so slightly.

"She's not pregnant." Since Mother Ji was his mother, he continued to answer her questions patiently.

"She's not your girlfriend if she's not pregnant? I don't care! You must bring her home for me to see!" Mother Ji adamantly declared, not caring about her son's opinion at all.

"...That woman is only my employee; I have nothing to do with her." Facing his bubbly mother, he always felt that she behaved more like his daughter. How tiring...

"Employee? Office romance isn't bad, too! How romantic!" she happily commented.

He was made speechless for a moment by his mother's words.

"Pwuh!" Mu Heng laughed aloud at Ji Ziming's sullen face.

Indeed, Ji Ziming's mortal enemy was his family's Madam Mother!


"Today's meeting has been postponed to a later date. Everyone can get back to their work."

After announcing the change in the schedule of the meeting, Yang Aoyun did not hurry to leave. Instead, she waved Pei Ge to her. "Come with me to the office for a moment. I have something to speak to you about."

Pei Ge stood up from her seat with a nod of her head and followed Yang Aoyun into the director's office.

"Sit down."

Yang Aoyun gestured for Pei Ge to take a seat after sitting down herself.

"Director Yang, may I know what this is about?" Pei Ge carefully glanced at Yang Aoyun. Her mind had not been functioning properly these few days. Could it be that she had made a major mistake in her work?

"It's only been a month since you came to our company, right?" Yang Aoyun kindly regarded Pei Ge and her eyes were filled with praise.

"Yes." Pei Ge nodded her head, unsure of why Yang Aoyun would suddenly bring it up.

"Although you haven't been here for long, you've shown far more dedication and hard work than most people here," Yang Aoyun praised.

Her high praise only made Pei Ge feel uneasy. She blinked her eyes unnaturally and asked in small voice, "Director Yang, please tell me directly if there is anything."

"I received a notification from the CEO Secretariat that CEO Ji had promoted you to the position of his assistant a few days ago. You will report for duty there starting next Monday. I was afraid that it would affect your work if you knew about this beforehand, so I kept it a secret until now." Yang Aoyun smiled despite her voice being laced with unwillingness to part.

After all, Pei Ge was someone who was really good at her work. She was someone who was also serious and hardworking – a rare find of a right-hand man, indeed.

It could just not be helped that the person snatching her away was the company's big boss.

More importantly, being by the CEO's side was way better than being by hers. Her career progression would be even better and the chances she would get would also be much more.

CEO assistant, what?! Oh, my gosh! Can someone please tell me that this is a dream?!

"Pei Ge?" Yang Aoyun lightly called to Pei Ge who had frozen up with widened eyes. At the same time, she sighed internally, Maybe, she's overcome with happiness by the promotion?

"Director Yang, you - you are just kidding me, right?" Pei Ge looked pleadingly at the director.

"Do you think I'll joke around with you about this kind of things?" Yang Aoyun only realized then that Pei Ge's reaction was a little abnormal.

"Director Yang, I don't want to leave your side! I only want to stay by your side!" Pei Ge abruptly stood up and stared at Yang Aoyun with moist eyes, as though she were an abandoned puppy.

"..." Mother! Almost scared this old lady to death!

Yang Aoyun was startled by Pei Ge's sudden movement. If it were not for the table between them, she was certain that the latter would already jump on her.

"You will report directly to the CEO Secretariat next Monday." Yang Aoyun waved for Pei Ge to leave.

"Director, I really don't want to be the CEO's assistant!" Pei Ge proclaimed in despair.

"Pei Ge, what is wrong with you today? Many people in this company are hoping to be the CEO's assistant even if they don't have the ability to be one, yet you are the complete opposite. I don't care about what you think. Since this is an order from the higher-ups, you can only follow them."

"They can go if they want to; I really don't want to go at all! I'd rather resign than go there!"

Screw this! This lady here will not do this anymore!


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