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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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88 I want to resign!

Pei Ge's words utterly stunned Yang Aoyun.

"What are you saying?!" She stared sharply at Pei Ge. It must be my hallucination!

Had Pei Ge actually just threatened her with a resignation to avoid being the CEO's assistant?! Did she hear it wrongly?!

"Er..." Only then did Pei Ge realize what she had said in the heat of the moment. She was pensive for a while before pursing her lips and resolutely looking at her immediate superior again. "Director Yang, I have considered this matter carefully, and I think it is in my best interest to resign."

She had really thought this through just then. Her relationship with Ji Ziming was just... too complicated that she was unable to wrap her head around it even now.

Moreover, today's event brought her constant shame each time she thought of it, making her all the more resolute not to allow herself to be entangled further with the man.

Resigning seemed to be the best method to do that.

"Have you gone crazy?! You want to resign?!" Yang Aoyun gawked at Pei Ge upon hearing her words, feeling a headache coming along.

"Are you having a fever?" After Ji Group's successful acquisition of Chenguang Real Estate, people were striving to enter the company by any means possible, yet Pei Ge, instead, wanted to resign because of being promoted? How ludicrous!

"Director, I'm serious about this. I really want to resign." She had already made up her mind, so she nodded her head at Yang Aoyun resolutely.

"You..." She really did not know what to say to Pei Ge. Pausing for a short while, she said, "You must have a deeper reason for wanting to resign. Tell me about it; maybe, I can help you in resolving it."

"Director, I am unable to tell you the specific reason." Pei Ge pursed her lips and muttered inwardly, How can I tell you that I slept with the company's big boss, mistakenly accused him of making me pregnant, and even forced him to take responsibility for my nonexistent pregnancy?

"Pei Ge, I suggest that you carefully reconsider this. Don't mention resigning to me again today. Go back and think about this carefully. Don't be rash," Yang Aoyun advised as she looked at Pei Ge with a stifled yet helpless expression.

Pei Ge was a really good employee, and she did not want the company to lose such a talent, so she was hoping that Pei Ge would change her mind about resigning.

"I understand, Director." Although her decision was firm, she still agreed to Yang Aoyun's suggestion.

Actually, if the company had not been acquired by the Ji Group and her future direct superior were not that annoying fellow, she really would not want to resign...

While she was feeling morose about her decision to leave the company, another person was feeling bitterness toward her.

"What? The Planning Department's Pei Ge will be transferred over here as the CEO's personal assistant?!" Liu Yue involuntarily exclaimed when she accidently came across the job transfer file.

"That's right. Why are you fussing so much about this?" The other secretary tugged at her lips as she disdainfully eyed the shocked Liu Yue.

Do you really think CEO Ji is yours? Ptooey! Why don't you take a good look at yourself in the mirror? the secretary spat in her heart.

"CEO Ji already has many assistants by his side; why would he need another one?" Liu Yue demanded as she crushed the job transfer file in her hand.

"Heh... This is CEO Ji's decision. Why are you flaring up at me? Also, even if our boss has many assistants, how many of them are actually of use? I'm talking especially about those who came in via relations," the secretary sarcastically said before coldly harrumphing.

She really detested this Liu Yue who got no skills whatsoever yet would still snatch every job related to the boss. The most disgusting thing here was that she always acted as though the CEO were hers and tried to seduce him at every opportunity!

"You!" Liu Yue really wanted to give this secretary a few hard slaps, and as she was about to do just that, her hand phone rang.

Liu Yue glanced at the caller ID and repressed her anger. She proceeded to look at the secretary triumphantly while she raised the hand phone in her hand to flaunt, "Do you see this? It's a call from CEO Ji's mother."

Under the secretary's jealous gaze, she answered the call.

"Hello, Auntie! What are you calling me about at this time?" The hatred on her face was immediately replaced by a sweet smile.

"Xiaoyue, Auntie wants to ask you if you've seen any woman Ziming is particularly close to in the company."

Immediately, Liu Yue thought of Pei Ge.

"There isn't anyone, Auntie. CEO Ji is always alone. I haven't seen him get close to any woman here. And if there's anyone, it can only be me, his secretary," Liu Yue joked.

"Is it, really? But that's not right..." Mother Ji mumbled before saying, "I'll send you a picture. Help me find out if this young lady is from your company."

Picture? What picture?

Liu Yue harshly bit on her lower lip, yet her voice remained as sweet as ever. "Alright, Auntie, you can send it to me."

After hanging up, she immediately received a message with a photo attachment.

Liu Yue froze up the moment she saw the attached photo.

The woman in the picture was obviously Pei Ge!

Although the photo only showed the side profile of two people, those who knew the two would easily recognize them.

Indeed, Pei Ge had shamelessly seduced Ji Ziming!

No way! I can't let her succeed in her vile plan! I must drive her out of the company!

"Hello, Auntie. This woman is indeed from our company, but her reputation here really isn't good..."


"Hah..." Pei Ge stared at the orange sunset and stretched her back lazily. It's finally time to get off work! And since tomorrow is the start of the weekend, I can take my sweet time resting at home!

Pei Ge packed her things and, with her handbag in hand, walked toward the HR Department.

In a short while, she exited the department with a form in her hand.

She felt a sense of loss as she looked at the resignation form from the HR Department.

Sigh... I really didn't expect that the day I part with the company would be this soon.

Pei Ge sighed in her heart and took heavy strides out of the company building.

Forget it! Pei Ge, get your spirits up! Leaving the company is not necessarily a bad thing!

Ji Ziming's flawless features abruptly appeared from her memories.

Yes! At least, I can be rid of that annoying fellow once and for all!

Pei Ge looked up at the orange-tinted sky and beamed in relief.


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