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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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92 A Grand Banque

Pei Shishi's words were like a bomb, and the originally peaceful dining table burst into activity.

The first question came from Pei Ge's mother, Zhang Manhua. "Ge Ge, you have a boyfriend?!"

This was followed by her second auntie's gloating words. "Aiyo, OB-GYN?! Ge Ge, why didn't you say that you are pregnant?"

Of the two males at the table, the older one could not care less, while the younger one was in a daze.

Seeing the worried look on her mother's face, she felt a sense of displeasure toward her beloved cousin.

This matter was already over, yet who knew that her cousin would dig it up again?

"Ge Ge..." Pei Shishi looked at her with uncertainty before dropping another bomb. "I heard from the nurse that you were there to check if you are pregnant. Are you planning to get married soon?"

"..." Zhang Manhua and Liu Yan did not say anything this time.

However, in that moment, another person reacted rather strongly.

"Pei Ge, you're pregnant?!" Zhou Zhuoyang, who had been quietly sitting in a daze all this while, suddenly stood up and pointed his finger toward her.

It was as though he were a husband who had discovered evidence of his wife's adultery and were confronting her about it.

His reaction brought everyone back to their senses, and Pei Shishi's family shot him an unhappy look.

"Ge Ge, what exactly is going on?" Zhang Manhua was heavy with worry as she urgently asked her this.

"Mom, I don't have a boyfriend and I'm not pregnant." Pei Ge pulled her mother's hand to hers as she gave this reply in a somber manner.

"If you don't have a boyfriend and is not pregnant, then why did you go to the OB-GYN to check if you are pregnant?" Liu Yan snorted. It was unknown whether it was Zhou Zhuoyang's unruly reaction that had angered her or another thing, but her tone was rather sharp.

Although her tone did not sound good, her question was still something that everyone at the table wanted an answer to.

Looking at everyone's faces, her mother was worried, second uncle was feeling awkward, second auntie was ridiculing, cousin was calm, and ex-boyfriend was fuming.

Pei Ge could not describe what she felt inside at their complex looks, but she knew that only her mother was treating her as a family right now.

Although Pei Shishi's family had supported them all this while, they were apparently not as good as they presented themselves to be; her cousin was also not as good as she had always thought.

"Ge Ge, we are one family, if you have any difficulty, you can tell it to us and we will work together with you to solve it," Pei Shishi persuaded with a gentle voice and watery eyes.

Despite this, Pei Ge could still sense her cousin's murderous intent.

She calmly met her cousin's gaze and flatly said, "I am not in any difficulty, so you don't have to worry about me. Cousin, the hospital you just mentioned doesn't only have the OB-GYN Department. I didn't go there to check if I am pregnant but to have a regular health checkup, instead. You might have misunderstood."

Although Pei Ge appeared calm, she was actually feeling very anxious inside. However, one of her abilities was that the more anxious she felt, the better she was at lying.

Thus, at this moment, Pei Ge was actually roaring inside, Damn! Damn it! It's all that annoying person's fault! My cousin, too! Pot calling the kettle black! Still emphasizing on us being one family! If she's really worried about me, she would ask me about this in private. Is it necessary to ask about such matter in front of others?

Could she have done this on purpose?

"It turned out to be like this." Zhang Manhua did not doubt her daughter's explanation and she sighed in relief.

Only she believed in her daughter's words, though, and Pei Shishi's next words just made everyone doubt Pei Ge's claim further.

"Ah, really? That hospital is a private hospital for women, though. Also, when Zhuoyang and I bumped into you there, why did you lie to us about accompanying a friend for a checkup?" Pei Shishi had an innocent look on her face when she asked her this.

However, Pei Ge was already at her limits. She really did not know what her cousin was trying to achieve right now.

Each sentence was more aggressive than the last. She saw her mother, who was initially comforted by her words, began to worry again and to doubt.

Is my cousin angry because of the reaction of Zhou Zhuoyang, this jerk? After spitting this inside, Pei Ge displayed a bright smile on her face and, with exceptional calmness, gave this answer, "I was really accompanying a friend for a checkup there. Since my friend is familiar with the doctor, I was able to go for a checkup, too."

Her eyes shone with brilliance at this. "Speaking of which, the doctor in that hospital is surely experienced. I thought I was as fit as a fiddle, but that doctor discovered so many disorders in my body."

"In fact, I'm thinking of asking my friend to have that doctor specializing in Chinese medicine check my mother, too." She smiled at her mother when she said this in a matter-of-fact tone.

Pei Ge's calm look, combined with her sound explanation, made everyone's doubt fade. This was especially true for Zhang Manhua who was extremely moved by her daughter's filial devotion.

However, even with this being the case, someone was still unwilling to let the matter go and continued, "That is a hospital for women, and your friend is a man."

Pei Ge was stunned by Pei Shishi's captious words and she became more and more confused. What is wrong with Cousin today? I don't remember offending her in any way, so why is she bent on forcing me into a corner? Will she only let this matter rest if I say that I'm pregnant?

"Sister, like I said, that highly qualified doctor specializes in Chinese medicine. Man and woman can be treated by her. If you don't believe me, we can visit the doctor for a diagnosis." She smiled at Pei Shishi as she shrugged her shoulders, her voice remaining unaffected.

Pei Shishi looked at Pei Ge's calmly smiling face, and her own smile finally disappeared. Her gentle eyes grew cold, as though a layer of ice had formed in them.

"Alright, alright, let's eat. The food is getting cold. If there is anything else, we can talk after lunch." Pei Zhenghui put an end to this banter by saying this. After all, as the head of the family, he was obliged to mediate between the two feisty sisters.

"Sure! I'm really starving!" Pei Ge happily agreed and resolutely picked up her chopsticks to begin eating.

As such, peace was soon restored at the dining table.

In the silence that reigned after, no one knew what each of them was thinking.

Pei Ge felt two pairs of eyes intently watching her and, without even looking, knew to whom those two burning gazes belonged.

It was a given that Zhou Zhuoyang, this jerk, and her would not see eye to eye. What really puzzled her was why her cousin, who had always been good to her, would suddenly treat her this way.


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