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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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94 Son, do you like Pei Ge?

Glancing at Zhou Zhuoyang and seeing his unhappy face, Pei Shishi's eyes flashed threateningly. In the next instant, she hid this emotion with a smile. "Mom, Zhuoyang and I will retire first. We still need to return to the office in the afternoon."

"Alright. You two can retire first. Remember to rest well and not to overwork yourselves," Liu Yan fussed over her daughter when she heard her words.

"Zhuoyang, let's go up," Pei Shishi smilingly urged Zhou Zhuoyang, who did not look too well.

"Alright." Zhou Zhuoyang nodded his head and distractedly followed her up the stairs.

Closing the bedroom door, Pei Shishi shot the unstable Zhou Zhuoyang a mocking look. Her heart was heavy with resentment when she saw the complex emotions playing in his sharp eyes.

This man... This exceptional man, whom she was cherishing so much, seemed to always have a place for Pei Ge, that ugly freak, in his heart! Pei Ge could clearly not compare to her, so why?! Why did his heart still have that woman in it?!

"Zhuoyang, are you thinking about Pei Ge?" Pei Shishi, with her eyes lowered and long eyelashes that hid her volatile emotion, looked beautiful and moving right now.

When Zhou Zhuoyang returned to his senses, he discovered the sad appearance of Pei Shishi, and his heart began to beat with regret.

Why was it that he could not get Pei Ge, that woman, out of his mind despite all the bad things she had done to him?

Instead, he found himself feeling guiltier and guiltier with every passing day toward Pei Shishi, the woman who was genuinely in love with him.

"Shishi, don't think too much about it. I was just thinking of why that Pei Ge would lie," Zhou Zhuoyang defensively said, his head lowering in shame.

"Really?" Pei Shishi's face showed a gentle smile on the surface, yet she was full of ridicule on the inside. She did not believe a word of his.

"Yeah." He nodded and looked at her imploringly.

She laughed and said in relief, "I'm also worried about Ge Ge. If only we had followed her back then, we would have found out the identity of the man she was with."

When this mysterious man was mentioned between them, not only Pei Shishi but also Zhou Zhuoyang was bothered by it.

It was as though a feather were tickling them in their hearts, making them feel itchy.

Was the man who had accompanied Pei Ge really Ji Ziming? No! She must investigate this matter thoroughly....

Just as these two were feeling annoyed with that mysterious man who had unclear goals, the said mysterious man was feeling annoyed at this time as well.

"Ming Ming, tell me of your real relation to that lady whom you have accompanied at the hospital. What is that lady, whose surname is Pei, like?" Already nagging during their mealtime, Mother Ji continued to yak on even afterward.

She nagged on and on at Ji Ziming to reveal everything about the woman in question, or else she would not let him go.

"Mom, I already said that I have no relation to her." Ji Ziming's eyes were cold as he solemnly gave this reply.

"Really? If you have no relation to her, then why did you bring her to check for pregnancy? Your Auntie Wu already told me everything, even the diagnosis. That lady's name is Pei Ge, right?" Mother Ji smugly revealed all the information she had obtained to her son.

"Alright, son, be honest with your mother! Do you like that lady?" Mother Ji looked curiously at her son and asked this in a gossipy manner.

That was right. Gossipy. She was asking this not out of motherly concern but out of curiosity, instead.

"..." The corners of Ji Ziming's mouth turned downward and his eyes flashed with impatience.

If he was asked about the woman whom he had the most difficulty dealing with, he would readily say that it was a 100 percent his mother.

"I've also inquired about her. Someone told me that this woman called Pei Ge does not have a good reputation." At her son's refusal to speak, Mother Ji decided to share the information she had acquired.

This information indeed piqued his interest and the taciturn Ji Ziming finally reacted. "Who did you hear this from?"

That woman might be slightly stupid, slightly dumb, and a tad bit rash, but she was a good person with strong moral. How could such a person be bad?

Ji Ziming tugged at his lips as he pondered on this.

It was definitely that Liu Yue woman who had told his mother of such things. His eyes darkened at the thought.

"Xiaoyue." Mother Ji let the name of Liu Yue slip despite the latter telling her repeatedly not to do so, as she felt that this matter was not that important.

Moreover, seeing Ji Ziming's reaction raised flags in Mother Ji's heart.

Hei hei! Drama! Definitely drama! He claims he's got no connection to that woman, yet he clearly cares for her!

"Hmph." Ji Ziming coldly acknowledged. He never really liked that Liu Yue. He only kept her around because, first, it was his mother's request and, second, his thoughts were not yet organized. However, based on recent observation, that woman was just a typical one. It was best to quickly get rid of her.

"Son, what's wrong?" Mother Ji asked with puzzlement. "Why don't you like Xiaoyue? That child is really good...."

Hearing Mother Ji praise Liu Yue, he frowningly thought to himself, Qi Hui should be back soon. He can identify the person directly.

Ji Ziming had never once believed that the woman who had helped his mother was that Liu Yue.

"Son, son! Don't leave! Tell me properly about this Pei Ge!" Mother Ji, who was still rambling on, looked up and saw that her son had actually left her side. Thus, she hurriedly chased after him.

After all these years, except for one person, this was the only other time she had seen her son treat a woman differently. Saying that he had no relation to that woman was just unbelievable! How could she, as a mother, not know how her son was like?

She must investigate this woman called Pei Ge properly.

Hei hei! If her son knew about this plan of hers, he would definitely object to it. Fortunately, she knew a private investigator that could thoroughly check that woman's background and see what was so special about her that had attracted her son.

Mhm! That's what I will do!

"Hey! Son, wait for your mother! Wait for me...."


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