Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
103 Not much; just repay me with your body.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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103 Not much; just repay me with your body.

Silence reigned in the spacious office. Pei Ge watched as the round-faced young girl held her hand tightly, and a trace of awkwardness flitted through her eyes.

Oh, my gosh! I just tore the resignation letter of someone else! This joke is a little too serious!

No way! I definitely can't let them find out that I mistook someone else's resignation for my own!

Pei Ge observed the young girl standing before her. She looked like a fresh graduate in her early 20s. With a smile, Pei Ge told her affectionately, "Little girl, you are still young. As long as you properly do your work and are willing to work hard, your future will be bright."

"Yes, sister! I will definitely listen to you and will work hard!" The round-faced young girl looked at Pei Ge with tear-filled eyes. The fervent manner in which she stared at her was as though she had considered Pei Ge as her life savior.

At this scene, the few secretaries all tugged at their lips and roared in their hearts, Oh, please, elder sister. We all know that you mistook that resignation letter for yours. Stop your pretense right now!

"Oh, right. Sister, what is your name? I am Qin Qitong from the Sales Department." The round-faced girl stared at her with twinkling eyes.

"I am Pei Ge from the Planning Department." She grinned.

Watching the duo chat in the CEO's office as though it were the pantry, the few secretaries ducked their heads low. Did they not feel the pressure in the office getting heavier?

Suddenly, Pei Ge felt a chill on her back and finally realized that a certain CEO had been looking at her darkly since long ago.

"Cough, cough, cough!" Pei Ge choked on her saliva after getting frightened by Ji Ziming.

Qin Qitong asked worriedly when Pei Ge started coughing nonstop, "Sister Pei Ge, are you alright?"

"Cough, cough, cough!" Pei Ge wanted to remind her that the CEO was currently staring at them, yet she could only cough right now and not voice out her thoughts.

However, although Pei Ge could not speak, Qin Qitong still got the hint when she followed where Pei Ge was looking.

"Sister Pei Ge, why do you keep staring at Brother Ji?" Qin Qitong naively asked.

Qin Qitong did not realize that her way of addressing Ji Ziming made the few secretaries in the office stop breathing for a moment as they looked at her in disbelief.

No wonder CEO Ji personally ordered the retrieval of the resignation letter of a small clerk in the Sales Department. Turns out that this skydiver who came in through the back door has such a powerful background!

How close must she be to be addressing CEO Ji as her brother?

Qin Qitong's eyeballs darted around and, as though she did not notice Ji Ziming's pissed off look, she said, "Brother Ji, I like Sister Pei Ge. Why don't you transfer me to the Planning Department? Let me work together with her!"

The moment she said this, the few secretaries looked at Pei Ge in jealousy. A few of them even came up with the ridiculous theory that Pei Ge had torn up Qin Qitong's resignation letter to get into her good graces.

"All of you, get out." Ji Ziming did not pay attention to Qin Qitong's words and merely ordered the few secretaries watching the show to leave.

Although the secretaries wanted to continue watching the scene unfold, they could only regretfully leave the office at Ji Ziming's directive.

Liu Yue followed the others and left the office very reluctantly. Seeing how the girl persistently clung on to Pei Ge, she felt really indignant inside. Why is it Pei Ge who always has the best luck?!

Hmph! What if she has the good luck? I don't believe she will have the face to continue working in this company after all that has happened.

When she thought of this, Liu Yue felt much better inside and she gazed at Pei Ge with much schadenfreude.

Unfortunately for her, Pei Ge's entire focus was on Ji Ziming at this moment.

"Brother Ji, please transfer me to the Planning Department!" Qin Qitong ran toward Ji Ziming's desk, blinked her eyes, and started acting cutesy to him.

Witnessing this scene, Pei Ge tried to guess the young girl's relationship with Ji Ziming for her to be bold enough to act cutesy toward him!

"You, too, get out." Ji Ziming glanced at Qin Qitong, who was acting cutesy at the front of his desk, and ordered coldly. He did not fall for her tricks at all.

"Brother Ji!" Qin Qitong pouted and childishly proclaimed, "I will tell Aunt that you bullied me! Hmph!"

"... I will help you transfer to the Planning Department. You can go out first. I have some things to talk with her about." Ji Ziming coldly glanced at a certain someone, who was now acting cowardly with her head lowered at the side. Although his expression remained cold, he was actually amused by the sight.

Qin Qitong immediately jumped in happiness when Ji Ziming agreed to her request. She then skipped to Pei Ge's side like a little child would.

"Sister Pei Ge, that's great! We can work together from now on!" Qin Qitong happily circled around her and beamed.

"Cough!" Ji Ziming lightly coughed and swept Qin Qitong a cold glance.

After mumbling something under her breath, Qin Qitong pouted. She then spoke to Pei Ge in a voice filled with unwillingness to part, "Sister Pei Ge... I'll go out first. Let's have lunch together later in the canteen! I will go look for you later!"

With that, Qin Qitong exited the office.

Now, only Pei Ge and Ji Ziming remained inside the spacious office.

"Come here." Seeing that everyone had left, Ji Ziming loosened his tie and raised an eyebrow at her.

Pei Ge could only grudgingly move a few steps toward his desk.

However, even with the few steps she took, she was still quite a distance away from him.

"Why? Do you finally feel scared now? For you to snatch a file right before my eyes and even tear it to pieces, weren't you very brave moments ago?" Ji Ziming felt amused and exasperated at how Pei Ge looked like a resentful little wife.

"...I'm sorry. I was in too much of a rush." Pei Ge knew that she was in the wrong, so she did not try to explain herself to Ji Ziming and just promptly apologized.

"Sorry? Do you think you can settle it with just a simple 'sorry'?" Ji Ziming raised an eyebrow and looked at Pei Ge coldly.

Ji Ziming's overbearing attitude enraged Pei Ge. She raised her head and, with anger-filled eyes, indignantly shouted, "What do you want, then?!"

"Not much; just pay me with yourself."


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