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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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106 Intimidating Others with Mr. CEO

No matter how much Pei Ge hoped for the morning not to pass by and for the afternoon not to arrive, time was still as relentless and ruthless as ever.

Soon, the short morning was over.

Perhaps it was because of the thread on the company's internal forum that none of her colleagues invited her to eat lunch with them that afternoon. Instead, as though they had mental telepathy, they all circumvented her and ignored her outright.

She was not saddened by this, though. She had no lack of friends that she would need to befriend people that would readily believe some unfounded rumors and ostracize her.

"How about... I give you half of my packed lunch box." Seeing her by herself, Bi Zheng struggled internally for the longest time before he finally grudgingly offered this to Pei Ge.

When she saw how Bi Zheng looked so heartbroken, she did not say any perfunctory words but just immediately rolled her eyes at him.

"You can have it to yourself." She had seen his lunch box a few times. It was always made up of white rice and preserved vegetables. She totally did not want to eat such unpalatable and innutritious food!

"Oh." He looked very relieved by her response and did not try to offer a second time.

Pei Ge rolled her eyes again at this.

Indeed! No matter how mighty he is or how good his hacking skills are, he will always be an! Eccentric! Guy!

"I'll be off!" With that, Pei Ge left the office.

The moment she stepped out, she saw two familiar people chatting right outside the office doors.

"Is it, really?"

"Ha ha, that's right! My Sister Pei Ge is super suave!"

"Ha ha! Why do I find it so foolish, though?"

Pei Ge watched the duo outside the doors. These two people were not nobodies. They were Pan Xinlei and the recently met Qin Qitong.

"Ah! Sister Pei Ge is out!" Qin Qitong exclaimed in the midst of their chat when she saw her.

Pan Xinlei walked toward her with a smile on her face and teased, "Not bad, Pei Ge. You even gained yourself a fan."

As she watched the duo, for some reason, Pei Ge felt that her life would only get rowdier from here on.

The trio strolled toward the company canteen. As they went there quite late, the canteen was already filled with people.

"Sister Xinlei, you can go find us seats first. Xiaotong and I will go get food," Pei Ge suggested upon seeing how packed with people the canteen was.

Pan Xinlei nodded her head. Thus, the three split up to do their respective tasks.

"Sister Pei Ge, what is good in this canteen? This is my first time eating here!"

"Sister Pei Ge, it's almost our turn! It's almost our turn! What should I buy?"

Qin Qitong's incessant chattering gave Pei Ge the urge to sew her mouth shut right there and then. She even regretfully thought, I should've had this little girl find us seats, instead.

When there was just one person before them in the queue, someone actually came to cut in.

"Hey, you jumped the queue. Go line at the back." Pei Ge really hated this type of people who would freely jump queues. Hence, she did not treat the person with any politeness and said this outright, instead.

However, the woman who had jumped the queue, turned to look at Pei Ge tauntingly and said derisively, "He he... No need to be polite with a whore."

"You! What are you saying?! How can you talk to someone like that?!" Qin Qitong was immediately angered by the woman's rude words to Pei Ge. She did not know how to scold people due to her good upbringing, so her face turned red from anger yet she was still unable to express herself to the detestable woman before them.

"Hmph! I'm talking about this spendthrift woman who likes to seduce others' husbands! You mistress! Vixen! Shameless—" Before the woman could insult her further, Pei Ge stomped on her foot which was in slipper.

"Ahhh!" The woman shrieked and Pei Ge kicked her again. The woman was unable to balance herself and immediately fell to the floor on her butt.

"He he! There's also no need to be polite to someone whose mouth is full of shit." Pei Ge coldly peered at the woman sitting on the floor and smirked. She then walked up to the window for ordering food.

"Master, please give me three portions..."

The crowd queuing behind them was shocked and frightened by her action, and those among them that were intending to admonish Pei Ge openly quickly rested this thought.

It could not be helped! This woman's fighting ability was simply too strong. Anyway, the person she was a mistress of was not their husband or boyfriend. They did not have to go all out!

They were not masochists and were not desperate enough to risk being beaten by Pei Ge just to scold her.

"Wow! Sister Pei Ge, you're so suave!" Qin Qitong regarded her with twinkling eyes. Her feelings of admiration for her were even stronger now.

This was her first time meeting a cool, charming, and powerful woman, so it was no surprise for her admiration and fondness for Pei Ge to only be second to her parents.

"...Sister Pei Ge was so suave just then! She made that detestable woman shut up with her one leg!"

While Pei Ge dug into her lunch, she listened to Qin Qitong and Pan Xinlei's cheerful chatter and felt a huge headache coming on. This was especially the case when the topic of the two's conversation focused on her.

"Xiaotong, stop talking and eat." Pei Ge peered at her and ordered with a straight face.

"Okay!" Qin Qitong obediently stopped talking at Pei Ge's words and ate her lunch in elegant, small bites.

Pan Xinlei was amused at the sight of an obedient Qin Qitong and looked at Pei Ge with a teasing smile.

Pei Ge completely ignored her teasing expression and continued digging in. With her head lowered, she thought, After lunchtime, I will have to go to the HR Department to fill out the form and then report to the CEO Secretariat. Sigh...

Once lunchtime was over, she returned to the Planning Department to pack her things. When time was almost up, she went to the HR Department's office.

Coincidentally, the person she met this time was still that rude woman whom she had met this morning.

"Why is it you again?" Seeing Pei Ge walk over, the woman showed an ugly face.

Pei Ge rolled her eyes at that and spat inside, Do you think I want to see your ugly mug, too?

"I came to fill out the employment form," Pei Ge curtly informed.

"What? Employment form? Didn't you resign already? Stop causing trouble." The woman mockingly glanced at Pei Ge and waved her hand in loathing at her, as though she were shooing a beggar away.

"Why do I need to fill out an employment form? You can go ask the CEO that." Pei Ge peered at her and calmly gave this reply.

"..." Hearing this, the woman instantly widened her eyes and looked at Pei Ge as though she had seen a ghost.

"Sigh... What can I do? Some people can't even resign when they want to and get promoted, instead, while some people may even get sacked even when they don't want to resign," Pei Ge commented in a light-hearted manner.

When she saw the woman's expression get uglier by the second, Pei Ge suddenly grinned at her. "Oh, right. I forgot to tell you. I will be reporting to the CEO Secretariat later in the afternoon."

"..." The woman was now totally dumbstruck. When she regained her senses, she immediately replaced her expression with a fawning one.

"Miss Pei, please sit here. I will get the form for you!"

Pei Ge only tugged at her lips at the woman's attentive attitude.

Alright. That annoying fellow is not totally useless, after all. At least, intimidating others with his name is pretty effective.


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