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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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108 The whole company is mine.

CEO Ji - Ji Ziming?!

"Ahhh!" Pei Ge was spooked by the face that that had suddenly appeared before her and shrieked.

Damn it! Why am I so unlucky?! I was just trying to cut a domineering figure to put these overbearing women in their places, so why did this annoying fellow have to appear at this moment and catch me in the act?! she indignantly roared inside her.

Ji Ziming looked at Pei Ge's dazed appearance and felt more at ease inside.

"Pei Ge, come to my office."

Listening to his cool and beautiful voice that sounded like clear spring, Pei Ge seemed to hear the devil's call and feel her inner self collapsing.

Wahhh! I'm finished! Pei Ge screamed to infinity within her. However, although she was completely panicking inside at being caught in the act by Ji Ziming, she did not show it on her face to prevent the others from mocking her and followed him with a straight back as though it were the most natural thing in the world.

Pei Ge's unperturbed look made the other secretaries think with puzzlement, She's caught by the CEO, yet she's still very composed. Could she really be telling the truth?

Her next action only reinforced this thought of theirs.

Just as she was about to enter the CEO's office, Pei Ge suddenly turned to address the few confused female secretaries with a grin, "Do you see this? Sister here is this amazing. I just got promoted, and CEO Ji is already giving me assignments, which just shows how much he values me."

"..." F*ck! What are you being so conceited for?!

All the secretaries gritted their teeth in anger at Pei Ge's conceited look.

Pei Ge thoroughly relished this group of women's wonderful expression as she smugly thought to herself, Hmph! Trying to ridicule this sister here with just you guys? What a big joke!

Hur hur hur! Please carefully look at who this young lady is. I am someone who led her class to the championship in debate. I even won the best individual debater!

As Pei Ge was internally celebrating her small victory here, a certain man's eerie voice reached her ears. "Pei Ge."

Ahhh! Pei Ge once more screamed inside her when she heard this voice. Her smug expression immediately crumpled into a pitiful look.

She entered the CEO's office and surreptitiously closed its door. She then glanced at the boss, who was sitting in a swivel chair, and said in a barely audible voice, "C-CEO Ji..."

Ji Ziming leaned against his chair and scrutinized the woman, who had her head lowered like an ostrich, before him. He narrowed his eyes and was about to speak when she suddenly raised her head and started yammering away.

"CEO Ji, I did that on purpose just now. I said all that nonsense to provoke those seniors outside that were trying to beat me into submission; this way, they won't dare to bully me again. If I don't fight back this time, I won't have any standing in this office in the future..." Pei Ge furtively peeked at the man.

When she saw him seemingly not getting mad, her courage went up a notch.

"CEO Ji, I believe that you are a magnanimous person, so you won't bother with a small fry like me, right? He he! It must be like that—"

Ji Ziming scrutinized Pei Ge's foolish look. Raising an eyebrow, he ruthlessly halted her fantasy.

"I am bothered." His lips moved ever so slightly as his cold and low voice entered Pei Ge's ears.

The power of these three words was akin to a bomb in Pei Ge's ears, rendering her dumb.

"Ah? Ah?" She looked at him in total disbelief and could not fathom why he would care to count this sort of things.

"An annoying fellow you don't want to see?" Leaning on the chair, he draped his arms across his chest and stared fixedly at Pei Ge through cold, narrowed eyes.

"..." O.M.G.! My god! He actually even heard this!

"You actually eavesdrop on your employees?!" Pei Ge knew that things were going haywire at this point. Anybody would be unable to stay calm when they were caught badmouthing others. And since she was badmouthing the highest authoritative figure in the company...

I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead! I'm done for, I'm done for, I'm done for!

"Eavesdrop?" He coldly smirked. "This whole company is mine."

"..." Alright! You win! Pei Ge's lips trembled as she cried this inside her.

"CEO Ji, all those things I've said are nothing but lies. Please don't take them to heart..." she earnestly pleaded with her head bowed.

"Shamelessly hung on to you?" He coldly harrumphed as he pressed on.

"He he... That's me. It is me who shamelessly begged you," she softly admitted with reddened cheeks.

"I begged you to stay—" Before Ji Ziming could finish his words this time, a certain someone finally erupted.

"Hey! I say, when will this be over?! I've already explained myself to you so many times and said all the nice words I could think of. Why are you still forcing me into a corner?! You're a big man. Can you not be so petty?!" The originally hot-tempered Pei Ge had been trying to keep her emotions in check and not to rage on, yet this annoying fellow did not even have the term 'hold back' in his vocabulary and kept forcing her into a corner. How could she not get mad at that?!

"Oh." Ji Ziming nodded his head with a stoic expression when he saw that Pei Ge had regained her usual attitude.

'Oh'? What the hell is 'oh'?! Can you speak human language, please?! Pei Ge rolled her eyes at him internally.

When she saw him totally ignoring her and flipping through some documents, she pouted and carefully said, "That... CEO Ji, if there's nothing else, then... I'll go out first."

"Who said that there is nothing else?" He glanced at her and coldly asked this.

"Oh, what's the matter?" She looked at him with a professional smile, while her heart was already pricking at Ji Ziming's doll like a cult would do at hateful people.

"Since you said that your work ability is strong, then you shall clean up and organize all the accumulated sales and rental information of this company since inception," he calmly ordered while he looked at Pei Ge expressionlessly.

It was as though the task he had just given out were the simplest one there was.

"All the sales and rental information since inception?!" Pei Ge's heart immediately sank when Ji Ziming announced this task.

One must know that this company had a room for keeping these documents. Letting her clean up and organize all the information was akin to making her organize a small library alone!

"What's wrong? Not competent enough to handle this?" He put the documents in his hands down, raised an eyebrow, and lightly glanced at Pei Ge.

"I can; I can! Why not?!" Pei Ge smiled stiffly as she gave this answer through gritted teeth.

Damn it! This petty fellow must be doing this on purpose!


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