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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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110 I know that you did it!

"Pei Ge!" The drenched Liu Yue glared at her venomously, as though fire were spitting from her eyes.

She seemed to have blood feud with Pei Ge the way she glared at her.

"Why are you getting mad?" Pei Ge laughed off Liu Yue's glare.

"You!" Pei Ge's smile infuriated Liu Yue so much that she choked on her words.

"You're angry? I'm angry as well." Although Pei Ge was smiling, it did not reach her eyes.

"Don't be so excessive just because you have the CEO's support!" Liu Yue said through gritted teeth.

Pei Ge snorted. The smile on her face was replaced with a chilling look.

"Right back at you. Don't be so excessive just because someone is supporting you. Do you think I wouldn't find out that you posted that thread?"

"What do you mean?!" Pei Ge's words cleared up the fog of anger clouding Liu Yue's mind.

She did not care for Pei Ge guessing that she was the poster of that thread, as there was no evidence to back that claim. Thus, even if she was found out, it would do her no harm.

What she was worried of was Pei Ge finding out about Mother Ji's existence. If that happened, everything she had right now would disappear like bubbles. Knowing this, how could she remain calm at all?

"Don't you clearly know what I mean?" Pei Ge sneered as she eyed her with disdain.

I was really too blind in the past to have treated this person as a friend! I was even very good at her. I really want to puke at the thought!

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Liu Yue pressed down her anxiety and said to herself, Pei Ge shouldn't have found out about it. Otherwise, she wouldn't be arguing with me like this. Given her hatred for me, she would directly expose me. Lucky for me...

"He he... Let's wait and see, then." Pei Ge provocatively raised an eyebrow.

Under Liu Yue's panicking gaze, Pei Ge returned to her seat.

Liu Yue could only compare Pei Ge's clean appearance with her drenched state. Clack, clack, clack! Stomping her heels against the tiled floor, she left the office without a backward glance.

The other secretaries in the CEO Secretariat watched one of the leads calmly return to her seat and another leave in a huff with relish.

In their minds, they resolved never to trifle with Pei Ge!

Just look at how fierce this woman was! She actually poured water on someone after saying so! That was a whole bucket of stagnant water, too, yet she did not even hesitate to pour every drop of it on Liu Yue! That was simply terrifying!

Her statement of 'repaying a drop of feud with a spring' was truly scary as well! One would really be afraid to do anything to her like that!

Actually, Liu Yue was not being done injustice here. She was the poster of that thread, after all, so it was no surprise that Pei Ge would resolutely pour water on her.

Pei Ge could naturally feel the gazes of those around her, yet she did not care much about them, as her mind was only filled with two thoughts: one was how to resolve that matter with Liu Yue and another was... the task given by Ji Ziming!

"Alright, Miss Pei. All the data and records are stored in this room. Please take your time. You can bring out the documents and electronic files here, but you can only take out a few at a time. You won't be able to finish reading many, anyway."

Pei Ge nodded her head in acknowledgment of the reference room staff's reminder.

When the employee opened the door, Pei Ge promptly froze up.

"This - This many?" She swallowed. Sweeping her gaze across the various documents on the shelves, she felt as though she had jumped inside an endless pit Ji Ziming had dug for her.

Piles upon piles of documents were inside the storage room. Just how long would it take for her to sort all of them? Moreover, these documents were not everything. She still had to look through the electronic files.

"Yes. Since the founding of this company, we've been recording all the big real estate projects in a detailed fashion and we've never stopped doing that. Without noticing it, we have accumulated this many already," the middle-aged man said with feelings of nostalgia.

Pei Ge nodded her head admiringly and then stepped inside the reference room.

Eyeing the rows upon rows of neatly arranged reference materials, she saw that they were from various parts of the world and thought to herself, No wonder Ji Ziming strove to acquire this company. It must be because of the meticulous and serious attitude of the employees of this company.

It was rare to see companies with reference room like Chenguang Real Estate's, after all. At the very least, Pei Family Real Estate did not have this sort of reference room.

Pei Ge randomly picked out a few reference materials, with labels and dates, from the shelves.

Skimming through them, Pei Ge only felt great admiration for Chenguang Real Estate. Illustrations, graphs, etc. were used to substantiate and make clear the content of each file. Everything, ranging from the constructor and the developer to the steps, was carefully recorded down.

It was as though she were not looking through the real estate company's records but the police records, instead. She felt somewhat regretful over Ji Group's successful acquisition of Chenguang Real Estate.

Pei Ge got absorbed to reading the documents that time passed by without her noticing it. Soon, it was time to get off work.

"Miss Pei, it's time to clock out. Are you working overtime?"

Only when the uncle spoke up did she rouse from her absorbed reading. Working her stiff neck, she replied, "I'm leaving now."

She proceeded to borrow a few reference materials and to register them with the reference room uncle. The uncle smiled at this. "You're the second person to visit this reference room and browse through these documents."

"Hm? The second person?" Pei Ge looked at the reference room uncle curiously and muttered inwardly, Someone would actually willingly look through these materials?

"That's right. The first person is the company's newest boss, CEO Ji. On his first day in the company, he came here to read a few materials. After making a few infrequent trips here for a month, I guess he should be done reading all of them," the uncle said with emotion.

She felt slightly stunned by this and she thought, I didn't really expect Ji Ziming to come here and look at these materials.

"Young lady, these reference materials are all very precious. Not everyone can freely enter this room. Of course, not everyone is willing to read them, too."

Pei Ge nodded her head at his words. After an afternoon of reading, she could more or less understand the preciousness of these documents.

"The next time you visit, just call me Uncle Li. Now, off you go." After registering each document, Uncle Li gave them to Pei Ge.

Pei Ge nodded her head, bid Uncle Li goodbye, and promptly left the company.

While on the bus heading home, Pei Ge's mind drifted to Ji Ziming.

When she thought of the precious materials in the reference room, she could not help but think, Was he not punishing me but actually giving me a chance to learn, instead?

Pei Ge, who was deep in her thoughts, did not know that someone was actually telling on her in another part of the world.


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