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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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111 She is lying to you!

Inside an exquisite coffee house, the melodious sound of violin floated in the air.

This was not just an ordinary coffee shop located on the first floor but was a private clubhouse accessible only to the capital's rich and powerful.

Liu Yue sat comfortably in an armchair as she watched the violinist's performance. Feeling festive, she stirred the coffee in her hand.

I really didn't expect to find myself sitting here and sipping coffee one day. Totally unexpected.

Thinking of how she was able to come here, the fury she felt for Pei Ge was replaced by smugness.

Pei Ge might be eloquent but, at the end of the day, she was nothing but a fool.

Liu Yue's lips curled into a smug smile, and she sipped her sweet, aromatic caramel latte with faux-elegance.

"Xiaoyue, sorry for making you wait. I met my niece on the way here and got delayed a little." Just as Liu Yue was enjoying her coffee, a lady in elegant, monochrome dress arrived.

Looking at Mother Ji's accessories, Liu Yue's eyes brightly shone.

Liu Yue's greediness had gone up after meeting Mother Ji as the latter would always gift her with branded clothes and luxurious items.

It was because of this that she would now often check world-renowned clothing and item brands.

Hence, she could easily tell that Mother Ji was wearing a limited edition dress from Dior's new collection.

"Auntie, the dress you're wearing today looks really good on you." She smiled sweetly at her.

"Ha ha, really? Then, I should thank my stylist when I get back." Mother Ji smiled.

At the mention of the personal stylist, Liu Yue wanted to pester Mother Ji into bringing her again to that person.

The reason was simple. Every time she went there, not only would she get free and practical makeover, she would also receive loads of clothes and accessories!

Thus, that was the place she wanted to visit the most.

"Auntie, did you buy lots of clothes this time, as well? Let me accompany you there next time. I love watching Auntie try different sets of clothes. I always get amaze by your beauty!" Liu Yue spewed praises at Mother Ji as though she had an infinite number of them.

However, Liu Yue was bound to be dismayed this time.

"This week is impossible. Dave went to New York for the fashion week and won't be back for a while." Mother Ji smiled.

"Oh..." Hearing this, Liu Yue could only nod her head depressingly.

She knew that Mother Ji lacked fashion sense, so the latter would never bother stepping inside salons without Dave around to specially make her outfit.

Mother Ji was never a sensitive person; thus, she did not catch the dismay evident in Liu Yue's voice. After ordering a cup of coffee and some dessert, she started tasting them leisurely.

Seemingly not in the mood to chat, Mother Ji did not inquire on why Liu Yue had called her out today. Meanwhile, the insensitive Liu Yue's eyeballs spun as she schemed. She then sighed heavily, "Sigh..."

Mother Ji fixed Liu Yue a curious gaze when she heard her sigh. "What's wrong, Xiaoyue? Why are you suddenly sighing?"

"Sigh... Auntie, I am feeling worried about CEO Ji." She looked troubled.

Mother Ji quickly put down her spoon upon hearing that it involved her son. "What's wrong? Did something happen to Ziming?"

"Do you remember that picture that you sent me the last time?" Liu Yue whispered.

"Yes. What's the matter?" Mother Ji looked at Liu Yue in confusion.

"The woman in that picture isn't a good person. I am her cousin's former classmate. The last time I met her cousin, I heard from her that that woman is a gold-digger who preys on the young masters of wealthy families. She even tried seducing her cousin's husband." Liu Yue's face was filled with contempt and derision.

Mother Ji's brows wrinkled at this.

"She even came to work in Chenguang Real Estate upon getting wind of CEO Ji's plan to acquire the company." Liu Yue was furtively watching Mother Ji's expression as she was saying this.

Seeing Mother Ji's face getting darker and darker, her lips curled into a triumphant smile.

"I really don't know what is up with CEO Ji, too. He actually transferred her to the CEO Secretariat. She is becoming more and more conceited every day. In fact, I reprimanded her a little today, and she poured a bucket of water on me." Liu Yue adopted an aggrieved and tearful expression when she said this to Mother Ji.

Mother Ji immediately passed a few napkins on the table to Liu Yue when she saw her cry and soothed, "Don't cry now."

"Auntie, I feel really wronged. I am also worried about CEO Ji. That woman is really vicious." Liu Yue wiped her tears with the napkin as she continued to sob.

Before she could hear Mother Ji say that she would drive Pei Ge out of the company, an upbeat female voice sounded.

"Who is that woman you're talking about?"

Hearing this familiar voice, Liu Yue raised her head and the round-faced girl called Qin Qitong that she had seen this morning entered her vision.

"Tongtong, come sit next to your aunt here. You are also working in your cousin's company, right? Do you know of that lady called Pei Ge?" Mother Ji quickly waved her arm when she saw her niece arrive.

Qin Qitong's eyes immediately lit up once she heard her aunt's question. "Sister Pei Ge? Of course, I know her! She's such a nice person and the one I like the most in the company!"

Her words made Liu Yue exclaim inwardly, This is bad! Why did this stupid girl who has a pit in her head suddenly appear here?!

"Hm? Why is your description of her so different from Xiaoyue's?" Mother Ji's gaze darted between Qin Qitong and Liu Yue. Her heart was filled with doubt.

"Different?" Qin Qitong blinked her eyes and suddenly said loudly, "That terrible woman you were talking about just now isn't Sister Pei Ge, right?!"

"Er..." Before Liu Yue could explain herself, Mother Ji already nodded her head.

"That's right; that's right! Xiaoyue said that Pei Ge is a gold-digger and a terrible woman. She tried seducing her cousin's husband but failed, so she resigned from her relative's company to work in your cousin's company to seduce him next. She even arrogantly poured water on Xiaoyue today." In a few sentences, Mother Ji summarized everything Liu Yue had said about Pei Ge moments ago.

"..." Liu Yue's face turned ghastly white as Mother Ji spoke.

She could only hope that Qin Qitong would feel disgusted with Pei Ge once she heard this.

Of course, her wish was never going to come true.

"Aunt, Sister Pei Ge is not that type of person! This woman is lying to you!"


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