Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
113 Something is up with your Second Uncle.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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113 Something is up with your Second Uncle.

After having her dinner at home, Pei Ge felt bored. Thus, she decided to visit the company's internal forum using her desktop computer.

Once she accessed the forum, she saw that the thread about her was gone.

She originally thought that it must have been relegated to the second page after few showed interest in it, but when she checked even up to the third page, she could still not find any traces of it.

Scrutinizing the forum, she realized that the replies on the first page were from last week. The thread about her was only created yesterday, and people were still commenting on it today, so it was impossible for it not to be on the first page.

"Weird..." she mumbled. This was when Bi Zheng's delicate features flashed through her mind.

Did Bi Zheng do something about it?!

Pei Ge thought that this was highly possible. From the skills he had shown earlier, deleting a mere thread would not require him much effort.

"Bi Zheng, this fellow, is really such a trustworthy friend. It's too bad I don't have his number. I must properly thank him tomorrow at work," Pei Ge cheerily commented while staring at the computer display.

Although she felt better knowing that the thread was gone, the root of the problem was still present.

Liu Yue was not someone easy to deal with, but... her cousin...

"Sigh..." Pei Ge lightly sighed, feeling downcast.

She really did not expect for her cousin to turn against her just because of a man.

It would be fine if the person were someone else, but for it to be her cousin... Her cousin's family had been taking care of them ever since her father's death, especially that period just after his passing.

Father's company was doing well at that time, but for some unknown reason, shortly after her father died, the company's management suddenly reported some problems and huge debts.

Hooligans trampled their house every day, and it was her Second Uncle who had stepped forward to help.

Although he had no money himself, he still helped her mother sell their villa. He even retrenched the company's employees and sold off the office along with all the equipment in it.

He then took money from his own pocket and paid all her father's debts.

After paying all her father's debts, they did not even have any money left for food or rental. It was her Second Uncle again who had provided money for them to rent a house. He even gave them allowance to get through that tough period.

Hence, even though her Second Auntie always mocked them, she never flared up at her. This was because she felt deeply grateful toward her Second Uncle.

Therefore, she was really at a loss on what to do this time.

Confused, Pei Ge dialed her best friend's number and told her about the whole incident. As expected, Tang Xiaoyu raged at her almost instantly.

"Are you stupid?! Pei Shishi obviously has ill will toward you! Stop naively thinking she's only against you because of that jerk, Zhou Zhuoyang! She's never been a good person to begin with. She must have another reason for moving against you this time together with someone else."

"Stop thinking of her as your cousin and don't let her off just like that! She obviously doesn't treat you as her cousin if she's capable of harming you like this! Do what you have to do and stop being a saint!"

Pei Ge pursed her lips in dismay while she listened to her best friend's scolding.

"But my Second Uncle's family treats us really well—"

"Pei Ge, this is this, and that is that! Think about how malicious that post is. Do what you have to do and stop minding that unreliable Second Uncle of yours. I really don't want to say this, but something is up with your Second Uncle, too..."

Pei Ge was amused when her best friend digressed from the issue at hand. "Alright, alright. If you go on like this, everyone in this world will be up to something in no time."

"I'm just being honest here. If he really wanted to help your family, why did he not suggest paying for your tuition in college? If he had done that, you wouldn't have been—" Tang Xiaoyu indignantly carried on.

Listening to her words, Pei Ge could only helplessly interrupt her. "Why are you mentioning this again? I already told you many times that my mom and I didn't want to trouble my Second Uncle's family. I even rejected your family's sponsorship, then."

"Okay, okay. You're so annoying." Tang Xiaoyu pouted. "Who did you even inherit your temper from?"

"Ha ha! From my father, of course!" Pei Ge answered proudly as she laughed out loud.

"Indeed, it's similar to Uncle Pei's!" Tang Xiaoyu giggled.

At that, Pei Ge asked curiously, "Do you still remember my father?"

"Of course, Uncle Pei was my prince charming back then! Handsome, smart, and gentle to boot! In fact, one of the reasons I befriended you was Uncle Pei!" Tang Xiaoyu gushed.

Pei Ge was so amused by her best friend's confession that she trembled from laughter. After a long bout of laughter, she said, "I'll have to thank my father for making you befriend me, then."

"Yes!" Tang Xiaoyu agreed promptly.

"Alright, then. Let me ask you now; my father is your former prince charming, so who is your prince charming now?" Pei Ge teased, changing the topic.

"Er... There is no one like that." Startled by the sudden question, Tang Xiaoyu paused before feebly giving this reply.

"Hmph, hmph, hmph! You'd better confess up right now. Who is your current prince charming? I noticed that you've been acting weird for quite some time now. Hurry and tell me! Do you have a boyfriend already?" Pei Ge harrumphed and asked smugly.

"I swear on my conscience that I really don't have a boyfriend. And if I do get one, you'll be the first one I tell," Tang Xiaoyu proclaimed sincerely.

However, Pei Ge did not believe a word she said and pressed on, "You think I don't understand you well enough? You definitely have someone like that right now."

"You... Since when did you become so clever?" Tang Xiaoyu gave up hiding it and, instead, curiously asked Pei Ge this.

"Pui! I've always been very clever, alright? We've known each other for years. How can I not understand you?" was Pei Ge's smug reply. "Now, tell me who that man is! How did you two meet?"

Pei Ge was really very curious on what type of man was able to snag this goddess-like beauty, Tang Xiaoyu.

"..." However, for some unknown reason, the other end of the line went silent.

"Xiaoyu?" Pei Ge called out in confusion. She was just about to hang up and redial the number, thinking that the signal was cut off, when her best friend's voice came through again.

"He is a very, very nice man. I'll tell you when I succeed in courting him, alright?"

Pei Ge somehow felt that something was odd about her best friend's speech, but she was unable to pinpoint what was weird about it.

"Aye! Look at us. Our topic has severely gone off-track! Come on! Let's go back to discussing about how to handle that annoying Liu Yue and that hard-to-deal-with cousin of yours!"

"Yes, yes, yes! I almost forgot about it!"

That weird atmosphere just now instantly dissipated as the duo resumed their cheerful chatter.


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