Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
124 As long as I get the money, who cares about the CEO?!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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124 As long as I get the money, who cares about the CEO?!

The bright rays of the summer sun at 3 P.M. were especially hot, yet, in such weather, quite a number of people were still sitting and chatting in the green shade of the community.

The greenery in their neighborhood was pretty decent, and some places remained cool despite the sun's heat, so many bored housewives would sit in such spots or under the shade of the trees to chat with one another while fanning themselves.

Downstairs, just below Pei Ge's home, was a shaded gazebo.

Pei Ge, who was feeling perturbed about going home, passed by this gazebo and heard her mother's voice.

"The career of our family's Ge Ge is finally back on track. After leaving her second uncle's company, she found a job in a big company. It has only been a few months since she started working there, yet her salary is steadily rising," Zhang Manhua boasted.

Pei Ge was slightly startled by her mother's voice.

"Sister Zhang, you finally made it," someone commended with emotion.

"Yes. Just thinking back to all these years, I feel really sorry for my daughter. Ah..." Perhaps, it was because Zhang Manhua thought of something that her voice suddenly sounded maudlin.

"Sister Zhang, I heard that the salary and treatment at Chenguang Real Estate, which your daughter is working now, became much better after the change in management. Many are trying everything to get in. Your Ge Ge's salary should be high, right?" Someone quickly brought this subject up upon sensing Zhang Manhua's sadness.

The person succeeded in lifting Zhang Manhua's mood and making the latter temporarily cast aside her unhappy thoughts.

"Yeah. Previously at her second uncle's company, she would only receive 4000 yuan a month. Now, it is almost doubled that amount." Zhang Manhua's voice was full of pride.

Hearing her words, the people around her began to whisper.

"It's just a few months, yet her salary is already so high. Pei Ge's capabilities truly exceeded our expectations."

"Yes, that child Ge Ge is not dumb. It's really a disadvantage for her to be at her second uncle's company back then."

"Exactly. Ge Ge is a smart child. How could your relatives bear to give her an errand girl's position with no chance of progression? Sometimes, I really suspect whether Ge Ge's second uncle is helping her or not."

Hearing their words, Zhang Manhua smiled and explained, "Ge Ge's second uncle is really helping us. Don't spout nonsense."

In the midst of their laughter, a disharmonious voice suddenly sounded out.

"Oh, Sister Zhang, your Ge Ge is self-sufficient now and earning big bucks, so why doesn't she even buy you new clothes and shoes? You've been wearing the same sets of clothes for a few years now."

This voice poured cold water on the initially joyous atmosphere and, in that instant, the gazebo descended into silence.

Standing just outside the gazebo, Pei Ge, who had heard of the person's comment, balled her hands into fists.

"Your damsel earns so much money, so let her buy you a few new outfits." The voice, as though not sensing the awkwardness in the air, continued to criticize.

"What are you talking about?!"

"Yes, what are you saying? Sister Zhang's clothes are nice and suit her very well."


Hearing their voices, Pei Ge wordlessly stood outside the gazebo for a while before eventually leaving without a word.

Entering their house and stepping inside the living room, she looked at the picture frame on the cabinet, picked it up, gazed at the smiling photo of her and her mother, and began to blame herself.

It seemed that she had been too selfish and cared too little about this family.

Just like when she resigned from her second uncle's company back then. She did not have a ready job, yet she stubbornly insisted on resigning.

This time... She was still the same.

She picked up the napkin on the coffee table, wiped the dust off the picture frame's glass, and thought of how proud her mother was of her.

Pei Ge, stop thinking of yourself only and also think of your mother.

Thinking of her mother's habit of saving every scrap and penny and her mother always wearing the same sets of old clothes, she knew for sure that the latter was saving up all the money she was giving her every month for her.

These thoughts made her remember the neighbor's sarcastic voice.

She pursed her lips as she thought of the salary as the CEO's assistant and started to have a change of heart.

Not resigning. As long as I earn money, what does it matter if the man is annoying? If I resign now, where else can I find a boss that believes in my capability and is willing to give me a promotion and a pay raise?

The answer was probably 'none'. Besides not being qualified in terms of academic background, she lacked the necessary experience. She would definitely not receive good treatment if she went to work for another company, and she might even be treated worse than when she was at her second uncle's family.

Placing the picture frame down, Pei Ge picked up her phone and dialed her mother's number.

The phone did not ring for long and was answered quickly.

"Ge Ge, why are you calling at this hour? Is there something up?"

Hearing her mother's kind voice, Pei Ge sniffed and smilingly replied, "Yes, there's something! It's very, very good news!"

"What good news?" her mother asked curiously.

"Hei hei, Mom, your daughter just got promoted and received a salary raise again!" she laughed and cheerfully announced.

"What?! A promotion and a salary raise again?!" Zhang Manhua, who was on the other side of the line, was so surprised. The few aunties sitting with her in the gazebo were shocked as well.

Hearing the voices in the background, the corners of Pei Ge's mouth curled up.

"Yes! My company's CEO saw my capabilities and promoted me to be his assistant. Now, my annual salary is 200,000 yuan!" she confirmed, feigning excitement.

"200,000 yuan?!" Zhang Manhua cried out in shock.

Pei Ge nodded and said, "Yes! Excluding the bonus, my yearly salary is 200,000 yuan."

"Ha ha! My damsel is so brilliant! Come home early tonight; I will cook many dishes to treat my money-making Ge Ge." Her mother's voice was filled with a mixture of excitement and happiness.

Hearing the happiness in her mother's voice, Pei Ge lightly hummed and laughingly chatted for a while longer before hanging up the phone.

She failed to resign again, but she was willing not to do so this time.

She resolved to do a good job and let her mother enjoy good days! What did one Ji Ziming count for, anyway?! She just had to persist!


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