Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
125 Mate, did you take the wrong medicine?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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125 Mate, did you take the wrong medicine?

Nighttime was when people indulged themselves. The capital's best X bar was crowded with people, and all the seats on the first floor where the dance floor was located were taken up.

Under the dazzling lights and deafening music, people moved and wiggled.

This was a scene totally opposite of the VIP rooms upstairs.

Within the super VIP private room that was bathed in an orange hue, slow and elegant instrumental music was being played.

Fruit, snacks, and, of course, alcohol were on the coffee table.

Although not many bottles of alcohol were on the tabletop, any of the served red wine, white wine, and beer would cost an average person an arm and a leg. Even an empty bottle of any of these alcoholic beverages could be sold for an exorbitant price.

In the spacious private room, three men sat on the long sofa while three women either knelt on the floor or leaned within a man's embrace.

"Mu Heng, why is our Young Master Ji always pouring cold water on our heads? Every time we call him out for a gathering, he only appears three out of ten times. It's a little too hard to invite him out." The man sitting on the sofa's right side looked like a bad boy despite wearing a business suit.

Holding up his glass, Mu Heng rolled his eyes at this man called Liao Gaofei. "Didn't you say before that it is better for Ziming not to show up as all the fun will vanish with him present?"

"Cough!" Liao Gaofei rubbed his nose sheepishly.

The refined-looking, bespectacled man sitting next to Liao Gaofei laughed with amusement at his embarrassment and questioned, "What is Ziming up to nowadays, anyway? I haven't seen him for so long."

"What else can he be busy with? It can only be that new real estate company he recently acquired," Mu Heng casually replied and downed his drink.

"Isn't that just an acquisition? Why would Ziming busy himself with that for such a long time?" The bespectacled man was perplexed.

"Yes!" Liao Gaofei nodded in assent. "Mingxuan also acquired a small company recently, yet he isn't this busy."

The other two people in the private room were similar to Mu Heng in that they were all long-time friends of Ji Ziming. However, only Mu Heng was really close to the man. The other two could only be considered as Ji Ziming's good friends and were not that intimate with him. In fact, they would only meet up like this when they were free to drink, play cards, exchange information, et cetera.

Nonetheless, Ji Ziming rarely attended any of their gatherings.

Of course, it went without saying that these two were able to be in the same social circle as Ji Ziming and Mu Heng due to their wealthy and powerful families.

Although their families were slightly inferior to the Ji Family, they were still among the top few young masters and CEOs within the capital.

"He is of course busy with—" Before Mu Heng could say the 'chasing women' part, the VIP room's door was pushed open from the outside and Ji Ziming walked in.

"Ziming?" Liao Gaofei was stunned when he saw the man he was just nagging about appear before them. In his stunned state, he forgot how to behave himself.

With a dark face, Ji Ziming strode to the largest sofa in the middle. He then wordlessly picked up a glass, which was already filled with alcohol, and downed it in one gulp.

The rest were dumbstruck at such an abnormal Ji Ziming.

"What is wrong with him?" Fu Mingxuan whispered to Mu Heng, looking confused.

Mu Heng looked at the way Ji Ziming drank his liquor by himself with a brooding face and figured out that it had something to do with Pei Ge.

"A woman." Mu Heng tugged at his lips and gave this curt reply.

The other two men were quick-witted enough to understand what he meant.

"Is that for real? Ziming is really acting like this because of a woman? Other than that time, I haven't seen Ziming get angry because of a woman." Liao Gaofei's bright eyes widened in shock.

Fu Mingxuan also nodded his head and whispered, "Is it possible that that person—"

"Shut up! Get out if you speak another word." Ji Ziming placed his glass down and shot the three people, who were whispering about him to the side, a sharp glance.

"Yes, yes, yes. Can you not vent your anger for someone else on us, brothers?" Mu Heng said, feeling exasperated.

Ji Ziming retracted his gaze and continued drinking.

Mu Heng grinned and blinked his eyes at the way Ji Ziming bottled up his anger, saying, "Pretty girls, what are you dazedly standing there for? Go serve some drinks to our CEO Ji."

Mu Heng pushed the three women to Ji Ziming's side.

The three women were newcomers to the bar. The only reason Mu Heng booked the three tonight was that they were topnotch beauties.

Being the rookies that they were, the three women obviously did not know of Ji Ziming's identity and only knew that this customer was someone they could not afford to offend. If they were able to please him, they might be able to ride on his coattails.

Hence, the three newcomers very enthusiastically served him.

"CEO Ji, let me pour you more alcohol."

"CEO Ji, I shall massage your legs for you."

"CEO Ji, let me massage your shoulders for you."

The three beauties divided the tasks of pouring wine and giving massage to Ji Ziming among themselves.

Ji Ziming felt disgusted over these women circling around him and moved to chase them away, but he inexplicably recalled Pei Ge not putting him in her eyes.

Tightening his hold around his glass, he suppressed the disgust he felt inside him and tolerated these women's attention on him.

When the rest saw how Ji Ziming, who usually hated women getting near him, seemed to have been 'enlightened', their eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets.

Mu Heng was the most flabbergasted among them. However, the point that shocked him was different from what shocked the other two. He was astonished that Ji Ziming actually cared this much about Pei Ge!

"CEO Ji, do you feel comfortable? Is this amount of strength, alright?" The young woman kneeling beside Ji Ziming coquettishly asked as her white, slender hands slowly moved up the man's thighs.

Not wanting to be outdone, the other two women also started acting.

The harmonious atmosphere in the room, thus, instantly turned racy.

Shocked, the other three men thought to themselves, What kind of stimulation did Ji Ziming receive?

"Screw off!" Ji Ziming coldly ordered. He smacked his glass on the tabletop and glanced sharply at the women clinging on to him.

The three newcomers, who had never encountered such a situation before, were so astounded that they completely froze up.

"Alright, you girls can get out now." Mu Heng waved his hand and signaled them to leave.

With tears in their eyes, the three young women nodded their heads and left the private room.

Hence, only four young masters remained in the spacious private room.


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