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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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133 Male god, wake up!

Ji Ziming promptly retracted the smile on his face when he saw Pei Ge suddenly stand up.

He seemed to have returned to normal without the smile in his eyes and on his lips.

Seeing the man who had been smiling so seductively just then do a one-eighty, Pei Ge could not help but spit inside her, Lunatic!

Just as she was thinking of leaving Blues Coffee now that her blind date was gone, the waitress, who had welcomed her when she first entered the establishment, walked over.

"Mr Ji, here is your Blue Mountain coffee."

The waitress in plaits carefully placed the cup of coffee in her hand on the wooden tabletop and beamed at Ji Ziming.

Lightly acknowledging her, Ji Ziming swept his gaze on Pei Ge, stood up, and moved to the seat Chen Zhengchu had vacated.

Pei Ge was baffled by his actions.

The waitress attentively standing at the side was perceptive enough and swiftly pushed the coffee cup to Ji Ziming's front when he moved to the opposite side.

"Sit down," Ji Ziming calmly said when he saw Pei Ge continue to dazedly stand there.

"Huh?" Why should she sit down?

"You haven't finished your milk." He leaned on the chair and raised an eyebrow.

Pei Ge peered at her half-filled glass of milk that was still releasing steam. After struggling inside her for a moment, she eventually decided to sit back down and finish the rest of her milk.

The milk here costs 35 yuan a cup! It's too wasteful not to finish it!

The waitress's gaze darted between the pair sitting across each other and felt that she was seeing things.

One was a classy, elegant male god, while another was a thousand-year-slow-moving good, yet they were unexpectedly sitting across each other so harmoniously?!

The waitress could not help but rub her eyes at the sight.

When she saw her male god watching the woman with a gentle look, she became even more flustered!

Shit, shit, shit! Did this thousand-year-slow-moving good extend her demon claws toward the high and mighty male god, Mr. Ji, that I have been longing for?!

Are they having a blind date? No, it can't be!

Ha ha! That is definitely impossible!

How can Blue Mountain coffee and plain milk go together? That is simply impossible!

The waitress silently hypnotized herself into believing this.

"Get her a cup of Blue Mountain coffee, too." Ji Ziming ordered with a frown as he watched Pei Ge slowly sip her milk.

The waitress, who had been hypnotizing herself inside, was totally dumbfounded at his order.

"G - Get a cup for her, too?" The waitress stared at the pair and could not help but roar inside her, Male god, male god! Wake up a little! Why would you order Blue Mountain for someone like her who doesn't know coffee and only knows how to drink milk? Even if she drinks the coffee, it will be as if an old cow is chewing on wax – a total waste!

"Ah? I don't drink coffee. It's so bitter; I don't want to punish myself," Pei Ge automatically refused while showing her dislike of the idea.

"…" At that, the waitress looked at Pei Ge speechlessly.

I have never seen a woman as low as her! This is Blue Mountain we are talking about! The topnotch coffee that one can't buy with money alone! For this woman to express her dislike of it, no wonder she is called a thousand-year-slow-moving good!

"Go get your boss to brew another cup." Ji Ziming's cold voice halted the waitress's internal ranting.

Since it was Ji Ziming's order, the waitress could only glare daggers at Pei Ge and leave unwillingly.

"I already told you that I dislike drinking coffee." Pei Ge felt dissatisfied with how Ji Ziming decided things for her without consulting her first.

"You have to try something to know whether you like it or not." Ji Ziming held the nearly translucent ceramic coffee cup and elegantly took a sip of the coffee within, showing an expression of enjoyment.

Pei Ge tugged at her lips and spat inwardly, What a pretentious person.

In a short while, Pei Ge's glass of milk was finished and the waitress with plaited hair carried over a ceramic coffee cup identical to Ji Ziming's.

"Miss, here's your coffee." The waitress in plaits placed the cup of coffee in front of Pei Ge expressionlessly.

Pei Ge frowned at the dark, brown color of the coffee. Although the aroma of this steaming coffee was inviting, she knew without a shred of doubt that it would taste bitter just like any other coffee.

"Get me another cup of milk," Pei Ge unhesitatingly ordered.

"…" F*ck! The waitress could not help but swear inside the moment she heard Pei Ge's order.

Did I just hear her say she wants to add milk to this top-class coffee, Blue Mountain?! I really can't stand it anymore!

Why did Mr. Ji let such a clueless person trample on this precious cup of Blue Mountain coffee?! Wu wu wu! I haven't even drunk it before!

"Pour her a cup of milk." Ji Ziming sipped his coffee and calmly said.

It seemed that he was not at all concerned with how Pei Ge planned to defile the coffee.

"Alright, Mr Ji. Please wait a moment." After acknowledging Ji Ziming's order, the waitress glared hatefully at Pei Ge.

Mr. Ji is such a good man. Although he has that perpetual look of apathy on his face, he is actually a gentleman through and through!

He is even willing to accommodate this woman! His future wife will definitely be so blessed!

Once the waitress was gone, Pei Ge, out of boredom, examined the cup of coffee before her.

The coffee cup looked exquisite and its floral design was simple yet elegant. The inner side of the cup was translucent white, making it look classy.

This container alone would clue people in on how expensive this cup of coffee was.

"You can try tasting it first. Blue Mountain is different from the average coffee. It isn't that bitter and has a rich and aromatic taste to it. You can only truly appreciate it in all its glory without adding sugar." Ji Ziming patiently explained to Pei Ge as he watched her blankly stare at the cup of coffee before her.

"I don't believe you. Any coffee that doesn't contain sugar or milk will definitely taste bitter! It won't taste nice at all!" She lightly harrumphed with a frown before looking at him with disbelief.

At such a childish Pei Ge, Ji Ziming's lips curled up uncontrollably. "You haven't even tried it yet. How can you definitively say that? Take a sip and give its taste a try. It won't be that bitter."

She felt slightly light-headed at the mild smile on his face. Why is this annoying fellow smiling so much today?


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