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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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137 Five Hundred for a Cup of Coffee

The sky outside the coffee house's glass windows turned darker, and the pedestrians on the road became fewer.

Pei Ge looked at the scenery outside through the glass windows as she finished her milk coffee.

Pak! She placed her glass down and turned to face Ji Ziming, only to see that the man's cup was still half filled.

"That… CEO Ji, it's already getting late. I have to leave now." She smiled at him and politely bid him goodbye.

"Let's leave together." He glanced at her and lightly said this.

Ji Ziming proceeded to stand up, while the stunned Pei Ge remained on her seat. She peeked at the leftover coffee in his cup and muttered inwardly, How wasteful.

Following behind him, she reached the payment counter by the storefront.

When she saw the man retrieve a wallet from his pocket, she immediately ran up to him.

"Let's split the bill." She retrieved her wallet from her handbag and stopped him from paying.

He looked at her with surprise and raised an eyebrow. However, he did not stop her.

"How much is everything in total?" Pei Ge reached the payment counter first and smiled at the cashier in a plaited ponytail. She felt something was off when the cashier looked at her as though she were an idiot.

"The glass of milk you ordered before has already been paid for. We will also not charge you for the second glass of milk you ordered thereafter," the cashier slowly informed her with a smile.

"Huh? You won't charge me for it? That won't do." Although Pei Ge was frugal, she was not one to take advantage of others. Hence, she frantically waved her hand in refusal.

However, when she heard that Chen Zhengchu had already paid for her share when he left, her good impression of him went up a few notches.

The cashier ignored her and continued to report the bill, "Two cups of Blue Mountain coffee. As Mr. Ji is a regular here, we will give him the preferential discounted price for loyal patrons of 500 yuan per cup. It will be 1000 yuan for two cups."

"One - One thousand?!" Pei Ge stammered as her eyes widened in shock, unable to believe what she was hearing.

"What kind of coffee is this expensive?! Five hundred for a cup?! Are you guys a gangster shop?" Pei Ge glared at the cashier indignantly and muttered inwardly, No wonder they don't charge me for that milk. They are actually lying in wait to fleece me right here!

"Hur hur, this Missy here. The coffee you just drank is Blue Mountain. It is not your average coffee. Also, with the small production for Blue Mountain, the average person won't be able to drink a cup of it for a mere 500 yuan." The waitress, who had been feeling very dissatisfied with her for so long, took this chance to mock her!

"So what if its production is small? It is still just coffee. Who would actually spend 500 yuan just for a cup of coffee?" she exasperatedly mumbled with a sullen expression.

A certain CEO who only drank the best coffee was silently arrowed at.

When the waitress saw that her male god was, once again, stabbed by Pei Ge with her words, she said exasperatedly, "Miss, can you not talk about money every time you open your mouth? Drinking coffee is all about class. Can you stop being so vulgar?"

Seriously! How did my family's male god get to know such a low and vulgar woman?

"I reckon they're either being pretentious or flaunting their wealth…" Pei Ge continued to mumble. She then opened her wallet and looked at the four red notes inside with blood dripping from her heart.

Five hundred for a cup of coffee! Five hundred! It's enough for me to buy a piece of clothing for my mother!

"Do you accept credit cards here?" Pei Ge tightly grasped her wallet with heartache and resolved never to have another meal with the annoying fellow beside her!

It was really a bottomless pit for her!

"Of course." The cashier acknowledged her a little upon seeing that she did not try to shy away from paying and was still resolved to pay for the drinks herself.

Pei Ge looked at her bank card with sadness and grudgingly retrieved it from her wallet. Just as she was about to pass her card over, a slender arm reached out to the cashier faster than her.

"Swipe this card," Ji Ziming said coldly.

Pei Ge stared in shock and blinked at the black card held between the slender and white fingers. The cashier respectfully received the card from Ji Ziming and swiped it. Only then did Pei Ge belatedly look at Ji Ziming.

"We already said to split the bill…" she mumbled feebly.

Peering at her, he took back his card and lightly said, "Why? Others are allowed to pay for you, but I'm not allowed to do so?"

"Er…" She was unable to refute him at that.

After walking out of the coffee house with her head lowered, Pei Ge then recalled that Chen Zhengchu was her blind date partner. They might even get into a romantic relationship in the future, so the man paying for her was also considered as a test of his personality.

If a man was unwilling to generously pay for a meal during a blind date, then this type of man should just be struck off the list.

If he was already so stingy when they were not together, then would he not be stingier once they got together?

As for Ji Ziming, he was not her blind date partner but her boss. Their relationship was only that of a subordinate and a superior. How could she let him treat her?

However, having missed the chance to say this earlier, she could only swallow her words.

Forget it, forget it. This annoying fellow is rich, anyway. Also, I didn't want to drink that coffee in the first place.

"Where is your house?" After exiting the coffee house, Ji Ziming suddenly halted his footsteps.

Pei Ge, who had been zoning out, did not notice that he had stopped walking and bumped into him unguardedly.

"Oww!" She took a step back and rubbed her nose.

"You should watch where you're going." He turned around and frowned when he saw her rubbing her nose.

"You suddenly stopped walking," she reflexively reasoned.

"Wait here for me. I'll drive over." He swept her a glance and took large strides toward the car park.

"Huh?" She stared at his back view in a daze, not getting why she had to stand here and wait for the man.

She raised her arm and glanced at the time on her wristwatch. It was already 10 P.M.

When she raised her head again, she could not see a trace of the man. Briefly thinking about it, she decided to walk toward the platform near the coffee house.

Perhaps, it was because the time was already pretty late that she was unable to get a taxi at all.

Beep! A car horn sounded. Turning her head over, she saw a black Maybach driving in her direction.

"This car… seems to be familiar…" she mumbled and did not continue paying it any heed.

However, the black sedan car drove over and stopped right in front of her.

Er… It couldn't be that annoying fellow's car, right?

The black-tinted window of the car was rolled down and, indeed, Ji Ziming's handsome face appeared in her sight.


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