Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
144 CEO Ji, this is my personal problem.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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144 CEO Ji, this is my personal problem.

Pei Ge hurried to her bed and quickly picked up the hand phone.

"It couldn't really be Dr. Chen, right?" She anxiously unlocked her hand phone and quickly opened the message inbox.

A foreign number appeared at the top of the screen.

Pei Ge was about to open the text message when the hand phone vibrated again. This new text message pushed down the other one that she was about to open.

"Uh…" She blinked her eyes as she wonderingly watched another text message from a foreign number come in.

She quickly tapped on the topmost text message.

[Miss Pei, are you resting already?]

Seeing this way of addressing her, Pei Ge quickly identified the sender of the message and hurriedly replied.

[Is this Dr. Chen? I haven't rested yet.]

The other party promptly replied once she sent this message out.

[It's great that I am not disturbing Miss Pei.]

The content of this message made her think that the man truly had good manners, causing her impression of him to go up by a notch.

[You don't have to be so polite, Dr. Chen.]

[He he. May I ask if Miss Pei is free tomorrow?]

Pei Ge's eyes widened at this text message.

Does Dr. Chen feel satisfied with me?!

She was stunned by this thought as she truly did not expect for the blind date this time to work out.

Just as Pei Ge was in a daze, Chen Zhengchu sent over another message.

[I am really sorry about what happened tonight. I made you join me on a blind date, but I actually left halfway.]

[It's fine; it's fine! I am quite free tomorrow. Dr. Chen, you can check your schedule for tomorrow, and we can meet according to your availability.]

She replied to Chen Zhengchu with a smile on her face.

Honestly speaking, although she had participated in so many blind dates, she had only ever met them once and never progressed further thereafter.

If she had to speak frankly, this would be the first man to ask her out on a date in years.

When she thought up to this, she could feel herself getting giddy from excitement.

[Alright. Let's meet tomorrow night, then. You can decide on the venue.]

Seeing this, Pei Ge immediately struggled internally.

Where should they meet?

She was actually a homebody, so choosing a venue was a tall task for her.

[Er… Dr. Chen. I don't really go out a lot. I think it's better if you decide.]

Thinking for a bit, she ultimately decided that one would make fewer mistakes if one did fewer things. Thus, she decided to pass the responsibility of choosing a venue to Chen Zhengchu.

[Alright. Does Miss Pei like Japanese food?]

[I like anything as long as it is palatable.]

[He he! Alright, then. Let's meet at Nadaman Japanese Restaurant tomorrow night.]

[Sure! See you then.]

After she bid Chen Zhengchu good night, she excitedly lay in her bed.

"Dr. Chen seems like a really good person." She buried her head within her blanket and mumbled.

She was long past the stage of getting married for love, especially after her experience with that jerk, Zhou Zhuoyang. Now, she no longer harbored any fantasies regarding love.

She was almost 27 years old. Hence, her only criteria for a husband were that he could live with her harmoniously and would not mistreat her and her mother.

It did not matter if there was no love between them, as she no longer put stock in something as unreliable as love.

Bzz bzz bzz! Her hand phone suddenly started vibrating again.

Pei Ge thought that Chen Zhengchu had sent her another message to tell her about something he had forgotten to say moments ago, yet it was unexpectedly not a text message but was instead a phone call this time.

It was even from a foreign number.

Baffled, she tapped to answer the call.


"Why did you not reply to my text?" A cold and low voice immediately came through the phone. Although the voice was mesmerizing, it had a palpable pressurizing feeling.

Pei Ge was stunned for a moment when she heard the voice.

"Speak." The man's voice turned colder when she remained silent.

"Huh? C - CEO Ji? What text?" Pei Ge regained her senses and asked this in a silly manner, not understanding his question.

Why is this annoying fellow calling me? Also, what did he mean by that?!

"… Stop playing the fool," the man coldly replied. It was only a simple phone call, yet she seemed to feel his cold aura.

"CEO Ji, I really don't know what you're talking about. Did you send a text message to—" Before she could say the word 'me', she recalled the text message that that was pushed down by Chen Zhengchu's.

"Ah!" She exclaimed as she widened her eyes in shock.

That message from a foreign number was sent by this annoying fellow, huh? That's not right; why would he send me a message for no good reason?

"You finally remembered it?" He coldly harrumphed.

"Er, I'm really sorry about that, CEO Ji. I was busy moments ago and did not notice the text message." Pei Ge knew how temperamental and egotistical the man was, and since she wanted to have a peaceful rest tonight for her work tomorrow, she decided to treat the annoying fellow politely to resolve the matter quickly.

"With what?"

Even through the phone, she could imagine the man's dark face from his voice alone.

"It's something personal. CEO Ji, it is after working hours right now." She recalled his attitude toward her blind date today and subconsciously hid the fact that she was conversing with Chen Zhengchu moments ago.

She initially thought that the man would not easily let her off the hook and would continue to pursue the matter, so she was already thinking of ways to answer his questions, yet he unexpectedly did not utter another word and just directly hung up on her like the proud and cold person he was.

"F*ck!" she inadvertently swore upon hearing the busy tone on the phone.

This is indeed that annoying fellow's style!

I really don't get why that annoying fellow would call me. Did he purposely call to piss me off?

Pei Ge was now really curious about Ji Ziming's text message.

Opening her inbox, she lightly tapped on the unread message.

However, upon seeing the few words within, the corners of her mouth twitched.

[… Come to work on time tomorrow. Don't be late.]

"…" She was really speechless. What was this text even supposed to mean?

"Lunatic," she scolded him under her breathe and placed the hand phone to the side.

She felt stifled every time she thought of how she would see this annoying fellow all day long starting tomorrow.

Forget it, Pei Ge! Stop thinking about it! Do it for the high salary! Fight on!


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