Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
145 There is a cost for every wrongdoing.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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145 There is a cost for every wrongdoing.

The next morning, Pei Ge left the warmth of her bed.

"Haaa!" She yawned, stretched lazily, and went to the toilet to wash up.

"Ge Ge, mother fried an omelet for you today; come and give it a try."

"Okay." Pei Ge went into the dining room after patting herself dry with a face towel.

"How is it? Delicious?" Zhang Manhua looked at Pei Ge with anticipation as the latter sat and ate a mouthful of the omelet.

Pei Ge nodded vigorously with a smile. "Very delicious! Mom's cooking skills have improved!"

"He he!" The mother smiled happily when the daughter continued eating the omelet.

"Oh, yeah. Mom, I won't be having dinner at home tonight," she informed her mother once she was done eating the omelet.

"Ah? Why not?" She looked at her daughter suspiciously.

"Dr. Chen from yesterday asked me out to dinner," she replied while taking a sip of the soybean milk.

Zhang Manhua quickly put down the utensils in her hands when she heard this and said excitedly, "That young man likes you!"

"I guess so. I think he is alright, too, so I'll see how we get along." Pei Ge grinned.

"Yes, yes, yes! If you can get along, and he has good virtues, then settle down. You are not getting any younger; you are now at a marriageable age." The mother smiled at the daughter.

"I know, Mom. I'll go to work now. Don't stay up late waiting for me tonight. I'll make sure to stay safe, so you just rest early, Mom." She stood up from her chair and smilingly nagged at her mother.

"Alright, alright, alright! Hurry to work now." She was all smiles when she shooed her daughter away.

Peng! Pei Ge quickly left with her bag.

Hearing the door closed, Zhang Manhua stood up from the chair and did not immediately clear the table. Instead, she walked toward the living room.

"Husband, our daughter is successful now. You don't have to worry." Zhang Manhua picked up the family portrait on the coffee table and smiled gently at the young, handsome man in it.

"Our Ge Ge now has a high salary and is highly recognized in her company. Marriage may also be in the talks soon, so there will be many grandchildren for our family…."

"You - You don't have the fortune, so why did you leave so early? How could you get into an accident?! You were always so careful, so how did you get yourself hit by a car…." Zhang Manhua trailed off as her eyes welled up with tears, and just like beaded strings, they began to fall down unabatedly.

Her memory of that day began to resurface.

She remembered that that day was bright and sunny. Her husband, Pei Zhengan, who was supposed to be on his way to the office, was involved in a car accident in a neighborhood far from the company.

She could vividly remember the despair she felt when Pei Zhenghui called to tell her about her husband being involved in a car accident and passing away at a hospital….

"Zhengan, don't worry. I will make sure our daughter marries blissfully…."

After alighting from the public bus, Pei Ge's heart was slightly perturbed when she arrived at the CEO Secretariat's office.

She thought of how she had firmly declared that she was not coming back yesterday, but now….

Damn! If I knew, I wouldn't say that yesterday, Pei Ge depressingly thought to herself. She then schooled her expression into a neutral one and purposefully strode into the CEO Secretariat.

"Morning…" Pei Ge smilingly greeted the few secretaries who were already at their workstations.

"Pei Ge, you are here!"

"It's good that you still have some brain to come back."

Their faces surprisingly did not show censure, and they were instead welcoming her friendlily.

Pei Ge blinked in a daze and was slightly overwhelmed by their response. She did not do anything, yet these people's relation with her seemed to have improved.

Could it be that they now considered her as an ally after Ji Ziming had made her cry?

"You were really too rash yesterday. Thankfully, we didn't say anything about you resigning and only said that you're taking a sick leave."

"Yes. Your colleague in the Advertising Department isn't bad, too. She directly informed the HR Department about you taking a leave. Go get a leave application from the HR Department later."

Pei Ge broke into a bright smile as she looked at these few pretty secretaries.


After she placed her bag on her seat, Pei Ge went to the HR Department to fill out a leave form and dropped by the Advertising Department.

Only after she had properly thanked Pan Xinlei did she return to the CEO Secretariat.

Pei Ge sat at her workstation in a good mood.

"He he! Does Liu Yue really think she is the CEO's wife? She skipped out of work yesterday and did not appear again today."

"I know right? She looks so average, so I don't know who gives her the rights to boast."

Although Pei Ge could hear their conversation, she did not show any expression or joined their talk.

However, that did not mean that she would be let off the hook by the rest of them.

"Eh, Pei Ge, do you plan to let Liu Yue off without any repercussion after she spread all those rumors about you?"

"This matter will be handled by the company." She gave this reply with a faint smile.

Ji Ziming had already made it clear yesterday that he would do right by her. Although he was an annoying person, he was not one to make empty promises.

Since he said that he would, then he would really settle this matter about Liu Yue.

Just as Pei Ge finished speaking and He Yan was about to ask how the matter would be handled by the company, they heard Liu Yue's arrogant voice.

"The company will handle it? He he! Pei Ge, it's such a small matter. You think that the company will care? You think this company is owned by your family?"

Pai da, pai da! Liu Yue's heels heavily echoed as she walked into the office.

Pei Ge rolled her eyes when she saw Liu Yue walk with a disdainful look toward her.

"The company is not owned by my family, but it is not owned by yours, either," Pei Ge coldly retorted and, with a calm expression, added, "Liu Yue, there is a cost for every wrongdoing."


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