Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
148 When it is time to take action, you have to take action.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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148 When it is time to take action, you have to take action.

Pei Ge thought that that matter with Liu Yue was over.

However, during lunch at the canteen, an employee announced that a ground-shaking notice was posted on a prominent noticeboard along the corridor of the ground floor lobby.

Important notices were usually posted on this ground floor noticeboard.

As such, when this news traveled among the employees, many of them rushed to the ground floor to see it.

Pei Ge was no exception. Of course, her trip to the ground floor was done not only out of curiosity but also out of her desire to see if this was related to Ji Ziming's promise of giving her a resolution.

There's no way the company is that efficient… she thought to herself as she headed to the ground floor lobby.

When she stepped out of the lift, she saw that the entire lobby, especially the area in front of the noticeboard, was crowded with people.

"Waaa! We have a hacker in the office? That's so awesome! They even found out where the culprit lives!"

"I know right? It's so creepy. I won't dare to arbitrarily post any thread online, especially on the company's internal forum, from now on!"

Hearing all these talks, Pei Ge managed to confirm her assumption that this notice was what Ji Ziming meant by giving her a resolution.

"Look; the female lead of the notice is here."

"I never even considered the possibility of that thread's content being fabricated…."

The surrounding employees gave way for Pei Ge to approach the noticeboard as they continued to whisper to one another.

She was not bothered by their whispering, though.

She was neither close nor familiar with any of them, so why should she care about their opinion? In retrospect, she had heard and seen the worst in human the moment her father passed away.

As she walked toward the noticeboard, her eyes swept across the black-colored words on the white sheet of paper. The longer she looked at it, the more suspicious she felt.

Why did this document look so much like the one Bi Zheng had shown her before?

She was about to seriously inspect the file to see if it was Bi Zheng's or Ji Ziming's doing when a figure rushed toward her and violently grabbed her by the collar.

"Pei Ge, what grudge do you have with me?! How could you post such slanderous stuff about me?!"

Liu Yue, who had puffy eyes, tightly gripped Pei Ge's collar with her white palm and spoke in an aggrieved and livid tone.

"Let go!" Pei Ge's eyes glinted with disgust once she saw that it was Liu Yue who had grabbed her.

This Liu Yue, even up to this point, she still won't enter the coffin without tears. Since the matter has already progressed this far, what more does she want?!

What she did not expect, though, was that Liu Yue's skin was so thick that it went beyond the realm of her imagination. Even after being thrown out of the company by Ji Ziming, she still had the guts to invert truth and lie in front of this crowd.

"Pei Ge, I - I know you are jealous of me. We were out shopping when I met and coincidentally saved CEO Ji's mother. She arranged a good job in return for my good deed, but you are unwilling to accept my good fortune, so you did this to step on me!" Liu Yue began to weep broken-heartedly.

Liu Yue's words made everyone understand how she had suddenly developed a close relationship with the big boss's mother; she got lucky and managed to help CEO Ji's mother.

Whereas the crowd was thinking of Liu Yue's excellent luck, Pei Ge was frowning.

"What are you talking about?!" She was really baffled by Liu Yue's words and criticized the latter, "What should I be jealous of with regard to you? Is it your low IQ that prevents you from understanding simple English phrases even after spending a few years in college?"

Although she could not understand what Liu Yue was saying, she knew that the latter was up to no good, so she was not kind with her words and openly ridiculed her.

Pei Ge's words generated laughter from the female employees.

Liu Yue visibly paled at her words and her eyes flashed with hatred. She then adopted a wronged expression on her face as she looked at Pei Ge.

"Pei Ge, I know that you look down on me, but no matter how much you don't like me, you shouldn't paste such libelous stuff on the company's noticeboard. If you can't find who posted that forum thread, then you should just let it be. With the matter reaching this stage, why did you have to put the blame on me?" Liu Yue sobbed as if she were being wrongfully accused.

"Does this mean that this is Pei Ge's doing and not the company's?"

"I say, why is the company's stamp missing from this notice if it is from them?"

Hearing the crowd's hushed talks, Liu Yue celebrated internally while she looked hesitant externally. "Pei Ge, I can't believe you are such a person. I introduced you to this company out of my goodwill, yet you actually repaid me with this! Unbelievable!"

Pei Ge was so infuriated by Liu Yue's words that she laughed.

He he! She actually dared to yell 'thief'! Pei Ge had yet to settle the score on this matter with her, but she actually came to her.

Pei Ge coldly regarded the crying Liu Yue who was gripping her collar and, with a strong swing of her arm, shoved the latter's hand away.

Pak! Before anyone could recover from the shock, she fiercely slapped Liu Yue's face with her palm.

This crisp sound caused the whispering to stop as everyone looked at Pei Ge as if she were an apparition.

"I know that you are unaware of the kind of person I am. After all, we are persons on different paths." Pei Ge lightly flexed the palm she had used to slap Liu Yue as she coldly said this.

This made everyone realize that she was not one to be trifled with.

"You - You actually dared to hit me…" Liu Yue was stunned by this slap, and when she recovered from it, she no longer cried and only pointed her finger at Pei Ge in anger.

Pei Ge coldly swatted her pointing finger away and sneered. "You have the nerve to claim that this file's content is false and that the person who spread that rumor about me isn't you?"

"It's really not me from the very start! Why would I recommend you to this company if I hated you?! You should reflect on your action! After all, flies don't care for seamless eggs!" Liu Yue said matter-of-factly.

"He he! In that case, do you also dare to swear that you didn't do this? Otherwise, you will marry a man whom you find disgusting and feel contempt for, and you will never have happiness in this life."


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