Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
149 Who do you think you are? You are really thick-skinned!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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149 Who do you think you are? You are really thick-skinned!

Pei Ge coldly looked at Liu Yue, her heart full of ridicule.

Although she had only briefly interacted with Liu Yue, she had still gleaned a bit of her personality.

In any case, she was aware that Liu Yue's biggest dream was to marry a rich man.

Therefore, making her swear such an oath was truly a tall task for her.

However, in the next instant, the way things unfolded was truly outside Pei Ge's expectation.

Liu Yue, who was stunned by Pei Ge's challenge, speechlessly frowned and hatefully glared at the latter.

"Isn't it just swearing an oath?"

"Yes. Wasn't she so sure earlier? Now that she is requested to swear an oath, why is she tongue-tied?"

"I think Liu Yue truly spread that rumor!"

The unfriendly whispers were like an evil spell when they entered Liu Yue's ears.

No - No! I can't let Pei Ge win! It's just swearing an oath! What is there to think so seriously about?! It's just verbal!

"I swear that if this were done by me, then…" Liu Yue paused slightly before continuing, "I would marry a man whom I find disgusting and feel contempt for, and I would never have happiness in this life."

Pei Ge, you low person, I will make you pay!

Seeing the hatred in Liu Yue's eyes, Pei Ge merely said, "Name what matter you are referring to."

"Pei Ge, that's enough!" Liu Yue balled her hands into tight fists and angrily yelled.

"Why? Don't dare to do it? I see; so you really are the one behind all this." Pei Ge's mouth curved upward as she disdainfully laughed at her.

"I - I, Liu Yue, swear that if I had anything to do with that forum thread about Pei Ge, I would marry the man whom I find disgusting and feel contempt for, and I would never have happiness in this life!"

Liu Yue's eyes were red from crying, and she felt a whole new level of hatred for Pei Ge.

Right now, her only wish was to shred Pei Ge's smug face to pieces!

Pei Ge was rather astonished when Liu Yue actually swore an oath.

"Pei Ge, it's your turn! Do you dare say that you didn't post this document on the company's noticeboard?" Liu Yue gnashed her teeth in anger.

"Of course, it's not my doing." Pei Ge calmly answered and shrugged her shoulders with a raised eyebrow.

"He he! Don't tell me that it's done by the company?! When the company pastes anything on the noticeboard, every department head receives a notification. That is the first point." Liu Yue lifted her chin and her face had an expression that seemed to say, "I know you are lying, Pei Ge!"

"The second point is that the last part or page of every company notice will bear a stamp. As for this file, it doesn't have one! You still dare to say that you didn't come up with all this to sabotage me?!" Liu Yue demanded rather persuasively.

Listening to Liu Yue's clear rebuttal, the scales in the surrounding people's hearts began to tilt in her favor.

Liu Yue had already sworn a rather poisonous oath to any woman.

Her words sounded logical as well, so how could they not be persuaded?

Thus, quite a handful of employees began to waver at her words and to feel that Pei Ge was indeed framing Liu Yue up by pulling such a stunt.

Nonetheless, many still thought that the file not bearing the company's seal did not equate to Pei Ge posting it and its content being false.

The crowd was not concerned about finding out the truth, anyway, as they were only here for the drama. Work was too boring an affair, and these occasional 'shows' helped break the monotony in their everyday working routine.

Seeing the crowd finally siding with her, Liu Yue smugly raised her chin and challenged Pei Ge.

"Pei Ge, you made me swear earlier. I am not as mean as you, so I only have one request, and that is for you to apologize to me." Liu Yue smiled. Although she tried not to show the schadenfreude she was feeling inside, some emotions still leaked in her speech.

Pei Ge looked at Liu Yue's gloating face and sneered. "Apologize to you? Who do you think you are? You're really thick-skinned!"

"I am thick-skinned? He he! Pei Ge, I think you are the one who is thick-skinned! You don't even apologize when you are in the wrong – truly no upbringing!" Just as Pei Ge knew Liu Yue's weakness, Liu Yue also knew Pei Ge's. Because of her father's passing, she hated it when others said that she had no upbringing.

"Shut up! You have no rights to say that to me!" Pei Ge's initially measured emotion exploded in that instant as she stared fiercely at Liu Yue.

Seeing her reaction, some began to whisper, "This Pei Ge has double standard. She made Liu Yue swear an oath, and Liu Yue did it without complaining, but when Liu Yue asked her to apologize, she refused to do so. She indeed has bad upbringing."

"Yes. Moreover, it's so much easier to apologize than to swear an oath."

"That's not necessarily true. Swearing an oath just proves that they are innocent, but apologizing means that they are guilty. The nature is completely different, so I can understand why Pei Ge would refuse to apologize."

The murmurings in the surroundings floated into Pei Ge's ears, but these voices were unclear. The occasional phrases she caught wind of were related to her upbringing, and that made her feel frustrated.

"Liu Yue, you keep on saying that I am the one behind this, but do you have any proof?" she asked.

Liu Yue was not about to let Pei Ge outdo her and asked back, "Do I need any proof? In the entire company, who doesn't know that you have a beef with me?"

"He he! Based on your reasoning, my matter also does not need any proof, and that you are definitely behind it." She did not wait for Liu Yue's rebuttal and merely continued, "However, I am not like you; I have proof, so I know for sure that you are that thread's creator."

Liu Yue felt guilty at this.

This plot reversal caused the whispers to begin anew as the crowd volleyed their eyes between Pei Ge and Liu Yue.

Suddenly, the murmurings gradually subsided until they faded altogether.

Only after Pei Ge and Liu Yue returned to their senses did they notice the absence of noise around them. The lobby, which was filled with noise moments ago, was now quiet save for the sound of footsteps.

Da! Da! In this dead silence, the sound of leather shoes striking the floor was clearly heard by everyone.

With every step, it drew closer to Pei Ge….


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