Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
152 I heard that CEO Ji is interested in you.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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152 I heard that CEO Ji is interested in you.

"Hmph! There won't be a dismissal." A cold and displeased grunt sounded aloud.

The noisy crowd that was feeling excited over Bi Zheng's formidable background immediately fell silent.

With their heads lowered, they did not even dare to breathe too loudly.

Unlike the crowd, this cold grunt did not affect Pei Ge and Bi Zheng at all.

Pei Ge was still positively and gratefully beaming at Bi Zheng.

She was really touched that he would stand out against the crowd for her.

Compared to Ji Ziming's protection, which was easy for him to provide, Bi Zheng essentially risked everything he had, including his job, just to help her.

"Bi Zheng, I'm really thankful for your help this time. I'll treat you to a meal another day!" Completely ignoring the man beside her who was emitting cold air, she walked toward Bi Zheng with a grin.

However, she only managed to take a few steps forward before her wrist was tightly grabbed by someone.

"What?" She looked backward and perplexedly asked Ji Ziming this.

In response, he gripped her wrist more tightly.

"Let go! It hurts!" She frowned in displeasure, feeling uncomfortable.

Seeing her frown, he slightly loosened his grip.

However, she took advantage of his action to struggle out of his grip and walked toward Bi Zheng.

"Pei Ge," Ji Ziming softly called out her name again as he looked at Bi Zheng threateningly.

This damn woman! I clearly helped her a lot, yet she did not show me even a tight-lipped smile, while she gave this pretty boy from out of nowhere such a dazzling smile!

"CEO Ji, is there a problem?" Pei Ge was actually grateful to Ji Ziming for helping her smack Liu Yue hard on the face.

However, his abrupt change in attitude made her mumble inside helplessly, Indeed, I should stay far away from this temperamental man.

"…" He pursed his lips and coldly eyed her before wordlessly turning around to leave.

… Crazy, Pei Ge mumbled inside at Ji Ziming's action. She then resumed her walk toward Bi Zheng.

"Bi Zheng, thank you so much for this time! I'll treat you to a meal the next time you are free." Pei Ge grinned at him widely.

Ji Ziming halted his steps upon hearing this and suppressed his strong urge to confront the heartless woman behind him.

This damn woman! Why didn't she say that she would treat me to a meal?!

"Forget it! I'm not free," Bi Zheng resolutely rejected Pei Ge's offer.

Hearing Bi Zheng's reply, Ji Ziming turned around to look at Pei Ge.

At least, that pretty boy is still sensible! I won't pursue his responsibility, then!

"Oh, alright. I won't force you, then." Pei Ge did not feel unhappy at his rejection since she knew what Bi Zheng was like.

"I will go for lunch, then." Bi Zheng nodded his head. Unlike a certain someone who kept on walking and stopping and was actually unwilling to leave, Bi Zheng resolutely walked away and disappeared into the crowd in just a few steps.

Pei Ge watched his tall and skinny silhouette and suddenly felt curious, What kind of person is Bi Zheng actually?

"Cough!" Ji Ziming lightly coughed when Pei Ge continued to stare at where Bi Zheng had disappeared.

Inside, he was thinking, If she offers to treat me to a meal, then I will reluctantly agree to it.

At this, Pei Ge looked at Ji Ziming with bafflement. The more she looked at this annoying fellow, the more she was unable to understand him.

When he did not say anything, she simply turned around and squeezed her way through the crowd encircling them, leaving Ji Ziming behind for the crowd to gawk at.

Ji Ziming really felt like puking blood at the way she had left without a backward glance.

I have never seen such an oblivious woman!

"Hmph!" he loudly grunted before leaving the lobby in a huff.

The crowd in the lobby was still in a daze at his departure.

"That's weird. Why do I feel that CEO and Pei Ge look like couple?"

"They indeed look a little dubious…" someone muttered involuntarily.

However, the moment these words were said, the others immediately contradict them.

"That's not possible! Pei Ge and our company's CEO? Ha ha! That is such a hilarious joke!"

"Yes! Please look at how Pei Ge is. At the very least, Liu Yue is still skinnier than her!"

"Yes, yes, yes! Our CEO won't have such a bad taste…"

Although everyone was fervently denying it, a seed of doubt was still planted in their hearts after what had happened today.

Pei Ge was unaware of these employees' thoughts. She, who was alone in the elevator, received Pan Xinlei's call before she reached the canteen.

"Hello, Sister Xinlei?"

"Ge Ge, I just heard about what happened to you at the lobby." Her concerned voice came through the phone.

"Yes, don't worry about it. It's perfectly resolved." Pei Ge smiled on the phone.

Pan Xinlei heaved a sigh of relief when she heard this.

"Sigh… I only went to the washroom at lunch break because of a stomach ache, but in that short span of time, such a big incident actually happened."

"Ha ha! It isn't really a big issue," Pei Ge smilingly replied.

"You lass. How is this not a big issue? Let's go. Sister here will treat you to lunch to calm your nerves." Pan Xinlei pouted.

"You really don't have to. Eating at the company's canteen is actually not bad," Pei Ge refused her offer.

"Are you stupid? How can you still think of peacefully eating in the canteen after what just happened? I think a flower will even blossom from all the stares you'll probably get there," Pan Xinlei reprimanded exasperatedly.

"Oh, right!" Only then did Pei Ge belatedly realize this fact. If she really ate at the canteen, she would definitely be treated like a panda and be gawked at by a large number of people.

"Alright, wait for me at the lobby on the first floor. I'll be there soon."


After making such an arrangement, Pei Ge hung up the phone and traveled to the ground floor again.

When she returned to the first floor lobby, she saw that the employees who had been in the area were all gone by now.

Pei Ge walked to the company's entrance and only waited briefly before Pan Xinlei arrived.

"Ge Ge, let's go."

The duo hooked their arms together and did not go far, deciding to patronize a small restaurant in the vicinity.

"Ge Ge, I heard… CEO Ji is interested in you."

"Puh!" She spewed out the water in her mouth from shock.


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