Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
153 Aiyo... This blind date partner is not bad, eh!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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153 Aiyo... This blind date partner is not bad, eh!

"Ge Ge, did I guess it right, so you had such a big reaction?" Pan Xinlei teased when she saw Pei Ge spew out the water in her mouth.

Pei Ge luckily had her head lowered then, so the water was spurted on the floor. Otherwise, Pan Xinlei would definitely be unable to continue teasing her like this.

"Sister Xinlei, what are you talking about?!" Pei Ge reached for a napkin and wiped the water on her mouth.

How is this a reaction to a correct guess?! This is obviously a reaction to a huge shock! Ji Ziming, that annoying fellow, likes me? Ha! How is that even possible?!

"What else should I say, then? I heard from others how CEO Ji had stood up for you and had protected you well earlier." Pan Xinlei looked at her with amusement. With a teasing gaze, she asked, "Tell sister honestly; what exactly is going on between you and CEO Ji?"

Pei Ge felt resigned right now. She really could not fathom why anyone would think that that man had feelings for her.

"What could be going on? He is just compensating me for coming back and not quitting. You also know that CEO Ji dislikes Liu Yue from the very start. He's probably just making use of my situation to fire her openly."

"Is that really it?" Pan Xinlei looked at Pei Ge forlornly when she saw that no gossip could be garnered from her.

"Of course! Do you really believe in those rumors? Who is CEO Ji and who am I? The two of us are people from totally different worlds. How can we…" Pei Ge trailed off, unable to utter the last part of her sentence.

Ji Ziming and I? That's totally impossible! The chances of that happening are even slimmer than the chances of me getting back together with Zhou Zhuoyang!

"What a pity. Our CEO is a good man that is really hard to find," Pan Xinlei said with a touch of regret.

"He is?" Pei Ge tugged at her lips and somewhat felt speechless.

If Ji Ziming is a hard to find good man, then there won't be any good man left in this world, alright?!

"What? You don't think our CEO Ji is a good man?" Pan Xinlei was slightly amused by Pei Ge's disbelieving look and said, "Our CEO Ji's conditions are the best among men. Also, his morals are also the highest. Although he's a little proud and cold, the most crucial point here is that he is not frivolous unlike other rich men! Do you know how rare that is?"

Pei Ge pouted at that and lightly harrumphed. "Even you admitted that he can only be labeled as good when compared with other rich men. What kind of woman will even be able to tolerate his personality?"

I really don't think any woman will be able to tolerate his temperamental attitude. He is even worse than a woman on her period.

"Isn't CEO Ji just a little cold? What is there that is totally intolerable about him? Let me tell you; all the unmarried women in our company have designs on our CEO Ji." Pan Xinlei inspected her seriously, thinking that it would be no surprise for the company's CEO to like Pei Ge.

Just look at how 'different' she is.

"Alright, alright. Sister Xinlei, can we please change the topic to something that is totally unrelated to him?" She looked at her helplessly.

"Alright. Then, are you still going on blind dates? Do you want sister's help in introducing you to one?" Pan Xinlei looked at Pei Ge smilingly.

Pei Ge looked at her helplessly and lightly complained, "Sister Xinlei, you really are my true sister. You only pick topics I don't want to talk about."

"Ge Ge, you are not getting any younger. If you continue dilly-dallying like this, you may end up married to a divorced man eventually. Hurry and find someone while you are still young," Pan Xinlei said concernedly.

Pei Ge knew that Pan Xinlei was saying this for her own good. Hence, even if she did not like this topic, she still nodded her head with a smile. "Sister Xinlei, don't worry. I just had a blind date last night and my partner is really not bad. We are even going to have a dinner date tonight."

"Last night? How old is he? What does he do? How is his personality?" The moment Pei Ge mentioned about last night's blind date, Pan Xinlei started grilling her about the man as though she were doing a family background check.

"Aye, Sister Xinlei. You really are like my mother." Pei Ge burst into laughter.

"Isn't that fine? Although I am younger than your mother, we are both women with children." Instead of rebuking her, Pan Xinlei replied with this and smiled.

"The other party is a surgeon. He is only three years older than me and seems pretty good." She smiled back at Pan Xinlei. "He looks reliable and is quite the gentleman."

"Indeed, he sounds quite decent. Surgeons also have high salary. This blind date partner does seem to be quite reliable." Pan Xinlei nodded in agreement at her description of the man.

"That's why I agreed to have a dinner date with him tonight at a Japanese restaurant." Pei Ge smiled, feeling satisfied with her latest blind date partner as well.

"Aye, right. Sister Xinlei, do you know where Nadaman Japanese Restaurant is? I have never heard of it before." Pei Ge blinked her eyes and asked.

She really was not that fond of Japanese cuisines, and the only Japanese dish she had ever tasted before was sushi.

However, seeing as it was their first date, she refrained from mentioning that she was not fond of Japanese cuisines to the man.

"Nadaman Japanese Restaurant?" Pan Xinlei's interest was instantly piqued.

"What's wrong?" Pei Ge looked at her questioningly.

"Ge Ge, looks like your blind date partner this time is pretty rich. Nadaman Japanese Restaurant is one of the best Japanese restaurants in the capital. Hearsays have it that it is also among the best fine dining restaurants for the rich and the famous. Of course, it goes without saying how much the price tag for their food is!" Pan Xinlei tutted and, after thinking for a while, added, "Of course, he can also just be pretending to be rich."

"… I really don't think he needs to do that. Dr. Chen looks like the reliable type. I don't think he will do such a strange thing." Although she said that, Pei Ge was still a little worried inside.

After all, she had rarely encountered any normal people on her blind dates so far.

Please don't let this blind date partner that I'm quite satisfied with turn out to be an unreliable person!

"Heh, you really can't judge a book by its cover. Just look at what he orders, then. I heard that Nadaman Japanese Restaurant's specialty is Kobe beef – something that all the other Japanese restaurants don't have. Therefore, a 500-gram portion of that meat is pretty expensive. If he orders that for you, then it means that not only is he loaded, he even sees you as someone important," Pan Xinlei spoke with all seriousness.


"If a man is willing to spend money on a woman, it means that he thinks she is someone important and cherishes her. Think of it this way; if a man is unwilling to spend money on you before marriage, he will only be stingier after he manages to marry you."

"Indeed, that makes so much sense!"


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