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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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157 The Culprit Accusing the Victim

"Pei Ge? This name sounds familiar…" Mother Ji frowned lightly as she tried to recall something.

"Auntie, you know Sister Pei Ge, too?" Qin Qitong forgot to complain for a moment when she saw her aunt frown, and she blinked her eyes wonderingly.

Thinking for a bit, Mother Ji could still not remember where she had heard the name and shook her head.

"I think I don't know her. Perhaps, I remembered wrongly."

"Oh…" Qin Qitong nodded her head. Recalling her purpose for visiting her auntie, she started complaining again.

"Auntie, you must stand up for me! Brother Ji is bullying me like that! You must definitely teach him a lesson! Let him know that he should always keep his promises and not go back on them!"

Mother Ji shook her head amusedly at her little niece's red eyes and nose and said, "Okay, okay, okay. When I get home later, I will definitely properly teach him a lesson."

"No, no! You cannot simply let him off with a lesson! You must make him transfer me to the CEO Secretariat to work with Sister Pei Ge!" Qin Qitong shook her head and said this to Mother Ji in all seriousness.

With a smile in her eyes, Mother Ji nodded her head and proclaimed seriously, "Alright, this Auntie promises you; I will definitely make your Brother Ji transfer you to the CEO Secretariat, so you can work with your Sister Pei Ge."

Qin Qitong promptly jumped up from the sofa upon hearing her auntie's reply.

"Yay! Long live my auntie! Auntie is indeed the best and dotes on me the most!" Saying this, Qin Qitong sat on the sofa and gave Mother Ji's cheeks a smooch each.

"I have the best auntie in the world!" Qin Qitong intimately clung onto Mother Ji's arm and leaned on her shoulder like a timid and lovable child.

"He he, you little child…" Mother Ji laughed heartily and stroked her head. She really loved the way Qin Qitong was so bubbly and always behaved like a spoiled child.

"He he! I like auntie the most!" The way Qin Qitong spouted endless flatteries was as though she had wiped honey on her lips.

Just as the pair of aunt and niece was speaking intimately, the doors to the room were suddenly pushed open from the outside.

"Auntie, do you have an appointment with someone?" Qin Qitong asked curiously when she heard the sound of doors opening.

Mother Ji shook her head in confusion. "I don't."

"Then, who just came in?" Qin Qitong looked toward the doors with utmost concentration.

Before long, a petite silhouette appeared in their sight.

"Why are you here?" Mother Ji frowned when she saw the woman who had suddenly appeared before them.

"It's you?!" Qin Qitong also recognized the new arrival. Isn't this the person I met last time?

The person who had just come in was none other than Liu Yue, who had just been fired by Ji Ziming.

She walked in wearing a white Chanel dress. However, as though something had happened to her, her clothes were in disarray, her face looked haggard, and her eyes and cheeks were red from crying. In short, she looked absolutely pitiful.

"Auntie…" Tears leaked out of Liu Yue's eyes before she even spoke.

Although Mother Ji had indeed felt displeased with Liu Yue before, they had still been in the company of each other for quite some time. Thus, despite being a little angry with her, Mother Ji's heart still softened at her pitiful look.

"What happened to you?"

Joy blossomed in Liu Yue's heart when Mother Ji showed concern for her. However, she still maintained her aggrieved look.

Hmph! Luckily, I'm clever enough not to wash up or change clothes, making myself look haggard. If not for that, how would I make this old woman take pity on me?!

"Auntie… I - I… wuuu…" Liu Yue started sniffling again before finishing her words.

"Hey! Speak if you've got something to say! Don't just cry here without saying anything!" Qin Qitong hated the woman before her, so she did not give face to her or mince her words.

Although Mother Ji felt that her niece's words were a little rude, she did not chastise her as she knew clearly who was more important to her between the two.

Seeing that Mother Ji did not admonish Qin Qitong for her rude words to her, the resentment and angry she felt was magnified.

No one in this family is good! They should just all go to hell!

"Why are you here to see me again?" Mother Ji calmly asked. She was no fool. She used to treat Liu Yue well because the latter had helped her once and she thought that the latter was a sincere and kind person.

However, after spending some time together, she quickly realized that this girl's personality was not as she had initially thought.

"Auntie, I - I got framed by a despicable person." Liu Yue wept.

"What despicable person?" Mother Ji looked at her confusedly.

Qin Qitong, who loved gossips, also perked up at her words. A rookie, who had just graduated from school, would evidently love to hear all the interesting gossips, altercations, and politics in the company.

"I clearly didn't do anything to harm her, yet she actually fabricated evidence in relation to me and spread it to the whole company. Now, she caused me to be fired from the company. Auntie, you must definitely return my innocence to me!" Liu Yue knelt down on the floor at that.

Bang! Her knees hit the floor hard. If not for the thick carpet on the floor, her knees would probably be bruised terribly.

Mother Ji and Qin Qitong were stunned by her act of kneeling hard on the floor.

Since the ancient times, the act of intentionally harming one's self often succeeded by a hundred percent at gaining the empathy of others.

This time was no exception. Liu Yue's act of kneeling without minding the pain not only caused Mother Ji to waver, it even made Qin Qitong feel pity for her.

Qin Qitong, who had a strong sense of justice, instantly flared up.

"Who is the one who framed you up?! Tell me; I will let Brother Ji fire her!"

"That's right. You child, why are you kneeling for no good reason? If it is really as you've said and you really are innocent, Auntie here will help you!" Mother Ji also reprimanded her.

Liu Yue knew that her scheme had succeeded the moment she heard these two's words.

In her smugness, she neglected to take into consideration Qin Qitong's closeness with Pei Ge. Actually, she had not forgotten that the two were close, but she mistakenly assumed that the two's closeness was not bone deep. After all, the two had only met each other recently and just once.

Thus, after Mother Ji helped her up to sit on the sofa, she said aggrievedly with reddened eyes, "That person isn't anyone else but my former best friend. She is jealous of my close relationship with Auntie, so she framed me up…"

"What? There is actually someone that wicked?!" Mother Ji immediately felt disdainful toward the person Liu Yue was mentioning.

"Yes!" Liu Yue solemnly nodded her head and said in a crying voice, "I also never thought she would be like that."

"What is her name?" Qin Qitong, who hated evil, asked angrily.

"She is called Pei Ge," Liu Yue said triumphantly as she maintained her sorry expression.

Unexpectedly, Qin Qitong fell silent the moment Liu Yue said this name before eventually demanding, "Don't tell me that you are Liu Yue?!"


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