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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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167 Late Night Food Delivery

In autumn, the night was longer and the weather was colder.

The watchman Grandpa Ge saw that it was getting colder and closed the window in the security booth. He was about to take a quick nap when he spotted the headlights of a car.

He had no choice but to open the window and stick his head out.

"Who is it?" He looked at the car that had stopped just outside the neighborhood entrance and asked with confusion.

Having worked in this neighborhood for ten odd years, he was familiar with all the residents' cars and found this particular car to be unfamiliar.

At this point, the black sedan's driver seat window rolled down and revealed a flawlessly handsome face.

"Eh, you are our Ge Ge's boyfriend, right?" He looked at the young man's features and blurted this out.

However, he suddenly recalled the other man who had sent Pei Ge home.

"Young man, did something happen between you and Ge Ge? How come another young chap sent Ge Ge home today instead of you?" Grandpa Ge asked with concern to the Ji Ziming who was sitting in the driver's seat.

Who said that only women treated good-looking men preferentially? This elderly man judged by looks, too.

Between the two men, Ji Ziming's flawlessly handsome face obviously won Grandpa Ge's heart.

Despite only meeting him once, the elderly security guard shared everything with him.

"Didn't I tell you yesterday? This type of woman needs to be coaxed. You definitely did not listen to me, so Ge Ge rode someone else's car home today," Grandpa Ge said helplessly. He then gave him a look that seemed to say, "It is your loss for not listening to this old man's advice."

Ji Ziming pursed his lips at the elderly security guard's words. She did not take a taxi home but actually rode Chen Zhengchu's car!

Did she not dislike sitting in other people's car?!

"Young man, are you here to apologize to Ge Ge?" Grandpa Ge did not know of Ji Ziming's status and how the latter had once more angered Pei Ge today; he just assumed that Ji Ziming was here to make up for not calling Pei Ge to apologize yesterday.

"I… guess." Ji Ziming looked at the boxes of food in the backseat and his forehead creased as he flatly gave this reply.

If someone were to see what was inside Ji Ziming's car, their eyes would likely fall out of their sockets in shock!

He was known for his cleanliness and would never place items, especially those that had smell, inside his car.

Now, however, his car actually had many boxes of food.

"It's good that you've come to apologize. Young man, don't think that Ge Ge won't leave you because of your good looks. I tell you, men and women are very different. Women prioritize the men's personality and not their looks. You see, another young man sent Ge Ge home today." Grandpa Ge nagged painstakingly at Ji Ziming when he saw his indifferent look.

In this rare instance, Ji Ziming listened patiently to someone and did not find Grandpa Ge irritating.

"You should do better today. Ge Ge, this child, may look fierce, but her heart is kinder than anyone else." The elderly security guard grinned.

When he heard Grandpa Ge talk about Pei Ge, the look on Ji Ziming's face softened.

This scene of a young man and an old man, one in the car and one in the security booth, made for quite a harmonious picture.

After a long while, Grandpa Ge patted his head and laughed. "Look at me being so engrossed in talking to you! My bad habits flared up again! It's getting late, so you should quickly find Ge Ge."

Ji Ziming was about to step on the car accelerator when he realized that he did not know where she lived and… Delivering food to her like this was exceptionally awkward.

He was about to call his assistant to deliver the food when the elderly man raised the boom gate.

"Young man, hurry inside! Ge Ge lives on the fourth floor of the sixth apartment block in unit 402. Quickly go there while the mother and daughter are still awake. Any later and Ge Ge will be asleep, and your opportunity to apologize will be gone." Grandpa Ge waved Ji Ziming in from the security booth with a smile before closing the window and nestling back into his comfortable chair.

Ji Ziming eyed the well-lit community ahead and the raised boom gate.

Eventually, he stepped on the car accelerator and entered the area.

Grandpa Ge watched the car slowly advance and laughingly muttered, "This young man is really awkward. He clearly likes her but is still so reserved. He he! Next time, he will suffer."

The car drove further and further inside. As the night deepened, it became harder to see the block number. After a long while, he finally saw the fourth apartment block.

He parked in the car park below the sixth apartment block with a complex expression on his face.

He looked at the takeout bags in the backseat and his forehead folded.

He picked up his phone but placed it back down eventually.

He then recalled Pei Ge's angry face.

"Damn it…" he muttered under his breath. Getting out of the car, he took the takeout bags in his hands.

When he entered the building, he realized that there was no lift.

When he saw the flights of stairs and all the food he was carrying, he almost retreated.

Fortunately, he was a regular at the gym, so despite climbing four flights of stairs, his face was not flushed from the lack of oxygen, and he only felt a slight discomfort in his palms.

On the fourth floor, he looked for unit 402 and walked toward its door.

Standing outside a mahogany door, his forehead creased as he struggled internally.

Dong, dong, dong! Eventually, he knocked on the door and the icy touch cooled his expression.

"Who is it? It's so late already…" A foreign female voice came from the other side of the door.

Hearing this foreign voice, he thought that he had knocked on the wrong door. When the door opened, a face resembling a piece of round jade suddenly appeared before his eyes. In that instant, all the awkwardness in his heart disappeared.

"Ji - Ji - Ji Ziming?!"


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