Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
177 Discovering Pei Shishi“s True Colors
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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177 Discovering Pei Shishi“s True Colors

Thinking of Bi Zheng liking her, Pei Ge did not know what to do or what to say and she felt awkward.

"Alright, I already did what I should. The rest is up to you. Wish you all the best."

Bi Zheng did not linger to see her reaction and quickly turned to leave.

"CEO Ji."

However, with this turn, he came face to face with Ji Ziming, who was standing nearby and looking in their direction rather coldly.

He gave the man a brief nod in greeting before calmly exiting the CEO Secretariat.

This left Pei Ge and Ji Ziming alone in the CEO Secretariat.

She returned to her senses at this moment.

Once Bi Zheng left, Ji Ziming's face showed a grave expression and his eyes seemed to be filled with ice that could not be thawed by anything.

Pei Ge could not help but mutter internally, This annoying person is about to lose it again.

He would definitely create trouble for her, so, later, she must not….

However, before she could internally finish forming a countermeasure, she saw him walk out of the CEO Secretariat without even looking in her direction.

What?! Pei Ge widened her eyes in disbelief.

"How could that be?!"

Yes! How could that be?! Should the annoying person not find trouble with her? What was different today?

Pei Ge did not know why, but her heart felt disappointed.

Forget it. Don't bother with him.

Pei Ge pursed her lips and shifted her attention to the pink envelope Bi Zheng had given her moments ago.

Her mouth involuntarily twitched at the sight of the pink envelope on her desk.

Frankly speaking, those youthful days when boys would use pink envelopes to enclose their love letters were already enough to make one speechless, much less when the one giving it was of a mature age.

Pei Ge totally assumed that a handwritten letter was inside the pink envelope, so she opened it with a look of disgust.

However, surprisingly, what she found within were sheets of typewritten A4 paper.

When Pei Ge read the typed words on the sheets of paper, she was instantly stunned.

Heavens! These - These are….

Pei Ge could not believe her eyes.

A total of three sheets of A4 paper were in the envelope, and, of the three, two were the chat logs between Pei Shishi and Liu Yue and one was a proof that the QQ belonged to Pei Shishi's IP address.

By the time she finished reading the contents of the three documents, the expression on her face had already turned ugly.

"How come… Why - Why would she do this?" Pei Ge mumbled as she looked at the A4 paper with her mouth slightly agape.

She already knew that the matter with Liu Yue involved Pei Shishi, but she did not expect that her cousin would harbor such deep-seated hatred for her.

Looking at the chat logs, the black words on the white paper, she became clear of Pei Shishi's bone-deep hatred for her to the point that she even pointedly helped Liu Yue besmirch her name.

That was right. This matter, although committed by Liu Yue, was something Pei Shishi had orchestrated.

Pei Ge placed the typewritten paper down and her heart weighed heavily. Right now, she did not have the energy to think of Ji Ziming and Qin Qitong.

Only thoughts about Pei Shishi occupied her mind: Why would Pei Shishi treat me like this? Is it because of that jerk?

However, with the exception of her loss of control that day, which led to her slapping Zhou Zhuoyang and disrupting the engagement party, she did not do anything that would harm her cousin's fiancé afterward.

She even distanced herself from them.

What would prompt her cousin to attack her so deliberately, then?

Could it be that it is as Xiaoyu and Sister Xinlei have said? Did Pei Shishi never really like me? Thinking of this, she was very upset.

She and Pei Shishi never had the best relationship since young, and her cousin never look for her despite being in the same school.

She, on the other hand, absolutely adored her taciturn cousin.

It was only after her father's death that their relationship changed.

After her father, who was the head of the household, had passed away due to that accident, her cousin suddenly grew closer to her. It was as if she were trying to make amends for something wrong she had done.

She accompanied her at the hospital, talked to her, played with her, and comforted her. Pei Shishi doted on her just like what her father would have done if he were still alive.

Recalling those times, her eyes clouded over.

It was then that she started to rely on her cousin.

Could it be that… everything was just an act?


She did not want to believe that her cousin hated her from the very start, so she tightly clenched the three pieces of paper in her hand and tried her best to recall those moments she had spent with Pei Shishi in the past.

The two of them always seemed to be on good terms. Eventually, Zhang Manhua and she were forced to sell their house because her father had left behind a huge debt.

Her mother was busy working and earning money to raise her at that time, so, to care for her emotional wellbeing, she lived under the same roof as Pei Shishi instead of staying in a hostel alone.

Pei Shishi would always think of her whenever she had something good. She would even use her allowance to buy her all sorts of junk foods.

Her mother had even joked that she was very well-fed by Pei Shishi when she saw her gain some weight.

"…" Pei Ge was stunned by this thought. Thinking about it now, she only managed to have so much cake and then developed this sweet tooth because of Pei Shishi.

Her family had no money, so even if she wanted to eat something sweet, she could not afford it.

However, her second uncle made a fortune after her father had passed away and Pei Shishi's allowance became limitless.

Pei Shishi mostly spent it on purchasing cake from a shop near the school for Pei Ge.

At that time, she did not think too much about it and only thought that her cousin loved her so much.

However, recalling those times, she suddenly felt lucky that her teeth had not decayed or that she had not fallen sick from eating too much sugar at such a tender age; she felt fortunate that the only negative result of ingesting excessive sugar was that she had put on weight.

Pei Ge's fists tightened.

Once the seed of doubt was planted in her mind, she began to think further. Perhaps, one could say that her mind had finally awoken.

Tang Xiaoyu had previously said that Pei Shishi was a hypocrite, but she had never believed her. Now, even if she did not want to believe it, she had to.


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