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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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181 The Beguiling Wunderkind

After washing up that night, Pei Ge wordlessly lay her head on the pillow but could not fall asleep for a long time.

The reason for her insomnia was not Chen Zhengchu's confession but Ji Ziming.

Although she said that liking him was impossible for her, when she heard that Ji Ziming had all the sensor lights in the building replaced, she was actually secretly euphoric.

This joyful feeling was quite similar to what she had felt when she and Zhou Zhuoyang first celebrated her birthday together and he gave her a surprise.

She quietly lay on her bed and stared unseeingly at the ceiling in the darkness.

Why did that annoying fellow do that?

Could it be because she had misunderstood him when they were in the corridor surrounded by darkness last night, so, in his indignation, he had people replace all the building's sensor lights?

Yes! That must be it.

She thought that this explanation was more plausible than the idea of Ji Ziming falling in love with her, which she could totally not imagine.

She might often be scolding him inside with terms, such as annoying fellow, pervert, womanizer, and so on, but she knew deep down that he was truly an outstanding man.

He had the perfect looks, outstanding family background, and high academic qualifications. He was the paragon of perfection and everything about him was flawless.

He was born to be worshiped by others.

How could such a person fall in love with an ordinary person like me?

Her lips slightly curled up in the darkness, but, unbeknown to her, her smile was a sad one.

Pei Ge, don't be stupid. You detest that annoying fellow a lot, so how can you like him? You are only drawn to his good looks. If not for that, you wouldn't take a fancy to him among that crowd of men the first time you two met. That's why you shouldn't think too deeply about this. How can you possibly like him?

"That's right. I don't like him," she mumbled in the darkness.

It was similar to before when she was beguiled by his physical appearance.

After thinking things through, she became more relaxed, was less stressed out, and no longer felt stuffy inside.

"Sigh… What a beguiling man. I really wonder what kind of woman can conquer that wunderkind…" Mumbling this, she slowly drifted off into dreamland.

In her slumber, she seemed to dream of a man…

After a good night's sleep, she woke up feeling refreshed.

She got off the bed and stretched her lazy back.

She was about to open the door to wash up in the toilet when the notification for a new message in her hand phone sounded.

Curious at who would send her a message this early in the morning, she switched on her hand phone's display and subsequently smiled.

[Good morning. Although the sun is bright today, the wind is strong, too. Remember to keep warm and wear a few more articles of clothing.]

The message even included a self-photograph of Chen Zhengchu bathed in the sunlight, making her laugh out loud.

"Ha ha!" Dr. Chen is really unpredictable.

[Alright, thank you, Dr. Chen! P.S. You look handsome in your selfie! I really didn't expect Dr. Chen's photography skills to be this good.]

Once she sent this, she walked out of her bedroom with a broad smile.

Even after she finished washing up, the smile on her face lingered.

"Ge Ge, what are you so happy about this early in the morning?" Zhang Manhua was slightly curious as to what had made her daughter smile first thing in the morning.

In response, she passed her hand phone to her mother.

"Mom, you want to see what Dr. Chen looks like, right? This is a photo of his." She giggled.

Zhang Manhua quickly received the hand phone when she heard that there was a photo of the man in it.

One look on the hand phone caused her to burst into laughter as well.

"This Dr. Chen is quite different from your description of him. Didn't you say he looks like a mature and reliable person? Why do I feel that this man is a playful one, instead? Still, he is pretty attentive and knows how to make people laugh." She nodded her head approvingly, seemingly satisfied with Chen Zhengchu's personality.

"He seems pretty lively, just not as handsome as Xiao Ji," Zhang Manhua said with a touch of regret.

Pei Ge pouted a little at that. "Being handsome can't put food on the table. I think it is better to find a husband who is more normal. You will feel insecure if your husband is too handsome."

Zhang Manhua was displeased when she heard her say this. "Who said that? Your dad is so handsome, yet I didn't feel insecure at all! When you were small, you said that you would find a husband as handsome as your dad!"

"He he! My dad doesn't count. My mom is so beautiful in any case, so my dad should be the one feeling insecure," she teased her mother with a grin.

Zhang Manhua looked at her daughter while shaking her head in amusement. She then said, "Alright, hurry up and finish your food. Stop your quirkiness. You're going to be late for work."

"Yes, yes, I understand."

As soon as she was done eating breakfast, she took the bus heading to her workplace.

Onboard the bus, Pei Ge felt bored, so she decided to text Chen Zhengchu.

The hospital was probably not that busy today, as she would immediately receive a reply from the man every time she texted him.

Hence, the two had unknowingly sent tons of text messages to each other during her bus ride.

[I have reached my company; you go back to your work now!]

[Sure. See you after work.]

Slipping the hand phone into her handbag, she cheerfully hummed a tune under her breathe while wearing her employee nametag and walked into the company building.

After a busy morning, lunchtime arrived. Only then did she realize that Ji Ziming actually did not appear in the company today.

However, after considering things last night, she no longer minded his existence.

She was, therefore, not the least bit curious about his reason for being absent.

Her attitude was remarkably different from the rest of the secretaries.

"What do you girls think is the reason CEO Ji is absent today?"

"Heh. Our Chenguang Real Estate is not CEO Ji's main base. I think it is stranger for him to come here often when it is no longer that busy these days."

"That's true, too…."

Amid the three secretaries' chattering, she switched off her computer and moved to leave for lunch.

However, just as she reached the CEO Secretariat's doors, a petite figure rushed up to her and jumped on her.

"Sister Pei Ge, I missed you so much!"


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