Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
186 Extraordinary Bi Zheng, Extraordinary Girlfriend
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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186 Extraordinary Bi Zheng, Extraordinary Girlfriend

After the two finished eating their desserts, they did not hurry to call a taxi home and, instead, strolled along the bustling streets to let the food get digested.

Qin Qitong hooked her arm around Pei Ge's and continued to chat away.

When Qin Qitong's topic wandered to Ji Ziming, her words became bolder until they scared Pei Ge.

"Sister Pei Ge, do you think my cousin is in a bad mood because you are in a relationship recently?"

Pei Ge's eyes rounded in shock upon hearing her conjecture. "How can that be? You lass, what is your brain thinking?!"

Qin Qitong pouted and softly muttered, "If it isn't, then it isn't. Why are you so fierce?"

Knowing that she spoke a little strongly, Pei Ge looked apologetically at Qin Qitong and softly said, "I was a little agitated earlier. Still, Qitong, think about it; why would your cousin like me? He must be feeling frustrated because of work."

Qi Qintong thought about it and felt that her words were indeed a bit too much, so she nodded her head. "You have a point. Cousin should not like you. After all, he still—"

Before she could finish her words, Pei Ge's excited cry interrupted her.

"Qitong, is that Bi Zheng?!"

Pei Ge's question instantly made Qin Qitong forget what she wanted to say. Lifting her head, she asked excitedly, "Where, where?! Where is that robot?"

"There! Over there with a pretty lady."

Following where Pei Ge's fingers were pointing, she finally spotted Bi Zheng in a sports outfit.

At work, he usually wore a generic suit and spectacles. He even had his hair neatly combed and gelled up to prevent it from getting messy.

Today, however, Bi Zheng, who was with a pretty lady, wore a black and white sports outfit minus his spectacles and old-fashioned hairstyle.

His soft hair hung down freely. With that handsome face and casual outfit, how did he look anything like that boring person in the office?

He was clearly an outstanding and highly valued graduate.

"I'll be damned! Sister Pei Ge, we aren't seeing wrongly, right? That is indeed Bi Zheng? How can that be?!" Qin Qitong's eyes were wide with disbelief as she pointed at the man.

"Should be. Although his clothes are different from the usual, his features and facial expression are exactly the same as Bi Zheng's," Pei Ge smilingly said. She too could hardly believe that the hot man they were seeing was that boring officemate of theirs, yet his face and expression were obviously that of Bi Zheng.

"Mhm…" Qin Qitong nodded. She seemed to be very interested with Bi Zheng as she pulled Pei Ge in his direction.

"Let's go, Sister Pei Ge, let's go see the robot."

"Forget it. He's probably on a date with his girlfriend. Let's not interrupt them," she said hesitantly.

How could she overcome the childishness of Qin Qitong, though?

"How can that robot have a girlfriend? It must be his sister. Let's go!"

As such, Pei Ge could only helplessly follow her.

Weaving through the crowd, Qin Qitong excitedly pulled Pei Ge toward Bi Zheng and his woman companion.

Seeing their sudden appearance, Bi Zheng did not express any surprise and only regarded them faintly.

"He he! Robot, what a coincidence seeing you here!" Qin Qitong said with a grin.

When Pei Ge heard her words, she was tempted to put a large distance between her and Qin Qitong. Never mind that this lass gave the man a nickname behind his back, she even dared call him with it face to face.

"Bi Zheng, who are these two? Do you know them?" Before he could speak, the pretty lady beside him opened her mouth as she eyed Qin Qitong unhappily.

"Colleagues," he simply explained.

"Hi, hi! Are you Bi Zheng's sister? I am his tablemate," Qin Qitong greeted the woman with a natural familiarity.

Who knew that the fashionable woman would coldly snort and regard Qin Qitong with hostility? She even criticized, "You are this old already, yet you still call yourself a 'tablemate'? You think you are still in school?"

Qin Qitong might be easygoing, but she was no pushover. Hearing the lady's quarrelsome words, she was about to retort in anger when the woman spoke again.

"Also, are you blind? I'm Bi Zheng's girlfriend. Sister yourself. It's true that ugly people have the most ridiculous antics."

Pie Ge was completely taken aback by this quiet-looking lady. From the way she dressed herself, she would seem like a demure woman.

Why was her mouth so uncouth, then?

Qin Qitong might be in the wrong, but she clearly had no evil intentions, so a proper explanation would suffice. Why was there a need to utter such hurtful words?

"You! You!" Qin Qitong was enraged by Bi Zheng's girlfriend. "How am I ugly?! You are the ugly one!"

Pei Ge hurriedly pulled Qin Qitong back when she saw the impending fight and said to Bi Zheng with an apologetic smile, "Bi Zheng, you continue with your girlfriend. We will be leaving now."

"Mhm, sorry." Bi Zheng nodded, and, although he remained expressionless, his eyes revealed helplessness.

"Bi Zheng, what do you mean by that?! Why are you apologizing to them?! We didn't do anything wrong…."

Pei Ge could still hear the shrill voice of Bi Zheng's girlfriend from a distance as she dragged Qin Qitong away.

She thought, Bi Zheng is so extraordinary, so his girlfriend is also not average.

"Sister Pei Ge, she's too much!" Qin Qitong felt so wronged. Nobody had ever called her ugly her whole life.

"Don't be so obtuse next time. Just put yourself in that girl's shoes; if you are out with your boyfriend and then a beautiful girl suddenly comes over, saying that you are your boyfriend's sister, will you feel happy?" She tried to make her understand what had gone wrong.

"Of course, not! I…" Qin Qitong blinked and trailed off, finally understanding what had happened. "Oh, I get it now! Bi Zheng's girlfriend was feeling jealous of me!"

"That's right. Why would she lash out at you if that weren't the case?" She shook her head with a laugh.

"Qie! I don't even like that robot… What is so good about him? He is so boring," Qin Qitong complained with a pout.

Pei Ge looked with amusement at Qin Qitong, who was throwing a tantrum, and smilingly said, "Alright, it's getting late. Let's go home."



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