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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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187 The Awkward CEO

Pei Ge went home after bidding Qin Qitong farewell. When she arrived at home, she quickly took a shower and headed to her bedroom to rest. She was planning to turn off the light and go to sleep but realized that she could not fall asleep.

She tossed and turned for a while and eventually decided to watch a movie.

However, before she could get up, her phone that was by her pillow buzzed.

Pei Ge checked and saw that a message from Chen Zhengchu had arrived.

[Pei Ge, tomorrow the hospital is not busy. I'll pick you up after work.]

Thinking that the man had sent this message over to placate her, she could not put her finger on her feelings regarding it.

[Okay, I got it.]

Pei Ge replied as she started to consider her and Chen Zhengchu's compatibility.

It was true that Chen Zhengchu was a decent person, but after interacting with him for a certain amount of time, she found that, despite being a gentleman, he was actually stubborn and liked to be in control.

"Oh." She thought, Dr. Chen and I can't continue together.

She sighed and read the other text that Chen Zhengchu had sent.

[Mhm, sleep early. Don't make any wild guesses. I really like you.]

Like. It is only 'like'.

She somehow found the message to be perfunctory.

[Good night.]

Pei Ge lost her interest in watching a movie after she had sent that text.

She spread herself wide across the bed and closed her eyes. Her mind, unknowingly, thought of Ji Ziming's face….

– At a certain CEO's office –

"CEO Ji, someone was indeed brought over, but that Chen Zhengchu was very alert. Once he discovered Miss Pei Ge, he left with the woman."

In a lavish yet low-key office, a person in black suit reported to a man who was reading some documents on his desk.

The man's eyes narrowed dangerously upon hearing the report of the person, who seemed to be an assistant. Raising his head, the man's impeccably handsome features were exposed.

"Pei Ge did not find out, huh."

The man only uttered these words, yet they already caused the assistant to shudder in fear.

"Yes - Yes, CEO Ji. The doctor discovered Miss Pei Ge first, so he hurriedly left with the woman." Nodding, the assistant rushed to say this.

"Hmph!" Ji Ziming's eyes narrowed further at that.

The chilling atmosphere in the office intensified following his snort.

The assistant was so frightened by Ji Ziming's intimidating aura that his face paled and perspiration formed on his forehead. "How - However, Miss Pei Ge seemed to have heard the doctor's voice, so she started to become suspicious."

"Is that so… That woman is not totally dumb, after all." Ji Ziming coldly arched an eyebrow and his anger seemed to fade.

The assistant was relieved by his comment.

At the same time, he wanted to belch. His boss was really something. For the sake of that woman, he had someone investigate the boyfriend, and when he discovered something damning about the man, he did not tell her directly, and, instead, he made it so that the woman would find it out herself….

"You can leave now." Ji Ziming waved him off.

"CEO Ji, do you have further instructions?" the assistant asked cautiously.

"Hurry the process; let Pei Ge discover the truth earlier." Ji Ziming pursed his lips and gave this instruction.

"Alright, CEO Ji." The assistant bowed respectfully and left the lavish yet low-key office.

Only Ji Ziming remained inside the spacious office. After sitting silently for a while, he dropped the documents in his hands and stood up from the leather chair.

Pressing the button to open the blinds, the capital's nightscape was exposed through the reinforced glass window.

The night was dark, but it was made brighter by the flashing neon lights, looking way better than the daytime scenery.

Ji Ziming was looking at the high-rise buildings and the traffic of cars and people, yet his mind was miles away.

The next day, Pei Ge busied herself like always and did not mind about what the others were doing.

However, even if she did not care about them, the same could not be said about the three.

"Pei Ge, I haven't seen your boyfriend pick you up recently. Did you two break up?"

"Yes. Actually, your boyfriend seems to be quite the catch."

Hearing their words, she stopped what she was doing and lifted her head to shoot them a cold look. "None of your business."

"Don't be like this. We are colleagues. We can't bear to see you get dumped by your boyfriend. After all, based on your qualities, finding a boyfriend like that is difficult."

"Yeah, it's truly difficult."

Pei Ge rolled her eyes with a snort and did not bother with them anymore. She shifted her attention back to her work.

One day of work ended soon.

As she was about to get off work, Chen Zhengchu called to inform her that he was waiting downstairs for her.

"Alright, I know." She hung up the phone and slowly packed her things.

She shut down the computer and left the office. At the lobby on the ground floor, she spotted Qin Qitong waiting for her.

"Sister Pei Ge, I saw your boyfriend waiting outside the office. He is even holding a large bouquet of roses. How romantic!" Qin Qitong looked brightly at her.

Pei Ge was stunned by her words. She did not expect that the man would do something like that.

"All you people in love, I'm so envious!" Qin Qitong grinned and shook her head.

"Alright, poor you." She laughed at Qin Qitong's antics.

Leaving the company building, she immediately saw Chen Zhengchu standing by the car with the bouquet of red roses.

His appearance was really noticeable, so anyone passing by could not help but look at him.

"Pei Ge," he called with a smile when he saw her.

The gentle smile on his face made all the single ladies look on with envy.

Pei Ge saw his gentle gaze, which was directed on her, and flushed with embarrassment.

"Sister Pei Ge, enjoy your date. I won't interrupt you." Qin Qitong grinned as she left.

She swept her eyes across Chen Zhengchu as she passed him.

Hmph! This man is not comparable to my cousin, not even by the strand of his hair! I don't know what Sister Pei Ge sees in him. Ohhh… If only Sister Pei Ge's boyfriend is Brother Ji, then it will be more fun!


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