Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
190 I have become a third wheel out of nowhere?!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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190 I have become a third wheel out of nowhere?!

This was the bitterest dessert Pei Ge had ever tasted.

It made her want to puke and gave her the strong urge to flip the table and confront Chen Zhengchu about his goal for doing all this.

However, she would only appear ridiculous if she suddenly raged at him over a random text message, especially after he had just proposed to her so romantically.

Forget about what he may think! I should confront right away!

Pei Ge did not want to waste any more time on this matter and moved to take out her hand phone to confront him about this so-called first love when his hand phone rang.

"Sorry, I'll have to take this call." He excused himself with a smile before answering the call.

"Oh." She could only wait for him to finish his call to discuss the issue.

Who knew that he would have to leave after hanging up the phone?

"A person involved in a car accident needs an emergency operation. I have to go to the hospital now," he said apologetically.

She had no choice but to nod her head at that. "Go if you have to."

"Pei Ge, I'm really sorry about this," he apologized softly again.

"It is really fine. Your work is more important. Hurry there now," she urged him with a smile.


Once the man left the dessert house, she took out her hand phone with a light sigh.

She regarded the table full of desserts and did not feel her appetite returning.

"A relationship is so troublesome," she mumbled softly before taking a sip from the glass of fresh milk.

She felt slightly better once the smooth milky taste hit her tongue.

However, an unwanted guest who would destroy her just improved mood came to her at this point.

"Miss Pei?"

She raised her head to look at the person who had called her name in a soft and gentle voice.

A beautiful woman with nude makeup entered her vision.

"You are?" she asked the fashionably attractive woman before her.

Do I know her?

"Hello, we don't know each other personally. I am Ah Chu's girlfriend, Xia Lan." The pretty woman gave her a slight smile as she proffered her slender hand.

"Hello…" She dazedly shook the proffered hand.

"Do you mind if I take the seat opposite you?" Xia Lan smiled and occupied the seat Chen Zhengchu had just vacated without waiting for her reply.

"… Mhm," Pei Ge softly hummed a reply while spitting inside, You already sat down, so why bother asking if I minded it?

"Miss Pei doesn't seem to know of my existence?" Xia Lan smiled again as she asked this in a gentle voice.

She shook her head. "I don't."

"That is why I'm not blaming you for dating Ah Chu." Xia Lan did not mind that Chen Zhengchu had drunk from the cup of coffee and picked it up to drink from it.

"…" At such a composed Xia Lan, Pei Ge inexplicably felt that the current scenario was rather weird.

Why do I feel that her treatment of me resembles that of a wife toward a mistress?

"Miss Xia—" Pei Ge called out to the woman hesitantly, yet the other party did not wait for her to finish her words.

"You may not believe my words. After all, Ah Chu has just proposed to you," Xia Lan stated confidently.

"No. I just want to say that you may want to order another cup of coffee. I just threw something into that one you are drinking." Pei Ge blinked her eyes and said this innocuously.

Xia Lan's composed face turned ugly at that.

"Augh!" Xia Lan retched, as though Pei Ge disgusted her.

Seeing her reaction, Pei Ge's heart slightly eased.

She actually purposely lied about throwing something into Chen Zhengchu's leftover coffee to get a rise out of this snobbish woman. Who told her to put on airs and treat me like I'm a lowly third wheel? Setting aside the veracity of her claim, her attitude alone disgusts me to no end. What peeves me the most in this world is the existence of that so-called third wheel! Hmph! Making me disgusted, just watch me get my revenge on you!

"Miss Xia, are you alright?" She looked at her concernedly, yet her eyes were filled with laughter.

When Xia Lan saw Pei Ge's look, her anger was provoked. "Miss Pei, I came here to tell you that I am aware of you calling Ah Chu yesterday because I was sitting next to him when you called! He was not at the hospital and was, in fact, on a date with me yesterday."

"Oh." Actually, Xia Lan's appearance here clued Pei Ge in on the fact that Chen Zhengchu was truly not at the hospital yesterday.

"That engagement ring looks like this, right?" Xia Lan opened her phone and showed a picture to her.

Pei Ge fell silent the moment she saw the photo of the shining diamond ring on her phone.

"It's exactly the same, right? I actually picked out this ring with Ah Chu yesterday." Xia Lan's lips curled into a smug smile when she saw her become silent.

"Do you honestly think that he wants to marry you? How can that be the case? How long have you two known each other? Ah Chu's type is never someone like you."

Pei Ge was made confused by her words. She could not fathom why Chen Zhengchu would go on a blind date with her and even propose to her when he had a girlfriend.

"Does Miss Pei still not believe my words?" Xia Lan thought that Pei Ge was still unconvinced by her words when she remained silent, so she showed her another photo.

"Look; this are the couple photo-shoots that we took together in high school. I pestered him to take them. We are each other's first love and we grew up together."

Xia Lan spoke of the past she shared with Chen Zhengchu with a yearning look on her face.

At that, Pei Ge knew that the woman had been speaking the truth.

"We broke up because of a misunderstanding after college, but we still hold each other dearly in our hearts," Xia Lan continued gently.

"He only proposed to you to spite me."


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