Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
191 A pair of lunatics like you guys really suit each other.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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191 A pair of lunatics like you guys really suit each other.

"He only proposed to you to spite me."

Pei Ge immediately turned sullen at that.

The first proposal of her life was not done because the other party wanted to marry her but because he wanted to spite someone else, instead?

What the hell?! You've got to be kidding me! I feel so foolish for being happy about it!

"Ah Chu is taking revenge on me for breaking up with him a few years back, so he brought me to pick out a ring and then proposed to you." Xia Lan smiled lightly at Pei Ge. Her expression seemed to be saying, "He is still as childish as before."

"…" Pei Ge would often hear people curse, "F*ck my life!" Today, she really wanted to scream out, "The hell is this?! F*ck this old lady's life!"

What in the world?! I thought I finally found a reliable man from a blind date, yet he turned out to be the most unreliable one out of all my blind dates!

"Miss Pei, I am really sorry for dragging you into our issue." Xia Lan continued to speak with a composed expression.

I don't know why her gentle smile makes my teeth ache.

"Miss Xia, after speaking for so long, what do you really want to tell me? Break up with Dr. Chen?" Pei Ge took a deep breath. The sweet scent that wafted in her nose helped clear her mind a little.

The woman sitting opposite me may be speaking the truth, but this 'truth' is full of inconsistencies. Otherwise, why would she talk to me only after Dr. Chen left? Still, that jerk should not be totally clean! Hmph! I even hesitated and struggled over this for quite some time! Damn it! I really feel like punching that jerk to death!

"I just don't want you to fall deeper for him. After all, no matter how badly we broke up, we still have many years of relationship as a foundation. In the end, I am the only person who can stand beside him and the only one he will ever love." Xia Lan smilingly looked at Pei Ge as she proclaimed this rather sweetly.

Pui! What a pair of lunatics!

"Actually, Miss Xia, I think that you and Dr. Chen really suit each other." Pei Ge grinned at her.

"Miss Pei has such good vision." Xia Lan's face brightened at that, but it quickly darkened at Pei Ge's next words.

"One is conceited and another is crazy. Indeed, you guys totally match each other." Pei Ge chuckled.

"You!" Seeing Pei Ge laugh heartily, Xia Lan's anger burned further.

"Miss Xia, it is a waste of your time to look for me. After all, I am not the one pestering Dr. Chen but the other way around, instead." Pei Ge leaned on her chair and smirked.

"Stop thinking that the man you treasure will also be treasured by others." Pei Ge chuckled at Xia Lan's sullen face, saying nonchalantly, "Actually, I was planning to break up with Dr. Chen today because I feel that we are not suitable for each other, but Dr. Chen's sudden proposal made it awkward for me to mention it afterward, so I ended up not voicing my thoughts."

"Oh, right. You can go back and tell your Dr. Chen that I really don't like him and not to pester me again." Pei Ge blinked her large eyes and said this ruthlessly.

"Pei Ge, don't go overboard!" Xia Lan stared at her fiercely and said this in a rage-filled voice.

"I am going overboard? How am I going overboard? In any case, no matter how overboard I go, I will still not compare to you guys. Hur hur," Pei Ge mocked coldly.

She really did get into a relationship with marriage in mind. Even though her heart did not flutter when met with his advances, she still tried her best to fall in love with him.

What about him, though? He actually got himself entangled with another woman behind my back… This is already enough….

Pei Ge abruptly picked up her phone and dialed Chen Zhengchu's number under Xia Lan's fierce gaze.

"Hello, Pei Ge. The hospital made a mistake. Wait for me at the same dessert house; I will come back now…" Chen Zhengchu's low voice immediately came through the phone.

"You don't need to come over anymore," she said calmly on the phone.

"Hmm? What's wrong? Did something happen?" he asked perplexedly.

"Your first love is here and has told me everything. I think that there is no point for us to continue dating. This is to prevent myself from becoming a third wheel in the future." Pei Ge laughed coldly, her voice betraying her fatigue.

"… Pei Ge, don't misunderstand me. That woman is lying! I don't have a relationship with her!" The man's voice immediately became flustered.

"Chen Zhengchu! Do you dare swear that you have never dated this woman, that you were actually not with her when you said you were busy last time, and that you have not schemed even a little bit when you proposed to me today?" Pei Ge let out all the frustrations and anger she was feeling inside in these words.

"…" He seemed to have been startled by Pei Ge's outburst and could not answer immediately.

"Alright, Dr. Chen. Let's just split up peacefully. I am glad to have known you, but we shouldn't see each other again in the future." Without waiting for the man's reply, Pei Ge resolutely hung up on him.

She peered at Xia Lan, who was sitting opposite her with a dumbstruck look on her face, and said coldly, "Miss Xia, you heard that, right? I beg you and Dr. Chen never to appear in front of me again."

Xia Lan was completely stunned by Pei Ge's fast and ruthless action. She had thought that she would need to haggle with her for quite some time before she would give in and leave Chen Zhengchu's side, but who knew that she could actually resolutely break up with a man who had just proposed to her….

"Oh, right." Pei Ge, who had just stood up to leave, suddenly turned to her.

"Ah?" Xia Lan no longer had a bit of her intimidating presence moments ago and was now acting meekly.

Pak! Pei Ge retrieved 300 dollars from her wallet and suavely slapped the sum on the table.

"Please return this money to Dr. Chen and tell him that this last meal is my treat."

She then turned around and marched off, leaving behind an agape Xia Lan.

"Please come again next time!"

Pei Ge helplessly shrugged at the waitress's farewell remark as she muttered inside, I'm afraid I won't be coming back to this dessert house that houses such bad memories for me. Oh, what a pity; the desserts here are actually quite good. Sigh, everything is ruined by those two lunatics.


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