Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
195 The Toad Who Wants to Eat Swan Mea
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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195 The Toad Who Wants to Eat Swan Mea

After chatting with Zhang Manhua, Pei Ge showered and retired to her bed in a relaxed mood.

The bedroom was bathed in darkness once she had switched off the light.

She did not close her eyes yet and, instead, stared absentmindedly at the ceiling.

Her mind was filled with Ji Ziming's figure.

That moment he suddenly appeared and saved her in such a domineering manner without a regard for his safety….

Thinking about it made her heart beat quicker.

Her cheeks blushed pink and her eyes brightened slightly.

Pei Ge, don't make any wild guesses! How can that annoying person like you?! Don't overthink things; it is impossible with him!

Her fists tightly clenched underneath the blanket.

He… should be fine, right?

Pei Ge frowned as she recalled that incident earlier. Although he seemed fine, without a trace of blood on any part of his body, he was still in a car accident, and the impact was also not small.

"He should be… fine?" she muttered with worry as she entered dreamland.

In her sleep, she dreamed of herself being blissfully in love with someone. Although she could not identify who the blurred figure was, eventually… she wore a wedding dress for him… and he put a ring on her ring finger to pledge his loyalty….

Dusk broke into dawn and the sun rose from its slumber as did Pei Ge, who awoken from her dream with a smile on her lips.

She bathed in the sunlight and lazily stretched her body.

Ha! What a good weather we have today!

In a good mood, she got to her feet and washed up.

After eating breakfast in the dining room, she waved goodbye to Zhang Manhua with a smile on her face and rushed to the bus stop.

Zhang Manhua laughed and shook her head at her daughter's leaving figure. "This lass, a big event clearly happened last night, yet she can still be this cheerful today. Hei."

Once she was on board the bus, Pei Ge took out her hand phone out of boredom to play some games and watch some news.

However, her eyes were greeted by a series of notifications for unread messages and missed calls.

She saw that everything was from Chen Zhengchu and, without opening any of them, she deleted all at one go.

It was not that she held a grudge against the man but that she hated liars the most.

This was especially the case when the person doing the lying was a boyfriend. As long as it was done once, whatever the reason behind was, she would never want to forgive.

When the bus stopped outside the company building, she took her things and alighted from it.

Arriving at the company entrance, she retrieved her work pass from her bag and wore it around her neck.


"Good morning!"

She greeted the colleagues she was familiar with on her way to the CEO Secretariat.

Seeing that the door to the CEO's office was still tightly shut, she was slightly disappointed.

Ji Ziming still did not come to the office today.

"Yo, busy bee! Why have you been staring at the door to the CEO's office the moment you walked in?"

"Don't tell me that you, someone who already has a boyfriend, have designs on our CEO Ji?"

Pei Ge ignored the other secretaries' ridicule and simply went to her workstation.

"I would advise a certain someone here not to be a toad who wants to eat swan meat."

"Exactly, our CEO Ji can't be matched with an average person."

At the two's sarcastic remarks, she gathered all the documents on her table loudly banged them on it.

Pak! The sound shocked the two secretaries who were mocking her.

"I am warning you two; show me some respect when you speak! Don't think that I'm not dealing with you because I'm afraid of you two! If you continue messing with me, I will make sure to teach you a lesson! If you don't believe me, I dare you to try me!" She narrowed her eyes dangerously at the two secretaries before turning her head away.

The two were frightened by the look in her eyes and did not dare to continue with their ridicule, quietly returning to their seats.

He Yan saw this scene and eyed the gossiping pair for a moment. Instead of joining them, she took a leaf out of Pei Ge's book and gathered her documents as well.

"Hey, He Yan, what are you doing?" the two asked. Their tone of voice revealed their displeasure with her for not joining them in ridiculing Pei Ge like usual and for organizing her documents.

He Yan glanced at the two and smilingly replied, "I think these documents are pretty interesting. Would you two like to see?"

"Are you crazy?!"

"Exactly. I think you have been influenced by Pei Ge!"

After saying their piece, they no longer bothered with her. He Yan shrugged her shoulders and glanced at Pei Ge.

A long time ago, she was just like Pei Ge, a person who would fight for her dream, but the office politics had caused her to slowly lose sight of her dream.

She had previously laughed at Pei Ge's silliness with the others, but when she saw the latter completely ignore them and continue to work hard, she was reminded of her past self and of… that long-forgotten dream.

As such, from here on, she resolved to pursue that dream once more by working hard just like Pei Ge!

Pei Ge was, of course, unaware that a sister in the office had returned to the straight and narrow from the 'wayward' road.

After a whole day of hard work, with Ji Ziming not showing up, she began to worry again for some inexplicable reason.

Thinking of that accident yesterday, she was not at ease.

After work, she took her bag. She thought of calling Qin Qitong to ask about Ji Ziming's condition, but she realized that doing so would seem invasive, especially since she had no relationship with him.

Pei Ge contemplated about it all the way until she exited the office building.

"Pei Ge!"

Suddenly, a familiar voice pulled her out of her thoughts.

Lifting her head, she saw the tired figure of Chen Zhengchu. His expression did not look too good.

She wordlessly looked at the man and moved to walk past him.

"Pei Ge, give me a chance to explain." Chen Zhengchu pulled on her wrist; his voice was hurried when he spoke.

"Let go," she coldly said.

"Most of what Xia Lan told you is false! Yes, I dated her before and she was my first girlfriend, but we did not break up over a misunderstanding; it was a clean break up! I don't love her anymore!" He tightly gripped her wrist and hurriedly said this.

Seeing the looks on them, her forehead creased and she coldly said, "Let go of me. If you want to talk, let's go somewhere private."

Although there was not much to hear, being entangled like this at the company entrance still looked scandalous.

"Fine! Fine!" He immediately released her wrist upon hearing her words, as though he were afraid of her regretting it.


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