Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
198 The Ally Who Knows How to Matchmake
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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198 The Ally Who Knows How to Matchmake

Feeling the cold stare on her, Pei Ge pursed her lips and slowly approached the hospital bed.

"I - I heard from Qin Qitong that you are hospitalized, so I came to visit you." As though afraid that Ji Ziming would misunderstand, she quickly added, "You got injured because of me, after all."

However, upon adding these words, she seemed to feel his gaze become a few degrees colder.

"Hmph!" he coldly snorted, looking slightly unhappy.

Qin Qitong blinked when she sensed her male cousin's anger and bitterly thought inside that she would already be out of this place if it were not for Pei Ge wanting to visit him.

However, for my Sister Pei Ge's sake, I must endure and remain upbeat. She comforted herself with this thought.

"Brother Ji, Sister Pei Ge personally boiled you fish soup! Are you hungry? Do you want to try it?" Qin Qitong grinned at her male cousin.

Glancing at the stainless steel thermos flask, he coldly replied, "Not hungry."

"Er…" Qin Qitong's mouth unhappily curved downward at how difficult her cousin was being, which caused her to be at a loss for words.

She could not fathom why her cousin had become more obstinate with Pei Ge's arrival.

Pei Ge, for her part, was unperturbed by his action. Lowering her head to look at the thermos flask in her hand, she only thought that she had cooked the soup for the man.

Although he said he isn't hungry, I can't bring this back home.

"I will just put this on your bedside table, then." She proceeded to place the thermos flask on the table next to his hospital bed.

When he still did not say anything, she was slightly disappointed. However, she had already expected such a scenario before she came to visit him.

"CEO Ji, thank you for saving my life yesterday. I can't just let the matter go as it was me who had caused you to be in such a state. I'm really sorry," she sincerely apologized and thanked him.

Qin Qitong was planning to pull Pei Ge out, but she decided against it when she heard her words, tactfully standing at the side.

Ji Ziming's expression softened when he saw her slightly moist eyes and lowered head as she spoke with much sincerity.

However, the thought of her only coming to see him out of guilt really made him feel uncomfortable.

"Mhm," he coldly hummed, as though he could not be bothered to talk with her.

She looked at his reaction, pursed her lips in discomfort, and then softly said, "Then… CEO Ji, please rest. The night is getting late, so I won't disturb you any further."

He frowned in displeasure when he heard her bid him goodbye after just arriving.

"Alright, Sister Pei Ge, I'm a little hungry. Why don't we go have supper?" Not realizing her cousin's displeasure, Qin Qitong happily hooked her arm through Pei Ge's and spoke with familiarity.

It was then that Pei Ge realized she had not eaten anything yet, so she nodded her head and softly said, "Mhm. Sounds good."

Shouldn't this damn, stupid woman be here to take good care of me?

His cold eyes were ablaze with intense displeasure by now, but, unfortunately, the two ladies were too dense to realize this.

Just as the two women were about to leave the ward, a light laughter echoed within.

"Yo, what a coincidence! Little Chili, you came to visit Ziming, too!"

Dressed in a trendy, baggy, red jacket, Mu Heng entered the room looking completely like a young handsome actor on TV.

Pei Ge frowned at the smirking Mu Heng.

She had a slightly negative impression of this man.

"Hey, you playboy, leave my Sister Pei Ge alone!" Qin Qitong saw the Casanova advancing toward them and quickly stood in front of Pei Ge to block his path as she stared at him fiercely.

"Little Apple, when did you get to know Little Chili?" Mu Heng arched an eyebrow at Qin Qitong who had moved to block his path.

"Hey, stupid Mu Heng, how many times do I have to tell you not to call me Little Apple?!" she angrily snapped at him.

If she had to say who she hated the most, she would say with a hundred-percent certainty that it was Mu Heng.

"Yi, your expression is too ugly." He blinked at her unfriendly look and said this scathingly.

"You are the ugly one!" Qin Qitong was a vain lady, so she extremely hated others calling her ugly.

He shrugged and did not argue back with her. Instead, he looked curiously at Pei Ge and then cast a glance at the seemingly depressed and angry Ji Ziming.

He seemed to have connected the dots as he lightly laughed.

Hearing his laughter, Qin Qitong rolled her eyes and moved to pull Pei Ge with her out of the room.

However, before she could even take one step forward, Mu Heng spoke, "Pei Ge, I heard that Ziming is hospitalized because of you." He looked humorlessly at her.

She immediately halted her footsteps, turned to look at Mu Heng, and nodded her head. "Mhm, it's truly because of me."

"Since you are the reason our Ziming got injured, then you should take care of him to express your apologies." His devilish grin made him look like a fox.

The moment he said this, the room descended into silence.

Eventually, Qin Qitong reacted first by rolling her eyes and saying in an exasperated voice, "My cousin has a nurse to take care of him. He doesn't need Sister Pei Ge!"

"Oh, really?" Mu Heng blinked and innocently diverted his question to a particular CEO, who was currently sitting upright on the hospital bed. "Ziming, what do you think of my idea?"

Just as the two ladies thought that Ji Ziming would refuse the suggestion, who knew—

"Mhm." Ji Ziming regarded Pei Ge coldly and then actually nodded in agreement to Mu Heng's suggestion!

Qin Qitong went Sparta at his nod.

Pei Ge was not any better. Hardly believing her ears, she stood there dumbly.

Among the people present in the room, only Mu Heng had a broad smile on his face as he warmly gazed at Ji Ziming and Pei Ge.

He knew full well how reserved his best friend was and knew he would definitely keep his thoughts to himself. He clearly did not want her to go, yet he still did not say anything and only silently sulked in the corner.

Ze! I am really a good friend! See, I even helped pave the way!


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