Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
199 My three meals will be prepared by you from here on.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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199 My three meals will be prepared by you from here on.

Pei Ge was still feeling giddy when she walked out of Ji Ziming's ward. She had yet to recover from that earlier episode of having been tasked to take care of the man from tomorrow onward.

"Sister Pei Ge, how did you get involved with my cousin and that playboy, Mu Heng?"

Qin Qitong empathized with her as she knew that her cousin was not exactly Mr. Congeniality.

She could already imagine Pei Ge being tortured to death if she stayed and took care of her cousin every day.

"Ah?" Qin Qitong's words jolted Pei Ge out of her dazed state.

"Sister Pei Ge, I really pity you. You actually have to be my cousin's nanny from tomorrow onward," she said sympathetically.

Pei Ge was speechless when Qin Qitong gave her a sympathetic look.

Ji Ziming must be very temperamental for Qitong to have this impression of him.

"It's fine. CEO Ji is hospitalized because of me, so I ought to take care of him." Pei Ge smiled at her, not the least bit resentful at having to take care of Ji Ziming.

"Sister Pei Ge, you have such a good temper. Whoever marries you will really hit the jackpot for having such a good woman as a wife." Qin Qitong grinned and reached for her wrist before pouting. "If I were a man, I would certainly marry Sister Pei Ge!"

Pui! Pei Ge giggled at Qin Qitong's serious appearance and shook her head. "Okay, little princess, let's go have supper."

"Mhm, let's go!"

Soon, the two left the building of Ji Ziming's ward.

"Ziming, you scared me to death yesterday. I didn't think that not only would you heroically save the damsel, you would also do it in such an earth-shaking way," Mu Heng teased Ji Ziming from beside his bed.

Ji Ziming glanced at his best friend and spoke softly, "Thanks for yesterday."

"Hei hei! Are you sure your 'thanks' is not for today, instead?" Mu Heng asked him in a shady tone.

Ji Ziming hummed but did not reply.

"Tsk! You have always been reticent since a young age. Can't you just share your thoughts a little?" Mu Heng felt exasperated at his friend's stoic face.

He grew up with Ji Ziming, so although he did not fully understand the latter, he could still tell some of his thoughts.

Take today as an example; his best friend obviously wanted Pei Ge to stay, but he did not voice it out and only looked petulant.

He was really very solemn, too. Ze, ze, ze!

When his best friend remained cold and unresponsive, he shifted his attention to the table where the woman had put the thermos flask earlier.

"Aye! I was eager to see you tonight, so I haven't eaten dinner yet." Mu Heng headed to the square, white table as he spoke.

He was clearly targeting the thermos flask.

"Did Little Chili cook this? She looks like a foodie, so she should be a good cook," he muttered.

Ji Ziming saw his best friend reaching out for the thermos flask, which was brought over by Pei Ge, and recalled Qin Qitong's words.

'… Sister Pei Ge personally boiled you fish soup!'

His eyes swept across Mu Heng and he told him off, "Put it down and don't touch it."

Mu Heng received a shock at his best friend's cold tone. Recovering himself, he rolled his eyes and responded, "Valuing a lover more than a friend, is that right?"

"In any case, you are very particular when it comes to your diet and only consumes food prepared by a five-star chef. Will you even be able to eat the food prepared by Little Chili?" He stared hard at Ji Ziming, not believing that the latter could eat Pei Ge's cooking.

Ji Ziming glanced at him coldly and replied, "That is none of your business."

"Yes, yes, yes, I am so scared of you! I won't eat it, okay?" He shrugged and regarded Ji Ziming with eyes that seemed to say, "Seriously, I don't know what to do with you."

Ji Ziming saw his expression and said, "Don't give me that repulsive look."

"Tsk, my love, you really hurt my feelings. Since you dislike me, I will find someone else." Mu Heng acted as if he were a jilted lady.

"Get lost." Raising an eyebrow, Ji Ziming said this sternly.

"Damn! I grew up with you; can't you treat me in a friendlier way?" Mu Heng's mouth twitched as he chastised his best friend.

Ji Ziming coldly snorted and ignored his request.

"Forget it; I am off to date my darling Xiang Xiang. I no longer wish to keep a boring man like you company." He then ruthlessly left Ji Ziming with a wave of his hand.

Once Mu Heng exited the ward, Ji Ziming leaned on the bed. He looked at the thermos flask on the table for a while and then got up from the bed.

Putting on his indoor slippers, he headed in the direction of the thermos flask.

Pak! He carefully removed the cover of the thermos flask and placed it on the table.

He then loosened the inner lid by twisting it counter-clockwise, and a stream of hot air flowed out from the thermos flask.

Following the stream of transparent heat was the fresh fragrance of fish.

The sight of the creamy white soup inside the flask caused Ji Ziming to suddenly feel hungry.

"It looks good…" he mumbled. Lifting up the flask, he poured the creamy white fish soup into the cover.

As if he were under a spell, the respectable CEO, who would only consume food prepared by a topnotch chef, surprisingly drank the fish soup that was painstakingly boiled for three hours by Pei Ge.

Gulu, gulu! He originally only intended to take a light sip, but that one sip made him unable to stop….

Pei Ge parted ways with Qin Qitong after having dinner and moved to return home. Managing to flag down a taxi, she had just gotten into it when she received a message.

[My three meals will be prepared by you from here on.]


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