Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
202 Doing nothing for a whole day is kind of dull.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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202 Doing nothing for a whole day is kind of dull.

The neither-big-nor-small square white marble table was currently filled with a plate of steamed dumplings, a bowl of lean meat porridge with preserved egg, and a dish of pickles.

Sitting at the table and closely witnessing the preparation of his breakfast, Ji Ziming suddenly thought that the doctor's diagnosis was truly accurate; he indeed had a minor concussion and needed to recuperate properly.

Otherwise, why would he make such a decision last night?

While today's breakfast was appetizing to Pei Ge, what kind of person was he? His eating habits were the most exquisite and he was very picky about his food.

These steamed dumplings and porridge were beautifully made in her eyes, but, from his perspective, they were… He was honestly unclear of what to call this breakfast.

"What is this?" He pointed at the bowl of white porridge before him.

"Lean meat porridge with preserved egg!" She looked at him with pity in her eyes and her facial expression seemed to say, "You poor thing, you don't even know what lean meat porridge with preserved egg is!"

He decided to quietly shift his gaze away from the plain porridge.

He could still recognize the dumplings, albeit he was used to eating smaller pearly white dumplings with almost translucent skin.

Still, they were very different from Pei Ge's white and tender steamed dumplings.

"These pickles were made by my mother. They're very delicious!" She did not notice his disappointment as she smilingly indicated the dish of pickles.

He could no longer hide his dismay. His mouth visibly twitched as he eyed the black dish pickles she had just gestured at.

"This is the breakfast you have prepared for me?" Ji Ziming lifted his head and looked at Pei Ge, who was looking at him with anticipation.

"Mhm! It's very delicious. My mother and I ate it this morning, and she found it sumptuous! If it weren't for me saving them, these ten dumplings would not remain," she happily spoke. Although she was exaggerating, it was just a little bit.

Seeing Pei Ge praise herself, the amused Ji Ziming no longer nitpicked at the food placed before him.

"CEO Ji, quickly tuck in. The food won't taste that good if it becomes cold." She expectantly gazed at the man.

Eventually, at her urging, he hesitantly picked up with his chopsticks a sickly white dumpling.

He placed it in his mouth and took a small bite, expecting that it would be hard to eat. However—


Ji Ziming paused slightly. Although the skin was thick, the stuffing in the dumpling was savory.

The saltiness and flavor were just right.

After finishing one dumpling, he placed his chopsticks down and picked up the spoon to take a mouthful of the porridge, which he thought would not be delicious.

He was once again surprised.

The porridge was smooth, salty, and delicious.

The taste was far from the porridge he had had before, but her having this level of skill at cooking was already surprising.

He was rather satisfied.

He soon finished all ten dumplings and the bowl of porridge; even the plate of unknown vegetables was sampled by him.

If Mu Heng were to witness the infamously picky Ji Ziming actually finish this below four-star standard meal, he would really salute Pei Ge.

"CEO Ji, this breakfast is to your liking, I hope?" Seeing him finish all the food she had prepared, the happy and satisfied smile on her face could not be removed.

Only then did he realize that he, who usually only ate lightly, actually finished this meal that he was initially disdainful of.

"Ke!" He lightly coughed and then replied indifferently, "It's alright."

Although he did not praise her food outright, hearing him say that was enough.

"As long as you don't hate it." She beamed at him as she packed the plates and utensils.

His expression softened at her happy countenance.

He liked seeing her happy, and the way her eyebrows eased really improved his mood.

"CEO Ji, since you've finished breakfast, I'll head to work now and bring you food at lunch," she said after packing the lunch box. She had little to do in the hospital, after all.

Who knew that he would reject this, though?

"No need. You don't have to go to the company before I am discharged. I already notified them." He fixed her with an indifferent look and then walked toward the full-length glass door leading to the balcony.

The moment he opened the balcony door, a gust of wind blew into room and filled it with the refreshing fragrance of flowers and grass.

However, while he was feeling relaxed, she was feeling despondent.

She thought that it would be a waste of time to stay here and do nothing!

"That! CEO Ji, I haven't bought any vegetables and can't cook here, so—" Before she could finish her words, he interrupted her.

"There's a kitchen here. I can have the ingredients you need delivered," he calmly said.

"…" She eyed his relaxed posture and felt uncomfortable.

Although his face was indeed good to look at, keeping him company and doing nothing for a whole day would be too boring.

Moreover, she felt a little awkward and uncomfortable….

"CEO Ji, staying here without doing anything is a bit boring." She had just finished speaking when she saw him pause his action of picking up a book.

It was boring to be with him?

He turned his head over to look at her blandly and said coolly, "Since there is nothing to do, then go out and buy something for me."

Ah? Buy things?!

When she saw the shopping list, she felt uncomfortable.

This annoying person made her stay to mess with her, right?!


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