Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
203 CEO Ji, please obediently lie in bed.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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203 CEO Ji, please obediently lie in bed.

Exiting the hospital, Pei Ge felt faint as she looked at the shopping list in her hand.

She could read the English words in it, but when they were grouped together, she really could not understand them.

And, and, and what exactly is this unrecognizable doodle?!

Fortunately, there was something on Earth called 'Baidu'.

She did a search of all the items in the list and could not hold herself back from cursing, Damn! This annoying person is definitely messing with me!

All the foreign words in the list were actually book titles.

"Didn't the doctor advise him to rest to recuperate from his minor concussion? Why buy so many books…" She looked helplessly at the shopping list and mumbled this with a trace of concern.

Although she was complaining like this, Ji Ziming was still her boss, so she eventually hailed a taxi by the hospital entrance and headed toward the biggest bookstore in the capital.

Once she arrived at the bookstore, she became firmer in her belief that that annoying person was messing with her! The list might not be long, but many bookstores did not have the books listed in it!

"Sorry miss, we only have these two books. As for the rest, we really don't have them."

She shifted uncomfortably at the salesclerk's words.

This is already the biggest bookstore in the capital, so where can I go buy the unavailable ones?!

"Miss, most of the books in your list are for a niche audience, with some even being limited releases, so… we hardly bring them in. If you really want to read them, go to the library. Maybe, they have them in there," the salesperson kindly suggested.

Hearing these words, she wholly ascertained that that bastard was truly trying to make her life hard. He was a bookworm; how could he not know that the average bookstores did not sell the books he read?!

More importantly, that annoying person did not even tell her what was written in the shopping list before she left!

"Miss," the salesclerk asked upon noticing her dazed look, "do you want me to ready those two books for you to purchase?"

"No need!" She returned to her senses and rejected flatly.

"Eh?" Seeing her ugly expression, the salesclerk asked tentatively, "Miss, do you have any other question?"

I have! Of course, I have! Her question was not for the salesclerk in front of her, though, but for the man who lay comfortably in the bed at the hospital, instead.

"I've decided not to buy the books." Since she could not buy everything in the list, then she might as well not buy anything.


She then left the bookstore under the salesclerk's confused gaze.

She lifted the shopping list in her hand and uncontrollably rolled her eyes.

The annoying person probably thought that she would tire herself out just to find all these listed books all over the capital, but….

"He he!" she giggled as she thought of something.

"Hmph!" She whistled a tune as she walked toward the taxi stand, raised her hand, and flagged down a taxi to the hospital.

The taxi arrived at the hospital and she returned to the man's VIP ward.

Only an hour had passed since she left and returned to his ward.

Of course, Ji Ziming was shocked to see Pei Ge return this soon.

Seeing her empty hands, he arched an eyebrow and coldly asked, "Where are the books?"

"I didn't buy any," she replied neutrally.

"Didn't buy any?" He gave her a slightly cold look. He knew that the books in the list were hard to find, but, if one were really determined enough, at least half of the listed books could be found. This damn woman, however, did not buy even one. Who did she think was the reason he got injured?!

His eyes grew colder and his expression became stormier at that thought. He was currently exuding a terrifying aura, yet she unexpectedly remained unfazed by it.

With a serious look and a strict tone, she said, "I actually found a few books, but then I thought about it – you are sick, and the doctor advised you to rest. I didn't buy the books because I think that reading them will stress your brain."

"…" He looked at her expression that seemed to say "I'm doing this for you" and was stunned for a moment.

"CEO Ji, it is not that I want to say this, but, with your injured head, you should stop thinking about reading and just lie in the bed obediently."

In that moment, she blurted out words meant for coaxing a child.

Only after she had finished saying them did she remember whom she was currently talking to.

Eh eh eh! I seem to have overstepped my boundaries with those words.

She carefully lifted her eyes and cautiously eyed him, only to find that the ugly look on his face had faded.

Instead, her sight was greeted with the man's surprised look.

The emotion reflected in his deep-set eyes made him look a bit… cute?

She blinked at his suddenly 'cute' appearance and her mouth curled into a smile.

The smile on her face made him recover from his shock and caused his cold look to return.

"Make the bed!" he coldly snapped.

"Alright, CEO Ji!" She nodded and quickly went to tidy up the bed sheet that did not require any tidying up.

She was somewhat amused that the annoying person seemed to be feeling embarrassed.

After she smoothed the bed with her palms, she glanced fleetingly at him and noticed that his ears were slightly red?

She wanted to observe him closely, but he coldly instructed her, "It is almost noon; go to the kitchen."

"Ah? It is only 10 A.M., though." She blinked. He wants me to make lunch now?

"I want to eat at 11:30 A.M.," he coldly informed her. His 'cute' look was long gone.

"Oh, alright, CEO Ji." She nodded in agreement, her eyes furtively checking his ears.

Seeing his white earlobes, she muttered to herself, Was it my imagination? His ears were clearly red moments ago.


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