Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
206 She is not her. She cannot be her.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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206 She is not her. She cannot be her.

Pei Ge was completely unaware that a certain CEO was standing behind her and furtively watching her like an idiot.

Once she was done cleaning the ugly red fish, she placed it in a pot and cooked it the way she usually did.

After leaving the fish to boil in the pot, she began chopping the vegetables that she would sauté.

Da, da, da! The sound of the knife continuously hitting the chopping board filled the kitchen.

It added warmth into the quiet kitchen.

Ji Ziming, who only ate and had never seen his meal being prepared firsthand, found the way she busied herself in the kitchen rather interesting.

The lighting in the kitchen was good, too. Sunlight filtered through the window and bathed her in golden glow, making everything seem homey.

He unknowingly stood at the kitchen door for a long while.

By the time he recovered from his stupor, she had already finished cooking one dish.

Upon completing one dish, she turned around and saw that he had not left.

She blinked in shock and asked perplexedly, "CEO Ji, why are you still at the door?"

"No particular reason." He glanced at her before scurrying away from the kitchen.

She watched him leave the kitchen with haste and tut-tutted. "If it weren't for you getting injured because of me, why would I cook for you?"

This tut-tutting was of course not heard by him, who returned to his bed in a flustered and unsettled state.

He did not expect for her to have such an effect on him.

He admitted caring for the stupid woman, yet he did not expect for her to already be entrenched deeply in his heart and have impact on him in such a large scale.

"Damn it…" He pursed his lips as his good-looking forehead folded.

His tone, although it sounded angry, actually had a hint of… love. However, even he himself was unaware of this.

He took a book from his drawer to maintain his composure.

He sat comfortably in the chair and read the book in his hand. As he read, the expression on his face gradually returned to his usual indifferent look.

"Lunch is ready, CEO Ji." She brought the vegetable dishes out of the kitchen and saw the man reading a book.

He appeared to be absorbed on the book as he did not even notice her enter the room.

Seeing him like this, she quickly placed the dishes on the square table and took large strides toward him.

"CEO Ji, the doctor told you not to overtax your brain to recover fast." She then took the book in his hands and put it in the drawer. She did this so very naturally.

His senses had yet to return at this point. After his book was taken away, he looked up with surprise at the face before him.

"Why is it you again?" he mumbled as he gazed at her with a stunned expression.

She was baffled by his question. "CEO Ji, are you alright?"

Did the book really stress his mind and turned him silly? Next time, I will definitely do my best to keep his books away from him!

Seeing her look at him as if he were a retard, he frowningly asked, "What do you need?"

"It is of course to inform you that your food is ready." She was taken aback at how quick his expression could change.

This annoying person is more fickle-minded than a woman with his ability to change his face many times a day! Seriously!

He gazed at her wordlessly, rose from the chair, and walked toward the square table.

However, as he took a couple of steps forward, he realized that the woman was not following him.

Looking backward, he saw her collecting the books on the table and in the drawer.

"What are you doing?" he frowningly asked in a slightly cold tone.

"Ah?" She lifted her head and, with an especially innocent look, explained, "The doctor advised you not to stress your brain, so I am confiscating all these books for now. You can have them back after you have recovered."

As if to make a point, she muttered, "Weren't you reading till you were in a daze earlier…."

Hmph! Hmph! Who told you to treat me with such a bad attitude usually? Now, it is my turn to teach you a lesson! I'm going to keep all your books from you and bore you to death!

When he heard her chastising yet concerned words, warmth suffused his heart and made him smile.

He gazed at the woman with gentle eyes. This was when he saw slyness flash in her eyes.

Pu dong, pu dong! His heart began to beat rapidly as the sly look in her eyes evoked familiar feelings….

She turned around after she had kept all the books, and when she saw him daydreaming again, she walked over to him and waved her hand before his eyes.

"CEO Ji, why are you daydreaming again? Come eat—"

Before her words ended, he caught her waving hand and tightly gripped it.

His grip was vice-like and inescapable.

"Ah!" She jumped in surprise at the cold touch.

She looked him directly in the eyes, only to receive another shock.

The indifferent dark eyes that stared back at her were filled with confusion.

"CEO Ji?" His doubtful gaze made her forget to struggle against his grip.

"You… Are you alright?" she gulped and asked softly.

Seeing her cautious manner, he lowered his eyes and let go of her warm and soft hand.

She's not her. She can't be her.

Unknowingly, emptiness gripped his heart the moment that soft and warm palm left his grip.

Rudely getting pushed away again, she merely rolled her eyes.

Must he always act like this every time? He also behaved like this in the office elevator before! Hmph! Just like that time, I'm not the one who grabbed him this time, too!

"CEO Ji, the food will get cold if you don't eat it now," she said in a voice filled with unhappiness.

"Mhm." He could tell that she was a little miffed. He wanted to say something, but he eventually merely hummed his assent before turning around.

Pei Ge looked the man's long and broad back. Despite him wearing a hospital gown, he did not lose any of his coolness.

Hmph! I will only let it go this time since you got injured because of me!


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