Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
207 It is really delicious. Try it if you don“t believe me!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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207 It is really delicious. Try it if you don“t believe me!

The square table was laden with dishes and soup.

The bluish-white porcelain tableware exquisitely matched the white granite table.

It was such a waste of these porcelain plates' beauty, however, to hold the dishes Pei Ge had cooked, as they were just too homely.

A set of more presentable and savory cuisines would have complemented the porcelain plates' color better.

The dishes on the table had yet to be sampled. While they smelled nice, their 'color' was somewhat bland.

Ji Ziming eyed the dishes and soup on the table with an arched brow. They looked good, but they were honestly plain.

"Well? Looks delicious, right?" Pei Ge was obviously satisfied with the dishes and soup she had cooked. She even snuck a taste after cooking them and found them to be very delicious.

She felt that this meal was her best attempt at cooking ever!

This was especially true for the bowl of fish soup; it was flavorful and delicious beyond description.

Although the red fish looked ugly, it was unexpectedly tasty!

"It looks ordinary," he responded calmly when he saw how pleased she was with her accomplishment.

"Ke ke ke!" She lightly coughed at his words and then said, "They may not look special, but once you have a bite of them, I guarantee that they taste really delicious!

He was initially slightly hesitant to try the food, but he was amused by her way of recommending it, so he decided to give it a try.

"Alright, give me a bowl of soup," he ordered.

"Okay!" she excitedly answered and swiftly poured a bowl of soup for him.

She then carefully placed the soup before him and proceeded to look intently at him.

He held the bowl up, scooped a spoonful of the soup, and sipped it.

Looking at his slow action, she ridiculed inside, What is there to be cautious about? It's just drinking a bowl of soup! Just drink it outright!

After sipping the creamy white fish soup slowly, his face gradually softened.

This was definitely more pleasant-tasting than the previous fish soup.

"How is it?" She could not help but look at him expectantly. Helping her mom cook food for their stall in high school, she rarely cooked after.

Besides her mother, Tang Xiaoyu, and Zhou Zhuoyang, no one else had ever tasted her cooking.

While she had no inclination toward cooking, others liking her cooked food still gave her satisfaction.

"Mhm." He gracefully put down his bowl after he finished eating the fish soup.

She felt disappointed with his response.

Does his response mean the soup tastes good or bad? Forget it! Getting acknowledgment from this man is harder than ascending the heavens. Plus, he was very fussy about that delicious Japanese food before, so how can my cooking satisfy him? With these thoughts in mind, she cast away all her expectations.

"CEO Ji, please carry on with your food; I'm off-duty for now!" She said while scooping rice for the man.

He paused moving his chopsticks at her words.

"Where are you going?" He put down the chopsticks and shifted his gaze on to her.

"Have my lunch somewhere near the hospital," she responded matter-of-factly.

He frowned at her response and ordered, "Sit down."

"Ah?" She blinked with confusion. Clueless of why he would ask her to take a seat, she still complied with his order before looking at him questioningly.

He was pleased to see her do what she was told to do. Without any explanation, he stood up and walked out.

Before she could react, he was already out of the room.

"What is the situation? Does he want me to stay for lunch?" She groaned softly, not believing her deduction herself.

Eyeing the delicious dishes on the table, she involuntarily swallowed her saliva.

She was really craving to taste her cooking, as it was really delicious! She had secretly tasted them in the kitchen and even drank a big bowl of fish soup!

She almost drooled as she covetously looked at the dishes on the table.

He returned in time to see her gluttonously eyeing the food. His lips slightly curled upward and he proceeded to lay the crockery on the table.


She saw the crockery, blinked her eyes, and raised her head.

She blinked at him with her big, round eyes that were full of astonishment.

Was this annoying person telling her to have lunch with him?

"CEO Ji, what is this…" She was still in disbelief even when he placed the crockery before her.

He was made unhappy by her disbelieving look.

The long and well-defined hand grabbed the tableware away from her again.

Indeed, how can Ji Ziming be so nice… she grumbled internally when the crockery was taken away from her. However, before she could finish this line of thought—

She saw him fill a green bowl with soup and then placed it before her.

There was an unspeakable beauty in the fair fingers and green bowl… and, in that instant, she was stunned by the breathtaking scene.

"For me?" Only after he had retracted her fingers did she finally recover from her shock.

"Eat your meal." Ji Ziming, who was a man of few words, simply picked up the Chinese yam with his chopsticks and gracefully ate it.

"Oh!" She beamed at his stony cold face.

He might be annoying most of the time, but he was not bad at this moment.

She lowered her head and happily drank the piping hot fish soup.

Ha! This is truly tasty! There are still four fish left in the kitchen… I'm not sure if he still wants them, but in case he doesn't, I should ask him if I can take them home to boil soup for my mom to taste.

Pei Ge, who had her head lowered, was unaware that the poker-faced man was actually observing her.

The thin lips, which were initially zipped into a straight line, grinned slightly….


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