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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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215 Rascal, why are you naked?!

Pei Ge screamed at the top of her lungs when she saw Ji Ziming dry his hair with only a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Ahhhh!" Her scream pierced the air and caused the man, who had just exited the bathroom, to jump in surprise.

He did not hear someone come in, so hearing this piercing scream the moment he came out of the shower caused his beautiful forehead to fold tightly.

"Stop screaming!" Identifying who was making a racket, the crease on his forehead grew deeper.

She immediately stopped screaming when she saw his frown and quickly turned around.

"You! You! Why are you naked?!" she demanded with her back turned.

Her thoughts were now fully occupied with the image of the man's chiseled torso.

He found it hilarious the way she reacted like a frightened little rabbit and how quickly she had turned away.

What was there to be shy about? He still remembered how unrestrained she was in giving herself to him when they first met.

Wu… That happened while she was drunk, though.

Seeing the man ignore her question, she pursed her lips and, with her back facing him, yelled, "Quickly put on clothes!"

At her shy reaction, he could not resist teasing her.

"I'm done," he calmly informed with a smile as he continued to dry his hair with a white towel.

She thoughtlessly turned around at this.

However, with that one turn, she saw the man's muscular torso. She did not scream this time, yet her face turned completely red.

It was as though she had been burned.

"You! You! Why did you lie to me?!" She was more angry than shy. Instead of turning around, she glared daggers at the man who had teased her.

"How was I lying?" He arched an eyebrow and continued to dry his hair unaffectedly.

"You said that you've put on clothes but you haven't!" She pointed at him angrily.

"Oh, but I really did." His mouth turned upward at her feistiness before shifting his gaze on to the towel around his waist.

She followed his gaze and saw the white towel wrap around his waist. Seeing his well-defined muscles, her cheeks turned crimson red.

She began to daydream. The man was the type that looked slim with clothes on but was actually muscular underneath.

Although she had seen the annoying person's bare body before, this was the first time she could carefully observe it clear-headedly.

"Ke!" He initially wanted to tease her, but now that she was staring at his lower body with focused eyes, he could not help but feel awkward.

Hearing his light cough, she recovered from her daze.

She pursed her lips abashedly and, to cover her guilt, indignantly demanded, "How is that considered as wearing clothes, you rascal?!"

His mood soured in an instant at her question. Rascal? How was he a rascal?!

He took a few big steps toward her and, with his deep-set eyes, fixed her with a cold stare. "Who are you calling a rascal?"

She instinctively retreated and nervously swallowed her saliva. She was about to say something when—


The white towel around his waist became loose – possibly from his movement – and dropped to the floor, revealing what was hidden below.

"RASCAL!" She dropped the food container on the floor and screamed with her eyes shut.

His mouth twitched at her reaction.

"Hey!" He was almost rendered speechless by her. The towel truly did fall, but it was not as if he was wearing nothing underneath.

"You! You annoying person, quickly put on clothes!" she yelled with her eyes still shut.

In her embarrassment, she blurted out her secret nickname for him.

"Annoying person?" He narrowed his eyes and approached her.

Although she could not see him with her eyes shut, she could still hear his footsteps.

Based on the sound of footsteps, he was definitely approaching her. Thus, she quickly stretched her hand out and waved it frantically in front of her.

"You! Don't you dare come over while you are naked!"

"Did you just call me an 'annoying person'?" He eyed Pei Ge, who was covering her eyes with one hand and frantically waving in front of her with the other hand. He grabbed her flailing arm and coldly asked this.

Panic settled in when he grabbed her wrist. She fiercely struggled against his grasp as she yelled angrily, "Ji Ziming, you let go of me!"

Failing to free her hand from his grip, the hand covering her eyes also shot out to wave about.

Nonetheless, she did not dare to look downward as she was afraid to see something she should not.

Because of this, she did not notice that she was about to step on the food container she had dropped to the ground in her panic.

"Don't move!" While she did not see it, he did.

His eyebrows knitted into a line as he moved to pull her into his embrace, but she still ended up stumbling on the food container due to her fierce struggling.

"Ah!" She lost her footing the moment she stepped on it.

He bit his lower lip and agilely wrapped his arm around her waist, his right hand tugging at her.

His slippers were unfortunately still damp and slippery from the recent shower, so he failed to pull her up as he had intended to do and, instead, fell down with her.

Hence, the two of them fell to the ground together….


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