Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
219 The respectable CEO actually has such an affectionate side.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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219 The respectable CEO actually has such an affectionate side.

Pei Ge found it funny when Qin Qitong cast her a grateful look.

This naïve girl actually forgot that I dragged her in earlier. If I didn't do that, she wouldn't be here receiving a lecture from Ji Ziming.

Pei Ge regrettably did not fully know of the man's temper. In actuality, even if she did not drag Qin Qitong in the room today, he would still find a chance later on to lecture her.

"Alright, alright, Qitong. Didn't you come to deliver breakfast for your cousin? Hurry up and bring it over." She blinked and urged her to hurry up.

Seeing the way she looked at her, Qin Qitong felt really exasperated inside. Sister Pei Ge, you still don't know my cousin that well! You are too sweet!

With an upset face, she cautiously moved toward her cousin.

"Bro - Brother Ji, this is the breakfast I've brought for you." She carefully placed the food container on the table and brought out different types of western food.

It was then that she discovered what her cousin was eating for breakfast.

"Ah, Brother Ji, you've really hit your head! You are actually eating such gross-looking food!" Seeing how unsightly the breakfast on the table looked, Qin Qitong thoughtlessly blurted out these callous words.

The atmosphere inside the hospital ward turned frigid in an instant.

"…" Pei Ge felt uncomfortable. Is the food I make really that unsightly? That Sister Yun and frivolous Mu Heng also said this before.

She suddenly felt that she did not have any talent for cooking.

The inviting look of the western breakfast on the square table only cemented this notion that the breakfast she had made was just too horrible!

Just as she was feeling upset because of this fact, Ji Ziming chided his cousin in a tone that had a touch of anger.

"Qin Qitong!"

"Er!" She, who was just speaking crassly, was frightened by him into silence.

Feeling wronged, she lowered her head and muttered to herself, What did I do this time?!

It was obvious that her cousin only ate food made by those Michelin chefs! The breakfast on the table looked nothing like it, so if there was nothing wrong with his head, then what would…

"Ah!" She suddenly thought of Pei Ge and cried out in shock. "Sister Pei Ge, don't tell me that you made this breakfast for my cousin?!"

When the latter nodded, she was stunned.

Aima, no wonder! How unexpected! My cousin actually has this affectionate side when it comes to his lover!

What she found even more unbelievable was that he seemed to be enjoying the breakfast very much.

No, no! Now is not the time for that. I should quickly explain myself to my future cousin-in-law!

"Sis - Sister Pei Ge, it's not that your cooking is bad. It's just that, maybe you don't know, my cousin usually only eats meals that are cooked by five-star chefs, so…" Qin Qitong blinked and looked at her guiltily. "Your cooking is not really bad; I'm just saying that my cousin is too picky."

"Pu!" Pei Ge, who was still slightly upset about her earlier comment, laughed out loud at her placating words.

This lass is so naive! While she successfully explained herself to Pei Ge, she actually ended up offending her cousin again.

Unknown if it was her imagination, Qin Qitong suddenly felt cold.

"Alright, go to work," he coldly ordered as he gave Qin Qitong, who was trying to appease Pei Ge, a withering look.

At this point, Qin Qitong had thought it through. As long as she could get on Pei Ge's good side, she would not have to fear Ji Ziming's cold face. How could she bear to leave now? All she wanted now was to hug Pei Ge and hang out with her.

"He he! Cousin, since I'm already late, I'll just accompany you guys here and not go to work," she said in a cutesy manner.

Who knew that he would not buy it at all and shoot her a cold look, instead? His voice was frigid when he spoke, "Since you don't want to go to work, then you don't ever have to return."

She immediately panicked.

"Ah, Cousin! How can you do that?!" she demanded indignantly as she stared wide-eyed at him.

"You don't want to go to work, right?" he remarked coldly, wholly ignoring her wronged look.

"… I'll go! I'll go to work, alright?!" She gave him an aggrieved look and resigned herself to her fate.

"Mhm." He stopped minding her and picked up his chopsticks to eat the breakfast Pei Ge had prepared.

Seeing the way her cousin ate his breakfast elegantly, she pouted angrily and muttered to herself, You just wait and see! I'll definitely speak poorly of you in front of Sister Pei Ge! Hmph!

With this thought in mind, she felt a lot better.

She turned to address Pei Ge forlornly, "Sister Pei Ge, I'll go off now. Let's have desserts after work is over."

Pei Ge felt sympathy for her and unhesitatingly nodded in agreement. "Alright. It's my treat tonight."

"Mhm!" Qin Qitong happily skipped out of the hospital ward upon her agreement.

While Qin Qitong was happy, Ji Ziming was very much not.

Was this dumb woman not supposed to accompany him for dinner?

When he finished eating breakfast, she noticed that he only ate the breakfast she had made and not any of the tasty-looking western dishes Qin Qitong had brought over.

"CEO Ji, all these… Are you not eating any of them?" She blinked in disbelief.

He actually ate her unsightly-looking breakfast instead of the delicious-looking western breakfast…

Er, is it really as Qin Qitong has said? Did he hit his head a little too hard?

"Mhm, not eating." He wiped his mouth gracefully and gave this reply.

She suddenly felt that it was a pity to waste all these delicious-looking dishes.

"It will be a waste to just throw them away. If you are not eating them, then… Can I eat them?" The appetizing food made the foodie Pei Ge hungry despite having eaten her breakfast at home.

Seeing how her entire focus was on the food, his mouth slightly curled. "Mhm."


She cheered internally and promptly sat next to the man. She then picked up the knife and fork and started eating the western breakfast.

Honestly speaking, she still preferred Chinese cuisine over western cuisine.

Breakfast should consist of nutritious food and not of oily food, such as ham, sausage, et cetera.

However, the western breakfast Qin Qitong had brought over for her cousin today…

Damn! How can it be so delicious?! It's way better than the breakfast I made! Ji Ziming must have really hit his head hard!


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