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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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222 He wants to destroy our dates!

Pei Ge dried her hands with a towel and then answered the phone.


"Sister Pei Ge, I am done with work! Where do you want to eat? Want to visit our usual dessert shop?" Qin Qitong's bubbly voice was filled with excitement as she spoke through the phone.

Pei Ge instantly felt guilty upon hearing the other's excited voice.

"Sister Pei Ge?" Qi Qitong tentatively called out when she received no response from her.

"Ke ke ke! What, oh, Qitong, I've already eaten," she spoke softly on the phone receiver.

"Ah, what?! You've already eaten?!" Qin Qitong screeched.

"Mhm…" She held the phone away from her ear and gave this reply.

"Sister Pei Ge, didn't I tell you to only eat a light snack?" Qin Qitong asked accusingly.

"I couldn't help it…" she reasoned, feeling bashful.

"What did you eat?" Qin Qitong was suddenly curious. What kind of delicious food made it hard for her to restrain herself?

"Er… It's not exactly anything special; just the food I've cooked myself," she answered coyly.

"… " Qin Qitong was silent for a moment and then exploded, "I knew it! Must be the handiwork of my dear cousin, that petty ghost! He just wants to destroy our date!"

"Qitong, you're thinking too much." She was clearly the one who had eaten a lot. What did it have to do with that annoying person?

That annoying person was acting slightly weird today, though.

"I don't care; I don't care! Tonight you must have dinner with me!" Qin Qitong cried out and refused to give in.

She shook her head in amusement. Qitong must be very hungry now, she thought, so she said, "Alright, I will come with you."

"Mhm! Hei hei, I knew it; Sister Pei Ge is the best!" Qin Qitong cheered.

"What would you like to eat?" Pei Ge asked with a smile.

"What I'd like to eat?" After much thought, Qin Qitong smilingly said, "Since you have eaten, let's go for pizza! I'll eat pizza, and you can order drinks and dessert."

"Oh, sure."

She hung up the phone once she was done making arrangements with Qin Qitong.

Ater she had washed the dishes, she took off the apron and went into Ji Ziming's ward.

"CEO Ji, I'm leaving now. You rest well, and I'll see you tomorrow," she told him with a smile and then picked up her handbag.

He looked at her and said, "Mhm. Don't come here so early tomorrow."

She blushed profusely at his words as they reminded her of this morning's incident.

Geez! Can't he make up his mind? He said I was late that first morning, and then I came too early this morning. What time is appropriate for me to come, then?! Plus… What did this annoying person mean?! Should I be blamed for this morning's incident? He is evidently the one who didn't know how to get dressed after showering… she grumbled to herself all the way out of the man's private ward.

Catching a glimpse of the leaving woman's gloomy face, he suddenly looked forward to tomorrow.

Getting confined in the hospital does not seem that bad, hmm…

Once she was out of the hospital facility, she hailed a taxi to a Pizza Hut outlet in the city.

"Sister Pei Ge, I'm here; I'm here!"

Alighting from the cab and entering Pizza Hut, she immediately spotted Qin Qitong, who was standing in a spot and waving at her livelily, before she could call out to her.

Although it was past dinner time, a lot of customers were still in this outlet.

Many customers turned their attention to her when Qin Qitong called out her name.

She made a beeline for Qin Qitong under the other patrons' gazes.

"Can you keep it down?" She stared at Qin Qitong while she sat down.

Qin Qitong playfully stuck out her tongue and said softly, "Alright, alright; I'll be more careful next time. Sister Pei Ge, let's order."

"You haven't ordered yet?" She fixed Qin Qitong, who was holding a menu, an odd stare.

"Mhm, not yet. I don't know what you want to eat, so I'm waiting for your arrival before ordering." Qin Qitong winked at her in a bid to win her favor.

She smile helplessly and said, "I already told you that I have eaten; you just order what you like."

In the midst of their lively chatter, the two ordered their dinner.

The pizza and dessert were quickly served, and from the way Qin Qitong gobbled down her food, she could tell that Qin Qitong was really famished.

"Sister Pei Ge, you don't know what a Madam Kill-all Yang Aoyun is! She gave me this huge pile of work to do." After concentrating on her food for a while, Qin Qitong halted her eating to grumble about Yang Aoyun while gesticulating.

Pei Ge helplessly shook her head at Qin Qitong's indignation. "How can you call Director Yang a Madam Kill-all?"

She had always liked and idolized Yang Aoyun from the time she joined the Planning Department until now that she was part of the CEO Secretariat.

"How is she not? The internet has always termed the most unreasonable, vigorous, and ridiculous person in a corporate setting as Madam Kill-all. Besides, I'm not the one who came up with that nickname; it's the entire Planning Department!" Qin Qitong said in a bullheaded manner.

"Yi?" She widened her eyes in surprise. When did this happen? She had not heard of any nickname for Yang Aoyun when she was still at the Planning Department.

Without noticing it, they finished dinner as they chattered.

She initially thought that she could go home after dining with Qin Qitong, but who knew that the latter would drag her along to shop for clothes.

Thus, she could only call home to inform her mother that she would be out later than usual to go shopping with her colleague.

She regretted it once she reached the shopping mall with Qin Qitong, though.

Watching her shop reminded Pei Ge that Qin Qitong was a rich pampered girl that only shopped for luxury goods.

After gallivanting through a few shops, Qin Qitong pulled her into the Chanel shop.

However, Pei Ge never expected to meet the most unlikely person in the store.


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