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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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224 Pei Ge, you will regret this!

<p>"My sincere apologies, Miss Qin." The woman bowed to Qin Qitong and gave Liu Yue, who had frozen up at the side, a furious glare. "Hurry up and apologize to Miss Qin!"</p><p>Liu Yue sucked it up and apologized to Qin Qitong at her manager's prompting.</p><p>"I'm sorry, Miss Qin." <em>Why?! I am clearly superior to Pei Ge in every way, so why does everyone like her more?!</em></p><p>"Hur hur. She doesn't need to apologize to me. She should apologize to Sister Pei Ge, instead." Qin Qitong looked at Liu Yue coldly.</p><p>"Hurry up and apologize to Miss Qin's friend!" the woman in black uniform impatiently urged Liu Yue.</p><p>The store manager was now feeling immense regret for agreeing to the request of their regular patron, Pei Shishi, to employ this troublesome woman.</p><p><em>Fire her! I must definitely fire an employee like her!</em></p><p>The manager thought that Liu Yue would apologize to Pei Ge like she had done with Qin Qitong, but who knew that Liu Yue would instead glare at Pei Ge with much hatred? Her attitude was as though Pei Ge owed her a lot of money.</p><p>"Liu Yue!" the woman roared in anger when she saw her disrespectful attitude.</p><p>Liu Yue remained silent, though. She could apologize to anyone but Pei Ge. <em>She's the only person in this world that I won't ever apologize!</em></p><p>"Hur hur." Qin Qitong coldly laughed and was about to say something to Pei Ge when the latter spoke first.</p><p>"Forget it. Let's just go. We shouldn't waste our time on her, lest she spoil our mood." Pei Ge tugged at Qin Qitong.</p><p><em>I refuse to breathe the same air as her anymore. In fact, if I knew that she is working in this shop, I would definitely not come in here with Qitong.</em></p><p>"Mhm-kay." Qin Qitong nodded her head. After Pei Ge changed her clothes back and before they left, Qin Qitong did not forget to say a few words.</p><p>"If I come here next time and see her—"</p><p>Before Qin Qitong finished her sentence, the store manager quickly spoke, "Rest assured, Miss Qin. Even if you don't say it, I will still fire her. She was recommended by a regular customer, so I was forced to hire her, but…"</p><p>"Who recommended her?" Qin Qitong's curiosity was piqued by this.</p><p>"Oh, it is the Pei Family Real Estate's daughter, Miss Pei Shishi." The store manager did not see any benefit in hiding this matter, so she immediately gave the person's name.</p><p>The three people froze up at that.</p><p>Pei Ge froze up because she never thought she would hear her cousin's name in connection with Liu Yue. Still, this only proved that Pei Shishi was truly the mastermind behind that slanderous post about her.</p><p>Qin Qitong froze up because she knew that Pei Ge's former job was at the Pei Family Real Estate and that this company was owned by the latter's relatives.</p><p>As for Liu Yue, she froze up because she did not expect for Pei Ge to find out her connection to Pei Shishi under such circumstance.</p><p>Once the manager said this, her heart pounded hard.</p><p>It was not because of fright but… because of excitement, instead.</p><p>She hated Pei Ge and Pei Shishi with passion, so she could not wait to see the two fight each other.</p><p>Thinking of this, Liu Yue expectantly looked at Pei Ge with malice.</p><p><em>Are you curious? Hurry up and ask me of my relationship to Pei Shishi!</em></p><p>Pei Ge could of course feel Liu Yue's scheming gaze, yet she did not pay it any heed.</p><p>She had learned of the two's relationship from Bi Zheng long ago, after all.</p><p>"Qitong, let's go." She merely pulled Qin Qitong out of the shop without even sparing Liu Yue a glance.</p><p>Qin Qitong was of course curious of the relationship between Liu Yue and that whatever Pei Family's daughter and wanted to question Liu Yue about it, but upon noticing Pei Ge's disinterest over the topic, she could only obediently follow her out of the shop.</p><p>Just as the two exited the store, Liu Yue suddenly shouted in their direction.</p><p>"Pei Ge, aren't you curious of Pei Shishi's relation to me? Don't you want to know why your cousin would help me get this job?!"</p><p>"Hm?!" Qin Qitong widened her eyes in shock, whereas Pei Ge remained expressionless.</p><p>Qin Qitong quickly pulled Pei Ge to a stop.</p><p>"Sister Pei Ge, that whatever Pei Family's daughter is your cousin?" she asked.</p><p>Pei Ge frowned lightly at her question but still nodded her head. "Yes. Let's go, Qitong. Ignore her."</p><p>"But… Why did your cousin help her get a job?" Qin Qitong felt worried about Pei Ge upon hearing Liu Yue's words, so she wanted for Liu Yue to explain more.</p><p>"There's nothing for you to worry about. Let's just get out of here," she reassured Qin Qitong with a smile when she saw the latter's worried look. She of course knew why her cousin had helped Liu Yue get a job in this store.</p><p>It could only be because Liu Yue had sought Pei Shishi's help, and to shut her mouth, her cousin helped Liu Yue out.</p><p>Upon thinking of this, her heart sank.</p><p>She had always looked up to her cousin.</p><p>She sincerely liked her cousin and treated her as a real sister. Other than her parents, the person she liked the most was her cousin.</p><p>Thus, when she received evidence from Bi Zheng of her cousin's involvement in that slanderous post about her, she decided to turn a blind eye to it.</p><p>However, when she heard about her cousin directly from Liu Yue, she made up her mind to face this matter bravely from here on.</p><p>"Sister Pei Ge, are you alright?" Qin Qitong asked worriedly when Pei Ge's face turned pensive.</p><p>"I'm fine. Let's go." Pei Ge shook her head to disperse the somber mood that that had settled over her before giving Qin Qitong a reassuring smile.</p><p>"Mhm." Although she was still curious, Qin Qitong could only keep her question to herself and meekly follow Pei Ge.</p><p>Meanwhile, Liu Yue felt frustrated when Pei Ge did not react to her revelation and remained as composed as ever.</p><p><em>How can she stay calm even after knowing this? This! This really makes me look like a clown!</em></p><p>"Pei Ge, aren't you the least bit curious of my connection to your good cousin?!" Once more, Liu Yue hollered this after Pei Ge's departing back.</p><p>Pei Ge just continued to walk off, however.</p><p>"Pei Ge, you will regret this! You will definitely regret this!"</p>


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