Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
226 Bully Pei Ge? Tell the CEO about it.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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226 Bully Pei Ge? Tell the CEO about it.

While Pei Ge slept deeply despite the earlier encounter at the mall, a certain someone was unable to fall asleep because of her.

Once she separated from Pei Ge, Qin Qitong promptly returned home. The longer she thought of today's encounter, the surer she became that it was not a simple matter.

Pei Ge's sorrow-filled expression and Liu Yue's taunting kept reverberating in her mind.

She lay in her bed and could not fall asleep for a long time. Eventually, she sat up.

"Who is this Pei Shishi exactly? What kind of relationship does she have with Liu Yue?" she frowned tightly and muttered. She felt that her cousin, Ji Ziming, would definitely know about it.

She moved to reach for her phone but realized that the time was already pretty late.

She could not suppress her curiosity, however. She knew that if she did not get a detailed explanation about this matter, she would be unable to fall asleep tonight. After careful consideration, she decided to give her cousin a call still.

"Anyway, cousin will not answer the call if he is already asleep," she muttered while waiting for the call to connect.

Just as she thought that he was already asleep, the call went through.

"Hello." Ji Ziming's low and cold voice came through the phone.

"Hello, Cousin! This is Tongtong!" She was filled with excitement when he answered the call.

"… What do you want?" he asked coldly.

"That… I just want to ask cousin if you know a person called Pei Shishi," she replied nervously.

"Pei Shishi? Why are you suddenly asking me about this?" Thanks to Mu Heng and Pei Ge, he now had an impression of that woman.

"Oh - Oh, that is… that is…" Qin Qitong briefly paused. If she answered that question, she would have to tell him everything that that had happened earlier.

Firming her resolve, she told him about that encounter at the mall.

Once she was done recounting the earlier event, she realized with a start that he had actually patiently listened to her.

She was only speaking about a small and negligible issue, yet her cousin had attentively heard her out and did not interrupt her even once! This was really unbelievable!

However, in the next instant, she realized that something was off!

She was done with her account, but the person on the other end of the line remained mum.

Could it be that cousin fell asleep from listening to me ramble on?

"Cou - Cousin, are you there?" she asked tentatively.

"Yes." His low voice sounded after a pregnant pause.

Thus, she carefully probed again, "Then, Cousin, do you know this Pei Shishi person? Sister Pei Ge seems upset upon learning of that person's connection with Liu Yue."

Sister Pei Ge and cousin have such an intimate relationship, so my cousin should care about her matter.

However, after she finished telling him about the earlier incident and was still waiting for his reply, the latter unexpectedly cut the call.

Toot, toot, toot! She was dumbstruck when she heard the phone's busy tone. It was as if a hundred mud horses galloped past her heart.

He hung up just like that…

This late at night, the lights in the private ward were not glaring.

After he cut the call, his smoldering black eyes deepened and his face became frosty.

"Pei Shishi," the man uttered this name hatefully. His voice was filled with layers of frost to the point that one would shiver uncontrollably when they heard him.

He now had an impression of that woman because of Pei Ge.

Mu Heng's theory about Pei Shishi having done something harmful to Pei Ge was unexpectedly true.

Thinking of this, his face became frostier.

I really didn't expect for that Pei Shishi to be related to Liu Yue's incident.

'Sister Pei Ge seems upset…'

Qin Qitong's words sounded in his mind.

That woman… upon discovering this, she must be pretty upset.

He could not help but feel slightly uncomfortable inside.

After a few minutes of silence, he picked up his phone again and dialed a number.

"Investigate two people for me…"

Sunlight streamed into Pei Ge's bedroom the next morning.

Perhaps, because she had dreamed of her father last night, she woke up with a smile on her lips.

She crawled out of bed, bathed in sunlight.

"Hah!" She had put that upsetting encounter last night at the back of her mind. In a good mood, she started preparing Ji Ziming's breakfast.

"Mom, I'm off!" After eating breakfast, she left the house with a lunch box in hand.

Zhang Manhua watched her daughter's quickly receding back and helplessly shook her head. "I wonder just who this injured friend is for her to bring breakfast every day. They must be pretty close!"

Pei Ge quickly reached the capital's hospital via taxi.

She took the elevator to the floor where Ji Ziming's VIP ward was located. Greeting a few nurses she had become familiar with along the way, she entered the man's room with the lunch box.

This time, she did not encounter a situation where he had just showered and was half naked.

"Good morning, CEO Ji!" she greeted him with an upbeat tone.

Ji Ziming, who was sitting in a chair and reading a book, glanced up at her and hummed in response.

Having gotten used to his frosty attitude, she nonchalantly placed the lunch box on the square table with a smile. "CEO Ji, it's time for breakfast."

"Mhm." He put down the book he was reading and strode toward her.

She nervously swallowed when she noticed that his gaze was on her as he strode over.

Why do I feel that this annoying fellow is looking at me? Also, he is acting really weird. Why do I feel that he is unhappy?

"Are you feeling okay today?" His cold eyes seemed to probe deeply at her.

He did not notice any unhappiness in her and, instead, her beaming face only caused him to be disoriented.

Wasn't she really upset yesterday? Why is she smiling gaily today, then? What a weird woman…


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