Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
227 Why do you have to take responsibility for me?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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227 Why do you have to take responsibility for me?

"I heard from Qitong about last night." Ji Ziming lightly peered at Pei Ge.

Her eyes widened with shock at this.

Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm?! What about last night? Was he… referring to my encounter with Liu Yue? What about it, though?

"Are you talking about my encounter with Liu Yue last night?" she asked hesitantly.

"Yes, that…" He registered her lost expression with a frown and then said, "I will take responsibility for it."

"Huh?" She was a little dumbfounded by his words.

He will take responsibility? Take responsibility for what? What does he have to take responsibility for? She could not help but voice this thought out. "What responsibility do you have regarding this?"

His face immediately turned dark the moment she finished asking that.

Why does this dumb woman ask so much? Do I really have to spell it out for her that Pei Shishi is doing this because of me?

A thought flashed through Pei Ge's mind, and, suddenly, it all dawned on her. She exclaimed, "Ah! Are you taking responsibility because of my cousin?"

She recalled that Pei Shishi and Ji Ziming knew each other!

Linking that fact to his statement about taking responsibility, she could say for sure that her cousin and this annoying fellow had a connection!

Still… Even if that is the case, what has he got to do with my cousin plotting against me? What would make him say that?

"What kind of relation do you have with my cousin? Why are you telling me that you will take responsibility?" she perplexedly asked.

Doesn't Pei Shishi like Zhou Zhuoyang? Those two are soon to be wedded and even did a pre-marital body check-up…

He swept his cold gaze at the woman who seemed to want to dig up some gossip and clarified in a frosty voice, "We don't have any relationship."

"If you aren't connected, why are you telling me that you'll take responsibility?" She rolled her eyes inside at his reply and regarded him with exasperation.

Feeling frustrated at her incessant questioning, he shot her a fierce glare and snapped, "Eat!"

This ignorant woman! I said I will help her, but instead of accepting my offer gratefully, she keeps on questioning my intention.

"Oh." She pouted.

Once he sat down again and started eating his food, she walked to the side and picked up the brown book to continue reading where she had left off yesterday.

This was when she realized that the books she had read while keeping the man company inside this ward were more than all the books she had read in the past few years combined.

Time quickly ticked by as she read. Perhaps, because she was too absorbed in the book, she did not notice that he had finished his meal and was now standing behind her.

Warm sunlight streamed in. Even the light breeze blowing into the ward was a little warm.

He lowered his head to look at the woman sitting in the chair, as if she were the female owner of this place, and his heart was filled with calmness.

Shwah! She flipped the page and continued her absorbed reading.

Meanwhile, the man, who was standing still behind her, watched her silently.

Just as she finished reading a page and was about to flip it to the next page, she noticed a dark shadow on the page.

"Hm?" She looked over her shoulder and saw the man standing right behind her. His deep gaze was on her.

"CEO Ji, have you finished eating your meal?" She did not think deeply into this and completely assumed that he had only been standing behind her for a short while.

"Mhm," he lightly hummed.

"Then, I will go pack up!" she said with a light smile.

"Mhm," he lightly hummed again.

She did not worry herself with his response and just stood up to transfer the utensils on the table to the kitchen.

Swash… swash… swash! Water splashed on the bowls and plates that she had placed in the sink. While washing, she kept thinking of how Pei Shishi and Ji Ziming were related to each other.

Although she did not want to admit that her cousin liked the man, she could not help but think of Pei Shishi's unusual concern for and behavior around him.

An example of this was when they were at the restaurant before, and another example was when her cousin had grilled her for answers while dining at their house…

The man was somehow connected to all those incidents.

Swash! The water from the tap continued running but her actions halted.

Were my cousin's actions really… because of Ji Ziming?! Is the person cousin liked Ji Ziming and not Zhou Zhuoyang! Cousin plotted against me because I am by Ji Ziming's side and… she is jealous of me?!

No, it can't be! That is just ridiculous! If Pei Shishi likes Ji Ziming, why would she still get engaged with Zhou Zhuoyang?

The more she thought of this, the more she felt that her brain was getting overloaded with information.

However, with this kind of thought, hope bubbled up in her heart. It was hope for Pei Shishi.

Although things had devolved into this, she still refused to believe that her cousin had never once treated her sincerely and was out to harm her.

She did not want to believe that her cousin had plotted so much just to deal with her.

Her cousin probably joined forces with and impulsively helped Liu Yue because of a misunderstanding.

The cold water splashed on her palms, but as she was already accustomed to this, she did not feel cold.

Regaining her senses, she realized that the water was about to overflow and her hands were icy cold.

Closing the tap, she quickly dried her hands.

"It's probably just a misunderstanding…" she pursed her lips and muttered.

After cleaning up the kitchen, she returned to the ward in a slightly somber mood. However, before she even walked in, she heard Mu Heng's voice. "Ziming, do you really think that that big princess would let the matter rest just like that?"

Big princess? Who is this big princess?

She was confused and inadvertently tiptoed in the two's direction.

Mu Heng's next words, however, completely stopped her in her tracks.

"Little Chili is truly unlucky to have such a cousin. Tsk! How unlucky, indeed!"

She was instantly stunned by Mu Heng's words, and she stood rooted to the spot with an appalled look on her face.

I got it! The big princess he was speaking of is my cousin!


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